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To You, My Valentine
To You, My Valentine

To You, My Valentine

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If you could

Would you then hold me a little closer

I’m tired and can’t move any further

There are others out there just like me

But honey ! Seriously!

Does that make mine any less tragic?

I wish it did but why can’t my heart find that closure

So Darling! when I find you

Do you think you could help me find that peace

Given that if I find you

So honey ! Listen to me

Wherever you are

Whoever you are

Come, find me !

And hurry up please

I may not be all that you are looking for

But Pinky promise!

If you do give me your heart

I’ll hold on to it tight

Swore! You wouldn’t say that you didn’t do right

I may need you more than you need me

But Darling!

If you come and find me

I’ll fill your heart with mine

And kiss away your fright

Stand beside you as you make your every stride

Never letting go off you and call you ‘mine’

So sweetheart, listen! Hurry up !

I’m the one with thick glasses and nose deep reading

Or you may catch me with my head brewing thoughts you could ever imagine

Or that smart head staying aloof

But beneath all that, look for me

Find me !!!


Yours Me

Author Notes: I’m brave, smart and intelligent. And I take pride in knowing that I don’t need anyone. I’m independent in most ways. But when my pain weighs me down and refuses to let me smile, when my heart gets filled with void and when my tears make it impossible for me to breathe, I so wonder if hurting would feel less heavy with someone by my side holding me through it all.

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15 Feb, 2020
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