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To You, My First Love
To You, My First Love

To You, My First Love


The other day as I was scrolling

a picture of ‘you’ popped up on my screen

A friend of you had tagged you in his

I knew that was You without a blink

I couldn’t help but zoom in

That was You indeed

That silence of your face

Those corner of your eye

Like a map I had read million times before

Every memory of You came rushing by

My heart didn’t ache but my eyes did well up

The happy kind and the sad

I had loved you so so much

With every fibre of my being

And I had thought that you had loved me too

I know you did

It feels like forever

It’s going to be your birthday in few weeks

I’m going to miss ringing you and asking ‘Am I The first one to wish?’

You have so easily become a part of my prayers because I’ve nothing else to give

Once upon a time not long ago

Someone named ‘You’ had come knocking by

Who showed me what loving another feels like

Something like heaven and hell both at the same time

Loving you had filled me with so much of joy

You were always so sweet and kind

So patient with all the crazy versions of mine

I hope I too had made you little bit of happy and wise

Now that I’m beginning to catch feelings for someone new again

It does scares me because I don’t want to lose

But he too feels like a balm on my chaotic mind

Just the way you had once did

It looks like apparently I too have a ‘type’

You would laugh If I tell you that I know nothing about him except the way he feels like

I wanted to thank you for making me brave to go after what I love and like

Without any doubt and fright

I hope you are so so happy in your life

And I hope you forget me never

As you go on to build yours ‘Always and forever’

And no matter how much I go on to love someone else new

A piece of my heart will remain yours forever

A piece of my heart will remain angry at you forever

For not letting me hold on to you in any way or manner

I will think of you fondly and ever

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About This Story
12 Aug, 2019
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1 min
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