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Tobias's Love Before Tris Part 3
Tobias's Love Before Tris Part 3

Tobias's Love Before Tris Part 3


Chapter 20

Tobias's Pov.

Right now we're all in a room deciding on leaving or not, we decided we were going to leave when Tori decided she was going to let Jeanine Matthews live. Jeanine Matthews is the leader of Erudite and the person who is responsible for this whole mess we got ourselves into. Lauren hasn't forgiven me for anything. Tris holds my hand when we decide we're going to leave the city and travel to the outside. Lauren decides it. Something is telling me that we should bring Eric along. Eric is our hostage and we decided we were going to kill him. And I was the one that was going to have to do it along with a woman named Tori and 2 other men. We were to do it before we left, which was tonight. I catch Lauren before we go to the interrogation room. "I don't think we should kill Eric" I say, holding on to her arm so that she won't walk away like she's always done. She pulls me into a corner of the hallway "You have that feeling too?" she asks. I make a confused face but then I get it, she means the feeling I got when I knew we I knew we couldn't kill Eric. I nod. She grabs me and to my surprise hugs me. It's really tight though. When she pulls away she says "Sorry I just really need a hug right now" I smile and hug her back because I really need a hug from someone who isn't as small as Tris. When we get to the interrogation room Eric sits in a chair tied up. It reminds me of my fear landscape when Angelina was in the chair. There's a gun on a table. Eric has his eyes on me the whole time. When Tori hands me a gun I take it and load it with a bullet. Eric laughs "Imagine what Angelina would say if she was here right now. She's probably looking down on you shaking her head and crying at what you are doing" he says with the look like he's going to cry. I think about that, about what if Angelina was here right now, I know, if Angelina was here right now I wouldn't be holding a gun in my hand, I wouldn't be the one who was going to kill Eric. I stare at Eric then something happens. Angelina appears behind him. I stare at her and smile, but then I realize that she's crying and shaking her head. She turns away and then she's gone. I realize that she wasn't really there, it was only a figment of my imagination, and Angelina is dead. She wasn't really there, I think. I pick the gun up and aim it to Eric's forehead. My arm is shaking and then I just let it go. I drop the gun and kick it to the side of me. "What the crap are you doing!?" Tori asks. "I am not going to let Eric die. Ok? He meant a lot to a really close friend of mine and I will not let him die" I say. She looks at me with a furious look, but I just stare back. "Fine! Have it your way, c'mon we're leaving now so grab a gun everyone and head to the trucks." She says and walks towards the door. Tris comes up to me and hugs me. I hugged her back. She takes my hand and we walk together to the trucks.

The ride there was tuff; we lost some of our members including Tori. I made sure Eric and Lauren were beside me so I wouldn't lose them. We get to a place that looks deserted. It has a lot of trash around; I found a case with a CD inside. The cover of the case said "A walk to Remember" . It had a girl and a boy on the cover. I throw the case on the floor and adjust my jacket. I had taken Angelina’s sweater, the one she had before she died, the one I had kept all these years, the sweater that let me have a piece of her. My head snaps up at the sound of car tires rumbling on the gravel payment. All the others have already lined up side by side and have raised their guns to the vehicle. People file out of the car and they all have black hoods on, so we cannot see their faces. I hold my gun up to the mysterious people in cloaks. One of the people took off their cloaks and stared at us with a hard face. It was a woman with dark hair and strands of purple peeking out of her hair. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" the woman says. Nobody answers. The woman asks again this time a little bit more forcefully with a gun in front of her, "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" She asks. "We come from there" Tris says and points back to the city we came from. The woman looks at the other people in dark cloaks, and one by one they all take their hoods off. One specifically made me stumble back. One man in the crowd was someone who "died" just after Angelina. Amar.

I look at him and drop my gun. My hand covers my mouth in the shock that he's alive. He looks down "Hello Four" he says, but I am speechless. "My name is Zoe '' the woman with purple strands of hair says. "Come, we're going to take you to the bureau '' Zoe says, but nobody moves. Zoe sighs and all the people with dark cloaks raise very large guns and shove us into the car. When we're in the car all I can do is look at Amar. How could he have lied to me about his death? How could he have left me there? When the car slows down we're in a lit place that blinds me since it's still about 1 hour till dawn. "Follow me" Zoe says as we all get off. There's a man by the entrance "Hello, my name is David I am the leader of the bureau '' David says. I look at Amar to see where he is, but when I find him he's rushing inside with a wide smile. He's excited about something. Zoe brings us away from David and leads us to where we'll be staying. It's a large room with bed size cots lined up in rows. "Make yourself comfortable this is where you will be staying for a while" Zoe says and walks out of the room. "Well I'm not going to stay here, so see ya!" Eric says and walks out of the room. Lauren sighs a sigh of anger and runs after Eric, cursing under her breath. I sit on one of the cots; the others as well pick their spots. I stand up to see where the bathroom is when Amar comes into the room with someone besides him. I can tell it's a girl because her hair is long. "Come on" Amar says to the girl. "Amar! It's the middle of the night! This couldn't have waited on till tomorrow?" the girl says groggily. Amar shakes his head with excitement, her head is down and all I can see is her hair. "Four come here! Quickly!" Amar says, gesturing to me. I look at the girl; she's only about 3 inches shorter than me. I avert my eyes away from her because I notice she isn't wearing pants, just her long legs. Of course though she's wearing underwear, with a shirt that just comes above the waist band. "Two! Look up!" Amar snaps at the girl. She looks up and my mouth drops open, tears make their way to my eyes when I notice that the girl is Angelina. "Amar! I have a big presentation due in 3 weeks! I have to start tomorrow if I want to pass!" She yells. Amar smiles at her "Look" he says and points to me. Angelina double looks at me "Oh my gosh" she whispers. I grab her face and kiss it hard and long. "Tobias" she whispers it like my name is the only word she knows. I smile at her and grab her into a hug and spin her around until I get dizzy. She wraps her arms around my neck and laughs, when I put her down I hold her at arm's length so I do not lose her again. She's crying and smiling. "I am so sorry" she says quietly into my shoulder as she wraps her arms around me. "It's okay Angelina, I'm just glad you're in my arms again" I say. She parts away from me and kisses me, "I've missed your kisses" I say, she smiles. "You are so lucky we actually brought you here!" Lauren says dragging Eric behind her. I look at Angelina and she's crying again. Lauren looks at Angelina. "Angelina?" she says. "Lauren?" Angelina says. "ANGELINA!" Lauren yells and runs over to hug Angelina. "I've missed you so much!" Lauren cries into Angelina’s shoulder. "Angelina?" Eric says. Angelina looks up. "Eric?" Angelina says. Eric smiles and runs to hug Angelina and soon we're all hugging with Angelina in the middle. We all part and Angelina smiles at me, I smile back and hug her. "How are you alive?" Lauren asks. Before Angelina can answer Tris tackles Angelina to the wall. Even though Tris is small she can still tackle someone twice her size. Tris puts her hands to Angelina’s throat and Angelina chokes. I push Tris off of her and a boy appears at Angelina’s side. "Two!" the boy says. Two? Angelina coughs and wheezes. I grab one of Angelina’s arms and the boy grabs her other, together we pick her up. I had forgotten how light Angelina was so instead of Angelina landing on her feet she dangles a little for a moment since I used all my strength. Lauren and Eric hold Tris back from hurting Angelina. "Two are you okay?" the boy asks. Angelina looks at him, back and forth. She nods and starts to walk to Amar. She says something to him and points to me and the boy, Amar looks at me and the boy then puts his hand to his mouth. Angelina puts her head in her hand and runs a hand through her hair. The boy walks over to Angelina and places a hand on her shoulder. She smiles at him, a pinch of jealousy bites my skin. I walk over to Angelina and put my hand on her shoulder. She looks at me but doesn't smile, she takes my hand and looks at the boy "Nick, this is Tobias" she says. It's been a while since I've heard my real name. Nick looks at me. "Tobias this is Nick" Angelina says, "So are you like her brother or something?" Nick asks, I look at him confused then I look at Angelina , she's looking at the floor. "Angelina , who is this boy?" I ask. She looks at me and before she can get another word out Nick says "whoa, whoa hold up, Angelina ?" Nick asks. Angelina looks at him "My real name isn't two" she pauses "It's Angelina" she says. "Nick, remember how I told you I had to leave the experiment?" she asks Nick, he nods. "Well I had a boyfriend there and He's the boyfriend," she says. I smiled since she said I was her boyfriend. Nick looks at me then Angelina . Then out of nowhere Nick punches me. I stumble back and rub the part of my jaw he hit me. "Tobias!" Angelina gasps. She comes rushing to my side. When I regain my balance, my jaw hurts less, I glare sharply at Nick. "Tobias?" I hear and turn to see who said it. Tris stands behind me. "Tris, my name isn't really four, it's Tobias, Tobias Eaton." I say slowly. She has hurt all over her face. I don't blame her, I kissed another girl and I lied to her about my name. I look back at Angelina . "You still haven't told me who he is," I say to Angelina . She looks at the ground "Nick is the boyfriend I have here in the bureau" she says softly and slowly. I look at her for a good 30 seconds. "What?" I say, "See! She's no good for you four! Come on, you could do so much better than that!" Tris says and links her arm with me.

Chapter 21

Angelina's Pov.

It was barely going to be 7:30 when they got to the compound. "You coming to breakfast?" Zoe asked, "Sure" I replied. I kept my head down not wanting to see anyone I might know. When we got to the dining hall I didn't go and sit with Kat, Matt, or Luke, instead I chose a small bench seat table in the corner of the whole room. It was quiet in the little space just how I like my places to be when I read. I grabbed my favorite book on my way here. I love reading. It allows me to travel and my imagination to go wild. The book I grabbed is a book on a place that existed a long time ago named Paris, and judging by the author it was such a beautiful place! Streaming lights, soothing rivers and streams, and so many luxurious places to dine and just be happy. The book is about a girl named Jenny and a boy named Michael. They were both on their way to one of Paris's main attractions called the Eiffel Tower. Jenny and Michael become best friends and explore Paris while unraveling the truth between them and themselves. My thoughts are interrupted when someone sits in front of me, the faint smell of sweat and dauntless shampoo burns my nostrils but I don't look up because I am afraid to see who it is. His eyes plead to me to look at him, "Angelina " he says but I just shake my head. He grabs my hand and at that very moment my heart stops and I look up. I immediately regret it; Tobias's dark blue eyes pull at my stopped heart. "Angelina, talk to me, say something" he says his voice getting desperate, I open my mouth but all the breath I had gone and I cannot speak. He looks down "why did that boy call you 2?" he asks looking into my eyes. I finally get enough air into my lungs to say "I came up with that because that's how many choices you got when you were taking the aptitude test" I say and regret it because I can feel the pink coming into my cheeks. When I look at Tobias he's smiling at me I can't help but smile back. He gets up and sits next to me on the bench seat, still holding my hand. My heart starts up again beating faster and faster. Without thinking I threw my arms around him and hugged him the hardest that I have ever hugged anyone. Tears start to pour out of my eyes "I've missed you so much" I whisper into his jacket. "I've missed you so much too" he says and holds me in front of him. He puts his hand to my face and gently caresses my cheek with his thumb. This is the first time since they got here that we've been alone. He moves towards me and soon our faces are just inches apart. "Uh Angelina?" I hear a voice behind me. I turn to see Kat, Matt and Luke looking at me with wide eyes. "Who's your friend?" Matt asks, eyeing Tobias. "Matt, Luke, Kat meet Tobias" I say, gesturing to Tobias. Tobias grabs my hand. "Ah, so this is the famous Tobias Eaton" Kat says taking a step towards Tobias "Kat" I warn. But she turns on her heel and walks away along with Matt and Luke. I look at Tobias and he looks at me. He grabs something out of his jacket. A case with the title "A walk to remember" it's all dirty though and I'm not sure the CD is even in there. I opened the case to find the CD in the case but it was all broken and cracked. I look at Tobias, "what do you think it means?" he asks, eyes wide and full of curiosity. I laugh and he smiles a smile that says I don't know why you're laughing. "Tobias, it's an ancient thing called a movie, people used to watch it for all sorts of things." He smiles and blushes from embarrassment. We look at each other for a moment and my watch beeps. "Dang it! I have to go, I'll see you later Tobias" I say and give him a kiss on the cheek. I don't wait for him to react, I just speed walk away.

Chapter 22

Tobias's Pov.

Angelina left me standing in the dining hall, the ghost of her kiss still lingering on my cheek. I smile knowing I know that Angelina is okay. But then I notice a girl watching me. I look to my right and see a girl with puffy curly light brown hair and chocolate eyes looking at me. "Excuse me, can I help you?" I say walking towards the girl. She has an orange jumpsuit meaning that she is part of the cleaning staff. She doesn't say anything for a moment; she looks to both of her sides and grabs my arm. "Hello my name is Nina" she says speaking softly yet cautious lining her voice. "I need you to come with me" she says and pulls my arm without letting me respond.

Nina had taken me to the lab to test me out to see if I were really divergent. I don't understand why though. When we got to the lab there was a boy there that looked about Tris's age. "Hello" he says nibbling on an apple core "my name is Matthew" he says throwing the apple core into the trash can. He sat me down in a recliner chair and gave me some liquid that was clear but cloudy. "Okay, you'll be knocked out for a bit but that is the only way for me to look at your brain cells and activity. It'll be just like going to sleep, dreams will still happen and you'll toss and turn just like normal" he says, I didn't quite catch that last part though what did he say? But before I can ask, everything goes black.

I'm smiling, lying down in green grass. I feel something light and nice on my stomach. I open my eyes and look at a pair of light green eyes staring right back at me. Angelina is staring at me with warmth and love in her eyes. She's tracing circles on my stomach, smiling, propped on her elbow. I prop myself on my two elbows and grab her hand. She scoots over to me and leans into me. We look at each other smiling and I kiss her, Smooth light soft kiss. I move her closer to me; she parts the kiss and puts a finger to my lips, stopping me from going back for another kiss. She takes my head in her hands and whispers into my ear "This isn't real" I stop smiling and look at her. She starts fading her yellow sundress turning gray and her hair growing ashy. What's going on? "Angelina " I say, reaching towards her. Everything around us goes dark and all I see is her by a rail, the rail in the dauntless faction, the one where she had supposedly died. She waves to me, her hair gray and her dress now dauntless clothing, black pants and a black sweater. She climbs over the railing onto the ledge of the pit. My eyes go wide. "Angelina " I say walking carefully towards her. She smiles painfully and blows me a kiss. I stop walking; she takes one last fresh breath of air and jumps to her death. I try to move my feet but they won't budge! "Angelina !" I yell into the darkness as it envelops me in-

I wake with cold sweat running down my temples and lungs hurting from the lack of air going in. I feel a hand on my chest; it's the girls, Nina. "Woah! Are you alright there?"She says. I breathe heavily and nod. "Matthew is going to have your results by tomorrow okay?" she says. I nod and jump from the recliner. "Wait!" Nina calls, I don't wait, I just keep on walking. I need to see Angelina, need to see if she's okay.

I go to the lab where she said she worked. When I walk in I see her, beautiful, her long hair down and her in a dress of blue. She was talking to someone, a boy. Jealousy flares inside me. It's that boy that had punched me when I and Angelina were reunited. She was shaking her head and biting her bottom lip looking irritated. I go closer to them now being able to hear their conversation "C'mon Two!" the boy says. "For the last time Nick! My name is not two it's Angelina!" Angelina says, rubbing her forehead. "No! You will always be two in my eyes'' Nick pauses. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" he says as she grabs Angelina’s wrists and arms and forces her to turn towards him. Angelina gasps. "Ow! Nick, Nick that really hurts!" Angelina says, struggling to get out of Nick's grasp. "You will not see that boy ever again! You are mine two, you will always be mine!" Nick says in a low voice. Angelina’s eyes go into a big fear circling the outer edges. Before I can even think I run up to Nick and separate his grasp from Angelina. "Leave her alone!" I bark as I push him to the ground. He props himself on his elbows flushed and looking confused. "Two?" he says "what happened?" he stands up. I grab Angelina's hand softly and lead her out of the room. She walks fast; I have to manage to keep up with her. Finally we get to a nice little bench connected to the wall. She sighs a sigh of relief and runs a hand through her hair. "Thanks" she says, smiling at me. I smile back and put my arm around her. She gladly leans into me. She looks at me and then her face lights up the weariness in her eyes filled with excitement; she gasps "C'mon! I wanna show you something!" she gets up and grabs my hand running down the hallway. What excitement awaits us now?

Chapter 23

Angelina's Pov.

I know where I'm going to take Tobias. I'm taking him to the old abandoned swing set, the only playground area I go to when I need to get away from all the people or just need to relax. We made it to the exit where I parked my motorcycle. Handing him a helmet I get onto the bike, putting my own on. "What is this for?" Tobias asks, looking bewildered at the round thing in his hands. I smile "It's a helmet; put it on if you don't want to die!" I shout over the roar of the engine as the bike comes to life. I turn to look at him and laugh when I see his eyes filled with both fear and confusion; he fumbles with the straps of the helmet. When Tobias finishes putting on the helmet I twist the handle bars and the bike zooms fast out onto the gravely road. He whoops and pumps his fists into the air, I laugh. When we finally get to the destination, I stop the bike and look back to Tobias who rips off his helmet as soon as the bike stops. He jumps from the bike, wildly filling his eyes "That was exhilarating!" he says, throwing his arms into the air. I stand and grab his hand, making his focus settle on me. "This is what I wanted to show you" I say walking through the rusted and moss covered playground equipment. When we get to the swings I smile and put my forearm out in front of me to demonstrate the purpose of the swing set. "What is it?" he asks. "It's a swing set!" I say walking over to it and running a hand over the cold metal chains that hold the seat. "What's the purpose?" He asks. I laugh "Nothing, you just sit and swing your feet. The more you swing the higher you go" I say sitting down on one of the swings, demonstrating by kicking my legs back and forth picking up my speed with every kick. Tobias smiles and sits in the seat next to me; I stop by digging my heels into the dirt and giggle when I see him struggling to echo me. I stand and go towards his back, curling my fingers around the metal chains. I take three steps back pulling him up and let go. He swings forwards and comes back, where I give him a gentle push making him go up higher. He hollers and whoops, laughing. We stand there in a perfect screenshot laughing and being like the way it was before this whole mess happened. He stops himself and we walk over to a park bench sitting down and panting. "Angelina," Tobias says, touching my arm. I look at him wondering what goes on in his head. "I love you" he says, making my insides melt. I smile and pull him towards me into a kiss. He opens his mouth, daring my tongue. I wrap my hands around his biceps and pull him so close that our chests rise and fall together. One of his hands finds the hem of my sweater and goes up stopping at the latch of my bra. His breathing speeds up and I can feel his heart pounding. I put a hand to his chest parting the passionate kiss and shake my head "No not yet" I whisper against his lips “I don't want my first time to be on a rusted old park bench" I breathe, not opening my eyes, afraid I'll see his disappointed face. His thumbs make their way to my eyelids and gently open them, forcing me to look at him. He smiles "I'm ready when you are '' he whispers. I smile, and give him a kiss on the cheek. A small gift of gratitude for him respecting my decision. We both stand and walk over to my bike and drive back to reality.

Chapter 24

Angelina's Pov.

This is the second week that Tobias, Lauren and Eric have been here and I need to get started on the project that will be determined by the leaders of the bureau to see if I am smart enough to stay here at the Bureau and live here for the rest of my life. This is nothing that should be taken lightly…my whole future rides on this and one screw up will be enough for the bureau to determine my fate. What happens if I don't pass their test? Well I don't know, there really hasn't been anyone who has failed the 'test' or so Amar tells me, but to me I think he's just trying to reassure me and lift some of the pressure off my shoulders. I am on the computer the whole day and don't stop until around 5 pm in the afternoon when Zoey comes into the office. "Darling you have been on that darn computer all day don't you think it's time to get out?" Zoe asks, putting a hand on my shoulder. I rub my eyes and smile up at her. I nod "Okay, I guess I could use a break" I say getting up and stretching. Zoey smiles "That's the spirit girl" Zoey says, pumping her fist in the air in an exaggerated gesture. I laugh. When we get out of the office Amar clearly fakes bumping into me. "Oh, funny seeing you here" He says, trying not to give anything away. I smile "Hey Amar" I say. "Oh. Hey guess what?" he asks. "What?" I say. "Today is a lovely girl's birthday and I was just about to give her this" Amar says, holding out a barrette. I gasp. The barrette is a cluster of painted flowers decorated with fine small diamonds. Some of the gems are a different mineral, such as jade, ruby, and sapphire. All of the colors make the barrette look like a tiny garden. On the side of one of the petals ANGELINA shimmers in gold then little music notes surround my name. I didn't forget that my birthday was today, I just ignored it. Back in Chicago, Mother never remembered my birthday. Less threw a party in celebration. So every year my expectations faded until I expected nothing and didn't celebrate it like most people did. "Happy birthday Angelina" Amar says, holding it out, his eyes glassy. "Thank you" I say. My cheeks are wet, I'm crying. "C'mon sweetheart. Let's go get you ready because tonight Amar and I are going to take you somewhere you'll enjoy" Zoey says. When we get back to my room Zoey goes into the closet and brings out a long dress. I gasp at the sight of it. The dress is a beautiful blue color. A sweetheart neckline finishes the top along with a glittery bodice. The skirts puff out in an extravagant arrangement of black and blue. The top layer of the skirts is covered in a rough shimmering fabric. "I think she likes it, '' Zoey says, smiling from ear to ear. I smile back. "Well? What are you waiting for? Go on try it on!" Zoey says giggling and handing the dress over to me. "Is this really for me?" I ask, grabbing the dress. Zoey nods. I throw my arms around her then around Amar. They both give light soft chuckles. I rush into the bathroom and slip the dress on, careful not to ruin anything. When I get out I examine myself in my floor length mirror. Zoey comes up behind me putting her hands on my shoulders "Oh my goodness. Angelina!" Zoey says, clasping her hands together. "You look so beautiful" she says, wiping away a tear. I smile. "Come now, it's time for phase 2. The hair" She says clasping her hands once more. Zoey leads me to a chair and we begin a 2 hour long hair session. By the time we're done Zoey won't let me look at my reflection just yet, she says we have to do my make-up first. I don't argue with whatever stuff she's putting on me and lie perfectly still as she applies various different looking bottles of substances I had no idea existed. When we're done Zoey finally lets me step in front of the full length mirror. When I look in the mirror I'm shocked to see another girl staring right back at me. Yes, this girl is beautiful. But I cannot fully grasp that this is me. My hair is curled parted on the right side giving the illusion of having bangs. The barrette that Amar gave me is holding a piece of my hair on the left side. Everything about the girl in the mirror looks more defined. The cheekbones seem to stick out more, as do her eyes and lips. My eyes are painted on the lids a soft blue lined with black in the corners; even my lashes seem longer and thicker. My lips are plumper than before and are now a deep shade of rosy red. "Now time for the shoes" Zoey says, kneeling beside my bed and pulling out a cardboard box. "Do we have to put make-up on my feet as well?" I say, half joking. Zoey laughs "No my dear, we don't have to put make-up on your feet" she says then opens the box. Inside the box is a pair of tall high heeled pumps the same color of the dress except a tad bit darker and covered in black lace. I slide my feet into them and notice that I am now about 3 inches taller than I was before. Zoey literally has to look up at me. "So where are we going?" I ask as we walk towards the door. Zoey shakes her head "Uh-uh it's a surprise dear" She says, a smile playing on her lips. I laugh and gently shove her causing Zoey to burst out into even more giggles. When we get outside Amar has already decided to fall asleep on the floor. Zoey and I laugh silently then Zoey kicks him gently. "Get up, old man," She says. Amar stirs then finally wakes up. As soon as his eyes hit me, he jumps to his feet and gives me an up-down glance. "Oh Angelina! You look so beautiful!" Amar says. I smile "So where are we going that causes me to dress up so fancy?" I ask. Zoey and Amar exchange a look then smile "It's a surprise dear" Zoey says. "C'mon now, we don't want to be late" Amar says leading the way. We stop in front of 2 big metal double doors. Amar pushes them open to reveal complete and total darkness. I walk in disappointment starting to bloom in my chest. "Um, it's a lovely shade of black?" I say trying to make it look like I love the place. Zoey laughs and so does Amar. 5 seconds later the lights turn on and so many people jump and yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELINA!" I squeal and jump back. The room bursts into fits of laughter and smiles. A long giant banner hangs from one wall to the other. In giant painted words it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY. On a table pushed up against the far wall, colorful boxes with ribbon overflow-presents. On another table are refreshments, drinks and a huge cake with a number 19 candle on it. I smile, today is my 19th birthday. Lauren runs up and throws her arms around me. "Happy Birthday Angelina! Goodness! You look so beautiful!" She says. I smile and look her up and down. Lauren is wearing a simple plain blue pencil dress, something that I would wear to work. Her hair is down making her face look older yet young at the same time. "Thank you Lauren" I say. She smiles back and walks over to a handsome boy around Laurens age. I smirk; perhaps Lauren is starting to mingle with boys. The next person to walk over to me is Eric. He smiles as he reaches me, a drink in his hand. "Tsk gosh Angelina, You really have to look this cute tonight?" he smiles playfully. "Now can I be allowed to push you against the wall and kiss you?" He says jokingly. I laugh "Sure Eric right after I die" I say, we both laugh. "Happy Birthday Angelina" he says then kisses me on my cheek. We both smile and he walks away. Someone clears their throat behind me. I turn and see Tobias staring at me. "Well, it seems to me that today is someone's 19th birthday" he says. I smile "So it appears' '. Tobias smiles his perfect smile and pulls me into a hug. When we part his shoulders sag "You look beautiful" he breathes. "So I've heard, '' I say playfully. Tobias pulls something out of his pocket and hands it to me. I gasp, what he gives me is a necklace. The necklace has a gold chain and a red jewel locket. I open my the heart and smile, inside the locket are tiny pictures, one of me and the other of Tobias. Tobias is smiling his perfect smile, the one that makes his whole face soft and full of love and happiness. He gives me a kiss and I can sense the want for more in his eyes when he lingers a second on my lips. Music starts to play and people start dancing. Bright neon lights start to dot everywhere, making the whole room colorful. The lights in the room dim make the neon lights seem even brighter. Tobias starts dancing an odd dance move that sends me cackling with laughter. I snort and quickly cover my mouth hoping Tobias didn't hear that. I figure he does because he laughs and pulls me close "That snort was so cute" He growls. I laugh and join him with the funny dances he makes. Soon Lauren and Eric join us and start going along with the funny dance moves. A tear escapes my eye from the laughter they're causing. Soon we're all laughing, bending over our stomachs in an attempt to stop. Then the fast up beat songs end and a slow one comes up. Couples walk hand in hand towards the middle of the room and slowly sway to the music. Tobias holds his hand out to me and I take it. He leads me to the center along with the other couples and wraps his arms around my waist pulling me so close that our chests touch. I link my hands around his neck and lean my forehead against his. I close my eyes and imagine us both on a cloud just us, a princess and a prince. The stars are shining just for us. A tap comes on Tobias's shoulder. We both open our eyes and Nick stands next to Tobias. "May I cut in?" He asks. Before Tobias can respond Nick grabs my hand and leads me away from Tobias. I protest trying to tear my hands away from Nick but he doesn't budge. Nick places his hands right above my butt, I tense and straighten. I grip his arms, keeping him from going any lower. "Miss me Angelina?" He asks. I stay silent, my lips in a thin line. "How about we step outside for a minute and I give you 19 punches, 19 kisses? You are looking beautiful in that dress, dear" He says, his eyes lingering on my collar bone. Anger bubbles inside me. "So what do ya say?" He then smacks my butt. I gasp, and then shove him back. I draw my hand back then slap him on the face. I turn on my heel then walk away. Something grasps my arm then twists me around. Nick's eyes are on fire "You still belong to me Angelina '' he whispers loudly, a red mark glows bright on his cheek. I wrench my arm out of his grasp "No I don't Nick, We are through '' I say back then walk away. I hear what sounds like another slap and turn around. Lauren is looking up at Nick, with an expression that looks like she wants to murder Nick, who is holding his other cheek that has a wide red spot. She jabs a finger in his face and says something I can't hear, and then strides over to me. "What did you say to him?" I am intrigued. "I just told him that if he ever messes with my best friend ever again that he'd land in the hospital" she smiles and sticks her chin in the air. I laugh and give her a side hug "I love you" I say smiling. She returns the smile "Oh I know" She says, flipping her hair over her shoulder in an exaggerated way. We both laugh and walk over to Tobias and Eric. The rest of the night is filled with dancing and laughter. Everything goes smoothly until people with big guns and dauntless police suits march into the room. One of the men who I assume is the ring leader shoots a bullet in the air, catching everyone's attention. People in the room scream while others drop their drinks. The room goes quiet. "Hello young people! I have come from Chicago seeking a young girl" The ring leader says. "My name is Daniel, I am here on a mission to get this young girl" Daniel holds up a picture. My heart stops. The girl in the picture is me. Tobias stands in front of me shielding me from the eyes of the people who want to take me. "Anyone know this girl and her whereabouts?" Daniel asks. Nobody speaks up. In my mind I thank those who didn't look at me when Daniel held up my picture. "You young man do you know where this girl is?" Daniel asks…I gulp, Nick. Nick fights a smirk. "As a matter of fact I do" Nick says. "Where is she?" Daniel asks. Nick smiles, then looks at Tobias "This guy is very fond of her, aren't you Tobias?" Nick says. Tobias doesn't flinch. "Why don't you come up and say hello to Tobias?" Nick says. I know what he is trying to do. Nick is trying to make Tobias move so that I will be exposed. Daniel is losing his patience. He strides over to Tobias but instead grabs Lauren and puts her in center stage. Daniel takes out a gun and points it to Laurens head. "Do you know where this girl is?"Daniel asks, squeezing the barrel. Tears stream down Laurens face. Instinct grabs hold of me and I jump out. "Let her go," I growled. Daniel holds the picture up and determines whether it's me or not. A slow smile appears on his face. "What's your name dear?" he asks. "Let her go first," I say. Daniel shoves Lauren towards Tobias and he catches her, thank goodness. "My name is Angelina" I say. "Well Angelina, he will be glad when he sees you. Look at you, you're a vision, no wonder he chose you" Daniel says. He? "Who's he?" I ask. "The boy who chose you as his bride," Daniel says.

Chapter 25

Angelina's Pov.

"What?" the question leaves me before I have time to think. "Jeanine Matthews's son has inspected you and has chosen you to be his faithful wife" Daniel says looking bored. "What?" I ask again, more annoyed than bewildered. Daniel sighs "Jeanine Matthews demanded that her son look for a wife. So her son then looked through the records of the people who lived in Chicago, he found a young girl named Angelina who thought she was beautiful and chose her." Daniel concludes. I shake my head "That still doesn't make sense, how did he know I was alive?" I ask. Phillip purses his lips. "He found that you were taken from dauntless when you were merely 16 years old because you were divergent. Jeanine knew they were divergent here" he gestured to the room and sent us to come and retrieve you" he says. Retrieve as if I were merely an object. "That still doesn't make sense, If Jeanine knew about this place why didn't she put a stop to it?" I ask. These are true questions but still I hope that his answers are long, the more we talk the more time I get to come up with a plan. "She figured if she threatened the divergent then this place would take them off her hands without the whole killing" he says. That's it, that's my time. "Enough questions time to go" Phillip says. Some of the men he brought with him started to move forward towards me. "No!" Tobias shouts, grasping my arm and pulling me behind him. Daniel gives an amused chuckle. "Oh? And who is this?" Daniel asks Tobias. "The boyfriend" Tobias spits. All the amusement leaves Daniel's face, a blank expression being the replacement "Kill him" Daniel says. The 2 men on either side of Daniel pull out guns and point them at Tobias's forehead, but Tobias is faster. Tobias punches the closest man to him in the jaw while I slap the gun out of the other man's hand. Lauren and Eric have already disarmed and left 2 men unconscious. I take one of my heels off and jab it in the chest of the man. I knocked the gun from their hand and he goes down leaving his neck exposed which I karate chop so that he falls unconscious. When I look back to Tobias he has his guy down as well. A wave of relief washes over me, maybe I can stay. I put my heel back on. I hear the slash of metal being brought out quickly and look up. My breaths leave me in an instant. Daniel holds up a dagger to Zoey's neck. "Who's this lovely lady?" Daniel says. "Let her go" Amar comes out of the crowd to the front looking Daniel in the eye. "Oh I don't think that will happen if the girl does not come with me" Daniel says. Everyone stays quiet. Daniel shrugs and pushes the daggers blade, Zoey whimpers. "Stop!" I shout. "Let her go and I will go with you" I say. "No" Zoey barely breathes through the choking blade. Daniel pushes her away and two of the men who have gained consciousness grab me by the arm and haul me toward Daniel. Daniel winces "Don't ruin her dress you idiots! It's better to have her in perfect condition for him! Meaning all her clothes are still in the condition they were in when we saw her" Daniel says. The men's grasps on my arms losses a tad bit. Daniel spins on his heel and walks toward the door. "Angelina no!" Tobias shouts. Daniel stops and turns around "Oh, What now?" He asks, irritated. Daniel rolls his eyes when he sees Tobias "The boyfriend again?" Daniel says. "You have 30 seconds to control that boy," Daniel growls. "Please, this may be the last time I see him." The words escape me before I have time to think. For a moment I think Daniel is going to dismiss the request but instead he gives a slight nod of approval "5 minutes" he says. I nearly fall to my knees in relief, but I don't have the time to spare. I gather my dress in my hands and run to Tobias where with open arms he wraps me in a hug that I never want to leave. A wet drop falls onto my forehead and I look up. The drop came from Tobias, but no more came. He rests his chin on my head, then draws back to look at me in the face. "I love you Angelina," He says. I caress his cheek looking into his eyes "I love you too, but don't think of this being the last we see of each other. I know we will find a way back to each other, love always finds a way" I say. I bring his face to mine and press my lips to his. We stay like that for what seems like an eternity then Daniel clears his throat. He doesn't waste his generosity, instead Daniel orders his men to grasp me again and pull me out of Tobias's grasp. "I will find you" Tobias shouts. I don't doubt it for a second. Tears run down my cheeks as I'm pulled out of the room and down the hall away from Tobias, yet again. But I don't doubt that he will come and rescue me, I know he will. And that is the last thought I have before Daniel knocks the daylight out of me.

Chapter 26

Tobias's Pov.

She was here. We were together again. I lost her. She's going to get married if I don't go get her. I will fight for her. I will bring her back to me.

Chapter 27

Angelina's Pov.

I come to and see blurs of people. "She is beautiful," Someone murmurs. "She will do perfectly for Thomas" A female voice says. "Or James" Mutters another. I finally open my eyes, in time to see a woman elbow another woman. "Where am I" A whisper falls from my lips. Both women look at me. I look down then immediately pull the cover up to my chin. I am naked. As if reading my mind one of the women chuckled. "It was us who undressed you, so don't worry no man saw you" She says lightly. That still doesn't release the tension in my body. "Where am I?" I ask, my voice coming out hoarse. Both women ignore my question "I am Susana and this is Amy" The first woman- Susana – says. Anger bubbles inside of me "Where am I?" I ask forcefully for the 3rd time. Susana and Amy exchange a look then get up and walk to the door leaving me alone in the room. Daniel bursts through the door followed by 2 men. "I'm glad you woke up, dear Angelina" he says. His smile is warm and friendly, but I don't let his contrived smile fool me. I pull the sheets all the way up to my chin "Get out!" I shout. Daniel looks bewildered for a moment. He opens his mouth as if to say something but is interrupted by Susana coming back into the room "Out! Out!" She shouts. Daniel puts up a hand to stop her. "I am Daniel Macklin, and I have orders to-" Susana cuts him off "The girl is naked Mr. Macklin and I do ask that you give her the privacy she needs to dress back into her formal wear" Daniel blushes. I suppress a smile as I see him being embarrassed. Daniel bows his head "Oh, my apologies" He clears his throat and walks out the door, his men following him. When the door shuts Susana clasps her hands. "Now let's get you into that beautiful blue dress you were wearing when you got here" she says walking to the closet and bringing out my dress in a perfect condition as if it were never worn. I gather the cover and wrap it around me so that nothing is exposed then run to the bathroom snatching the dress out of Susana's hands then muttering an apology for snatching it out of her hand. She chuckles and dismisses it with a wave of her hand. When I'm inside the bathroom my underwear and bra have been washed and placed for me on top of the counter. I quickly put everything on, eager to see who wanted me here. When I come out of the bathroom Amy is helping Susana fix the bed. "Oh my goodness" Amy says looking at me. "Why, it's no wonder why he chose you," She says. I give a small smile "Thank you" I whisper. "Well we must get your hair done in time before that fool Mr. Macklin comes back" Susana says, pursing her lips. Amy giggles. "Oh hush, Susan. He's handsome" Amy says dreamily. I chuckle. Daniel was indeed handsome, dark green eyes, curly black hair and a hint of stubble on his jaw. Susana leads me to a chair and mirror, sitting me down and starting to curl it. Concluding it with the barrette Amar gave me. Next was my make-up. "When you arrived your mascara was running, and everything was smudged together!" Susana exclaimed, while she applied a fresh coat of mascara to me. When she was done she stepped back admiring her work. I looked at my reflection and gasped. I looked exactly the way I looked when Zoey did it. As if on cue, Daniel enters the room looking me up and down with a blank expression on his face "Is she ready?" He asks Amy. Amy blushes, her eyes bulging. "I-uh-oh-uh-um" Amy stutters. I remember the way she looked today when she said that Daniel was handsome. "I am ready" I respond, trying to rescue Amy from her embarrassment. Daniel's focus turns to me, sending a shiver down my back. He looks me up and down again, this time his lips curl into a predatory grin. I stand straighter, rolling my shoulders back and looking him in the eyes. "I was brought here to see a boy I am supposed to marry," I pause, knowing that if I push this I will go and see the man who wanted me here who took me away from Tobias, Amar, Zoey and everyone else I love. I hesitate. Do I really want to rush this? I decide I do. The faster I meet this man the faster I'll be allowed more freedom. Right? "And I think it would be best if you took me to him now" I finished. Daniel laughs "You do not give orders here, princess" he says. I smirk, then cock my head to one side "You think I'm a princess, and last time I checked the princess always gives orders that should be followed" I say. Daniels' grin grows wider; he laughs again and bows "As you wish princess". With that we leave the room. Daniel leads me down many corridors until we stop in front of a door. Daniel knocks twice. "Enter" A female muffled voice says. When we enter my heart stops and I fight the urge to run. Jeanine Matthews sits in a chair, her liquid gray eyes watching me as I enter. Two boys who seem to be my age sit next to her. She stands when she sees me and smiles. Bile rises in my throat. How can this woman have the audacity to smile when she's killed so many? Torn so many people apart from each other. "Angelina Rolfe,” Jeanine says. She gestures to the chair in front of her and I sit. "These are my two wonderful charming sons" She says gesturing to the boys seated beside her. "This is James," She says, pointing to a boy whose expression is blank. "And this is Thomas," She says, pointing to the other boy. This boy has an admiring expression, an expression that makes me warm and scared at the same time. They both are handsome. James has light brown hair and leaf green eyes, the same color as mine. He has broad shoulders and in a way reminds me of Tobias. I ache with longing at the thought of Tobias. Thomas on the other hand has jet black hair and dark blue eyes ringed with black, something about his eyes draw me to him. I am intrigued. But my heart belongs to Tobias and I have his heart as well, I am not going to throw that away…its precious. "I see you've found favor in Thomas" Jeanine says. I realized that I was staring at Thomas and was still staring at him when I had the thought of Tobias and smiled at the thought of him. I blush. Jeanine laughs "No need to hide such feelings my dear" she says. Thomas is smiling at me as well. Nope I don't have any feelings for Thomas; I don't even know him I think, but alas words left unspoken. "I wanted you here Miss Rolfe, because as you can see my son has set his eye on you and would like to have your hand in marriage" Jeanine says. "I don't know him" I whisper "How can I marry a man I don't love?" I whisper again, looking at my hands. "We'll get to know each other, my love" Thomas says. I wince, his love. "You will have lunch with James tomorrow and today you will have dinner with Thomas" She says getting up. "Both boys will see to it that you return to your room" Jeanine says, standing up. "Wait, why doesn't Daniel take me back to my room?" I ask. It's not that I actually want him to take me but that I don't want two boys my age to be following me to my room. Daniel is a good 5 years older than me, about 24 years old, but at least he keeps his distance. Jeanine looks at me "Do you have feelings for Lieutenant Macklin, Angelina?" Jeanine asks, her gray eyes piercing me. I blush, and then scowl. "No, it's just-"I'm cut off by Daniel saying "She'll be happy to go with your boys; she's merely nervous about the walk" he says chuckling. I suck in a sharp breath and narrow my eyes. Thomas and James lead the way, James still having his blank expression. "So Angelina, what faction are you from?" Thomas asks. I don't answer. "Angelina?" Thomas says again. I still don't answer. Thomas sighs and to my surprise grabs my hand. I yank it away. I look at Thomas and regret the action when I see the hurt on his face. I sigh, just because I'm away from home is no excuse to be rude "I am from Dauntless" I say. Thomas looks surprised "Really? I thought a sweet lovely girl like you would be from Amity" he says. I shake my head "I transferred from Abnegation to Dauntless" I say. "Ah, that makes better sense," he says. "Was Dauntless your true chosen faction?" he asks. I hesitate, "No" I say. "Then what was?" he asks. What's up with him wanting to know a lot about me? I think I would prefer James now; at least he doesn't try to create small talk. "I wanted to go to Erudite," I say. "What stopped you?" I think about that. "My boyfriend," I whisper. Both boys stop "You had a boyfriend?" James asks. I'm shocked for a moment, he hasn't said anything since I met him "Have" I correct him. "What's his name?" Thomas asks. I am not stupid; I know that if they found out Tobias was at the bureau they'd go and kill him. I shake my head. Both boys sigh, knowing they weren't going to get the answer out of me. "Why let your boyfriend dictate what choice you picked?" James asks. "He didn't dictate the choice, I love him and he loves me. We both decided that we were going to have a future together because the factions didn't dictate our love" I say. Both boys stay quiet and soon we reach my room and I bid them farewell. When I'm in the room I slump to the floor and rest my head against the door, closing my eyes. A knock comes on the door, causing me to jump to my feet. When I open it Amy and Susan come bustling in. "We must prepare you for your dinner with Thomas tonight" Amy says. I groan and flop onto the bed. 2 hours later Amy and Susan (mostly Susan) have gotten me into a white blouse and Erudite blue pencil skirt. My hair isn't touched and remains in curls. Next Daniel comes to take me to where I will be having dinner with Thomas. "Is she ready?" Daniel asks, looking at me with a blank expression. Susan nods while Amy gawks at him. Turning on his heels Daniel walks down the hallway, pulling me to stand next to him. Both of us don't say anything for a while, and then Daniel finally decides to speak.

"You look lovely," he says blushing. I stop and look at him, green eyes looking at the floor.

"Did the big tuff guy just give the princess a compliment?" I feign a gasp and smirk.

Daniel smiles and continues walking. He stops when we come to a pair of big doors. Daniel opens one for me, when I walk in Thomas smiles and stands from the table piled with good looking food. My mouth waters. Here we go.

The end

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