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Tobias's Love Before Tris
Tobias's Love Before Tris

Tobias's Love Before Tris


Chapter 1

Angelina's Pov.

There's a ringing in my ears and my vision is blotted. Mother's voice keeps yelling at me "You're worthless! You can't do anything right!" She yells. I close my eyes and imagine myself far away from here in a paradise where no one is allowed to cry. When I open them again my mother's hand is drawn and bam! I'm back on the floor and my face stings. "Why can't you be useful Angelina!"she screams. My thoughts aren't on my crazy mother. It's the thought that in four years I'll get to run away from this mad woman I called mother! Mother runs a hand through her hair which is a sign that she has calmed down. "I'm going out, Angelina. I'll be back in 4 hours and by the time I get back you had better be done with all your chores and delivered that basket of food to Marcus." She says and then I hear the door shut. Marcus Eaton is the leader of Abnegation, the faction I live in. And my mother cooks food for him because his wife died about 7 years ago when I was five. He lives about 3 houses down with his son Tobias Eaton. I put on my sweater and take the basket. When I come out the Autumn air smells clean and fresh but cold at the same time. I take the walk to Marcus's house quickly. I want to get home quick so I have enough time to go to Natalia's house. Natalia is my next door neighbor and since my mother doesn't bother to feed me she does. Natalia gives me oatmeal or cereal. And it's the only time I get to eat. When I get to the door of Marcus's house I hear screaming and yelling, sounds like Marcus is getting mad. I hesitate to knock but I'm afraid of what my mother will do to me if I don't. So I knock. At 5 knocks the door flies open and Marcus stands before me.His breathes are uneven and his hand is bright red. "Well hello there Angelina!" he says with a friendly smile. He runs a hand through the back of his hair to make it flat. I look at the basket then the ground "My mother wanted me to bring you the basket of food you wanted" I say handing him the basket. "Oh. Well tell your mother I said thank you" He says closing the door. A minute passes and I hear screaming and yelling again. This time I don't hesitate. I knock again, and again Marcus answers the door. "Yes Angelina" he half yells and half says. "Um.... Is everything okay Marcus" I force myself to say. "Yes Angelina, now go home!" This time he does yell. He slams the door and leaves me standing there. About an hour passes and I see Marcus leave his house. I have to see if anyone's hurt. I quickly put my coat back on and grab my bag and head over to Natalia's house. I knock several times and finally the door opens. Natalia is small so I have to look down to actually see her. "Hello Angelina, come for the food?" she says. "Yes and I was wondering if you have a second serving" I ask. She looks at me and says "why dear? You're not going to eat them both are you?" She jokes. "Um.... no but it's for a friend of mine and I'm going to see if he's okay." I say. "Oh, well I hope your friend likes my oatmeal." She says and hands me two warm plates with oatmeal and tin foil covering them. I put them in my bag. "Thank you!" I say as I turn towards the door. "Anytime dear!" She shouts and I make my way towards Marcus's house. I knock quite a few times till I realize the door is open. Idiot, I think to myself. When I'm through the door I hear a sob. The sob was childlike and it sounded like he was hurt. The sound came from the west wing so I followed the sound. When I come to the door I heard the sound from, I quietly opened the door to reveal a room similar to mine, but then again all abnegation houses are the same. I look around and there's nothing I really see until I find Tobias Eaton sitting on the floor next to his bed holding his arm which is bleeding.

Chapter 2

Tobias's Pov.

Marcus hit me quite a lot both with his belt and his hand. My arm is bleeding so much and the pain he did mentally is starting to kick in. I cradle my arm, wishing my mom was here to sooth me. I hear the front door open and close and I think that Marcus is home. More pain to come. Maybe he's happy because he usually slams the door. I let out a sob. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway and think here it comes.The footsteps get closer and I recognize that these footsteps are lighter than Marcus's; Marcus's are more like stomps. These footsteps are like a ballerina or a soft bunny. The door opens softly and quietly, the person takes a peek inside and opens the door when she sees me. It's a girl I don't recognize and I know it's a girl because her hair is pulled up into a bun and she has grey eyes that fit with a girl like her. Her nose is thin and long, she has a bruise on the side of her face, and her hand is covering her mouth probably startled at how pathetic I look. She goes away for a minute and I think for a moment that she left, regretting that she came into the Eaton's house. I wouldn't blame her though. But she doesn't, instead she comes back with a damp paper towel in her hand. She comes over to me and gently places the paper towel on my bleeding arm. As gently as she puts it, it still hurts. I gasp and my hand goes on top of hers. She looks up at me and her eyes have a feeling that I can't identify. She's beautiful. I move my hand and whisper sorry. She gives a little nod. About a minute passes and she asks "Did Marcus do this to you?" she says it so softly. She looks up and I nod. "How did you know I was here and hurt?" I ask. "Well my mother wanted me to deliver the basket of food she prepares for Marcus and I when I came to the door I heard yelling and screaming and I thought something was wrong." She pauses. "and when I gave the food to Marcus and he closed the door I heard yelling and screaming again and that time I didn't hesitate to knock and when I did Marcus came to the door again and I asked if everything was okay and he yelled that everything was okay and to go home, there, the bloods all gone." She says putting the soaked bloody paper towel in the trash can beside my closet. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a long piece of fabric and wraps it around my arm. My arm feels better. "Thanks" I say looking at her. "Um, no problem" She says looking straight at me for the first time since she got here. We stare at each other for a moment and then she pulls out a bowl with tin foil on it and a spoon out of her back pack. She hands it to me and I take it. "What's this?" I ask. "It's oatmeal" she says. I look at her and I guess she looks puzzled because she says "Have you eaten anything this whole week?" She asks. I think about it and I realize that the last time I ate was last week. I guess that I was in so much pain that I really didn't care about food or hunger but looking and smelling the oatmeal made me so happy. I tore off the tin foil and stuffed my mouth. While I was eating I totally forgot that the girl(who I still do not know) is sitting in front of me. I peak at her and she is smiling and looking at her hands. I must look like a caveman. I put the empty bowl down and wiped my mouth with my sleeve. She looks up. "My name is Tobias I say". She looks up at me; she has this look in her eyes that makes you not want to look away. She looks surprised I told her my name and she looks like she wants to say something but is afraid. "Angelina" she says. Angelina, such a beautiful name, it fits her perfectly. We stare at each other for a moment and I notice that we're both smiling. It's been a while since someone has made me smile. But the whole moment is ruined when I hear beeping. She closes her eyes and looks at her watch. It's a nice watch too, it was diamond crested and it had her name one one of the straps, it was blue as well. It was beautiful just like her. "Oh my! I have to go, my mom is going to be home in two hours and I still have to eat my food, do the dishes, cook food for her , and dust the furniture. And if I don't, who knows what she'll do to me." She says grabbing her bag and getting up. "Wait, I still have 2 questions for you" I say, not wanting her to leave. "It'll have to be tomorrow, sorry" She says heading for the door. "Wait!" I say and before I know it I grab her hand. She looks at my hand clutching hers and she looks shocked. Her hand is soft and small. She's the same height as me so we can look directly into each other's eyes. For a moment I forget that we are here in my house, in the abnegation faction, and the Abnegation aren't allowed to hold hands or touch each other in general unless we're married. But I don't care, I want to hold her hand. "Are you coming back tomorrow?" I ask. she looks at me with a 'really? You want ME to come back tomorrow? face. "Um, I'll try to," she says and I let go of her hand. She says "Goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow" and she opens the door and leaves. I don't open the door, I open the curtain instead and watch her walk down the sidewalk. "Goodbye Angelina, I'll see you tomorrow" I wispier.

Chapter 3

Angelina's Pov.

I don't know what happened in the house but I know that I quite liked it when Tobias made me smile and it's been 4 years since someone made me smile, and the last person to make me smile was my dear father when he gave me my wrist watch. He gave it to me 4 years ago the night before he died. He said it cost him quite a bit of money but he said I was worth it that made me smile. He knew my favorite color was blue and it made me feel special that he had it made just for me. I've had to hide it from my mother since. Every time she was home I would cover it with my sleeve. That wrist watch was important to me and I wasn't going to let a mean lady like mother take it away. Mother is beautiful on the outside but is cruel on the inside. She's always been like this even before my father died. I hear the door slam shut. Looks like Mother's home. The next day I see Marcus go out again. Mother won't be home until 7:00 pm so that gives me 5 hours this time. I put my coat on and grab my backpack. It's cold outside today but the suns still out, it's beautiful rays are barely hitting me. I go to Gloria's house first. As soon as I'm in front of the door Gloria opens it before I can even knock and hands me 2 servings of oatmeal. "Tell Tobias I said hi'' she says, I nod and put the bowls in my backpack. I give her a small smile and she returns a bigger smile back. When I get to the door of Tobias's house I don't bother knocking I just go in. Abnegation never locks their doors. When I go in I make my way to his bedroom but hear something else "I'm over here!" it sounds like Tobias but this voice is weaker than Tobias. Maybe he's hurt, I think to myself. I go to where I heard the noise and found out it came from the living room. Tobias is curled up into a ball on the floor. When I turn him over blood streams from the side of his face and this time both of his arms are bleeding, both his eyes are swollen and have a mix of black, red and purple around them. His face is puffy, he's been crying. "Goodness!" I say, I immediately take off my backpack and dig through it. I find a towel and put it to the right side of his face where he's bleeding. He winces. "Hold it there" I say. He puts the hand I don't work on to his face. I take out 2 long pieces of fabric and wrap one around his left arm, he sighs a sigh of relief when I'm done. I carefully take his right arm away from his face and gently press his left hand on the side of his head with the towel. He stares at me the whole time. Well I think so; it's hard to tell when his eyes are purple. I gently wrap the second piece of fabric around his arm. He winces again but sighs of relief. He gently touches both arms. I take the bowl out of my backpack and hand him the food and the spoon. He looks at it, and then attempts to take off the tin foil. He's struggling, so I help him. He looks at me for a moment and then tries to put the food on the spoon into his mouth and fails. I giggle and he notices. He puts the bowl down and pushes it away from him. I stop giggling and look at him. He looks embarrassed. Stupid Angelina! I think to myself, he's been through a lot and here I was giggling. I pick up the bowl and spoon and hold up the spoon to Tobias's mouth but he doesn't open. I pinch his shoulder and he says "ouch? What was that-"and I shove the spoon into his mouth. "I am not going to let you starve" I say. I take the spoon out, it's clean, he smiles at me and I smile back. He made me smile again.

Chapter 4

Angelina's Pov.

I'm frightened by what I got that means I'm divergent. But that's impossible! Sure I understand with 2 but with four? It was almost impossible to get 4. I have to tell Tobias but when we were alone. We decided it would be nice to walk home together. We've been together ever since I started helping him when he was hurt and if he wasn't hurt just to have a friend, because we understand each other. We decided to take the sewer way, we didn't want people to be suspicious about us. When we were down there we came across a old man I was laughing at the way Tobias was mocking the amity "I'm soft when I don't want to be and you really bug me but I can't say that because I'm in amity!"" he said mocking Johanna Reyes the leader of the amity. His mocks towards different people always make me laugh. He stops when he sees a factionless child asking for food, he goes to comfort him and I smile at how kind Tobias is. I stop laughing and freeze when two cold hands hold me still. A man I do not know came out of the shadows "got any food?" he spits "no" I say nervously "well you've got a pretty face I'll take you instead!" my eyes go wide with fear "Tobias!" I scream, the man drags me towards the shadows. Tobias looks up "please help me!" I scream, "Angelina!"His eyes go wide with fear and he runs towards me. Tobias pulls me away from the man and punches him. The man stumbles back but isn't unconscious he holds his hand to his jaw where Tobias hit him. I'm on the floor still frightened and not wanting to move. "Your boyfriend?" the man asks me. I don't know what to say because I don't know if we are boyfriend and girlfriend. I look at Tobias and he stares at me "yes" Tobias says. He's still looking at me (Tobias not the man) I smile and he smiles back. "How old are you to?" the man asks. "16" Tobias says, looking angrily at the man. The man chuckled "oh? Well here is some advice, choose smartly girl I can see it in your eyes you have no clue what you're going to choose tomorrow" and like that he scurries away. I look at the ground and think I really don't know what I'm going to choose tomorrow. Tobias helps me to my feet but I can barely walk. When we reach his house we go in. Marcus works all day today and mother won't be home for another 3 hours. We go sit in the dining room and stay quiet for a few seconds until he says "I'm divergent" I freeze and my eyes go wide. This is the perfect time to tell him.

Chapter 5

Tobias's Pov.

I trust Angelina and I trust that she will keep this secret that I just told her. She is still looking at me wide eyed. Her eyes make me feel like I'm in a garden. She blinks "Tobias what were your test results" she whispers and closes her eyes. I look at her shockingly because we're not allowed to talk about our test results but I trust her. "Dauntless and Abnegation, what were yours?" I say. She opens her eyes and stares at me. Her posture is so refined and perfect. It's hard to believe that this girl had a hard life. "Tobias I'm divergent to" she blurts out quickly like she's afraid that someone will hear us. I smile and give a sigh of relief. She smiles back and says "but I didn't get 2 like you" she says my head snapped up. "3?" I ask, she shakes her head "4?" I ask again this time she looks at me like she might break into little pieces and nods slowly. My mouth drops open "I got Abnegation, Amity, Dauntless and Erudite" she says, my eyes dart from each eye she has "Erudite?" I ask, Erudite and Abnegation don't get along. She nods. "You really don't know what you're going to pick tomorrow do you?" I ask. She takes a deep breath "No" she sighs. "Tobias" she says softly, she looks into my eyes and sends chills down my back, those eyes, when she looks at me I can't move and all I can do is hope I do not drool. "yes" I say looking back at her. We both take a moment to look at each other's eyes and admire one another. "Tobias, I don't want my choice to decide what you choose" she says, "What do you mean?" I ask. "It means that the choice I make tomorrow, I do not want it to depict on what you choose" she says softly, "why?" I pause "don't you want to be with me?" she looks up at me this time I know what the look in her eyes is they say 'um yes! What kind of question is that Tobias!?' "Of course I do Tobias'' she pauses "But I don't want my choice to be in the way of your future, you have a great future ahead of you Tobias and I could never live with myself if I got in the way" she looks like she's going to cry her eyes are going glossy. Oh no! If she cries then I'm going to cry, I haven't cried since the second day she came to see me. Back when we were 12 years old. My mouth is in a line now, "My future is with you Angelina" I say sternly hoping my voice didn't break. She looks up at me and tears have made their way down to her chin. I feel wetness on my cheeks, oh great I'm crying. I cup my hands around her face and wipe away her tears. This is how it was with us, we would wipe each other's pain away and this is how I want it to be forever. I bend down and kiss her gently on the lips. Her lips are smooth and soft. They taste like oatmeal. She's surprised for a moment that I'm kissing her but then she kisses me back and it feels good because now I know she likes me to. I hope I'm a good kisser. She's the only girl I've ever kissed and I'm glad she is the first I would only want to kiss her. We break away and she smiles. Her cheeks blush which makes me blush. She notices it because she starts laughing. This makes me laugh. She pulls me into a hug and whispers into my ear "I love you Tobias Eaton'' I smile into her shoulder and whisper "I love you even more Angelina Rolfe, and nothing will change that." I feel her smiling into my shoulder. She smells like vanilla and cinnamon. My favorite scents. We manage to pull ourselves off each other and when I do we both smile at each other. We stay like that until her watch beeps. I take her hand and we both get up. Once we're at the door she says "Bye" "bye" I say back, she kisses my cheek and walks out the door "I will love you forever, Angelina '' I say to myself as I watch her walk down the sidewalk.

Chapter 6

Angelina’s Pov.

Angelina I know that I've never been a real good mother" she says. I frown at her. "But I want you to know that I do love you and your choice depicts on the both of us" she smiles at me, It's not real it's her fake smile she uses when we go into town. "Now go to bed sweetie" I get up and walk to the staircase "good night" she says, I don't reply. When I get into bed I think back to Tobias, how his lips felt, how they were soft and gentle. His eyes were pretty, I noticed that the first time I saw him his eyes were ocean blue and gentle like he would never hurt anyone especially me. I was surprised when he kissed me. Abnegation weren't allowed to have physical contact unless we were married. But it was then when he kissed me that I realized I wanted him to kiss me. And when we parted I still felt his lips on mine. When he said he loved me back I felt a wave of relief, I felt happy."Angelina!" I hear my mother sing "Time for breakfast!" my mother had an amazing singing voice. When I was a baby she used to sing me songs until I went to sleep. I smelled fresh oatmeal. Mother is kissing up to me. She wants me to choose abnegation. She thinks that singing and making me breakfast for the first time in, well forever is going to replace 14 years of beatings, name calling and never being there for me when I needed her the most. 14 years of not being my mother. I got dressed and went downstairs. When I was done eating the oatmeal mother and I headed to the building where the choosing ceremony was going to be held. Mother looked beautiful, she had her hair in a bun like me, and abnegation isn't allowed to wear makeup so it was just us and our plain faces. But still mother looked stunning. We saw some other family's come out of their houses as well. Like John and his family. I saw Tobias and Marcus come out of their house. "Hello Bonnie!" Marcus says coming towards us "good morning Marcus!" my mother said walking towards them. Tobias was looking extra handsome today and I couldn't help but smile a little. He smiled back at me. "Hello Tobias!" mother said with a friendly smile. "You're looking very handsome today!"She says. Tobias looked at her and gave a tight smile "Thank you bonnie" he says "And you're looking beautiful as always, Angelina" Marcus says. "Thank you Marcus" I say and look at the ground. "Well no time to waste let's get going!" Marcus says clapping his hands together. Mother and Marcus walk ahead of me and Tobias talking about politics and the faction less. When we were in the choosing hall Marcus went up stage to present the names. When he came to my name my hands started to shake and I could feel everyone's eyes on me. When I got up to the stage I looked at all the factions and everyone was wide eyed. Marcus gave me the knife and I walked in front of the erudite they all nodded like they wanted me to come I just shook my head, I then went to amity and they all smiled at me like I was welcomed either way, next was abnegation and they all looked at me like they really didn't care where I went as long as it wasn't erudite. "We're waiting, Miss Rolfe" I hear Marcus say behind me I cut my hand and speed walk to the bowl with lit coals and my blood sizzles. I hear a roar of cheer go up behind me and a dauntless person comes and guides me to my seat I take a look at mother, her lips were pursed and her eyebrows came together in the T of her forehead and nose she was mad but I didn't care I've finally escaped her forever. Tobias is next and my hands start shaking again. But Tobias doesn't take his time; he literally just goes to Dauntless and lets his blood sizzle on the coals. I look over at Marcus and he looks like how my mother looked 2 minutes ago shamed and angry. The dauntless person who helped me get to my seat helps Tobias to his seat; he slides into the seat next to me. I feel a rush of happiness go through me. He slides his fingers under my hand and squeezes. I squeeze back. The next person to be called is a boy named Eric, He's from erudite. When he comes to the stage he has his eyes on me the whole time. He doesn't bother waiting; he goes over to the dauntless bowl and drops his blood on to the lit coals. I hear a shriek and look to see where it came from. It was a woman she was crying "No! My son!" that must have been his mother. He obviously didn't care; he walked himself to the seat next to me smiling at me the whole way. "Hi I'm Eric" he whispers. I look at him. He's close, to close. "Angelina" I say. He had grey eyes and he was quite handsome. Not as handsome as Tobias though. Eric smiled at me. I gave a small smile back. Tobias squeezes my hand, he's been watching me. I give him a wide smile. The smile that I made only for Tobias.

Chapter 7

Tobias’s Pov.

When I saw Angelina pick Dauntless my heart jumped, because that's what I was going to choose. When the ceremony was over we had to go with the Dauntless. They ran everywhere so we had to run everywhere, I wasn't used to running and I know neither was Angelina because she was already panting. I saw people in the distance jumping on a moving train. Uh oh, the train was almost to the end. "Angelina, come on hurry" she noticed why I was scared and ran faster. When we were next to the train I jumped on but Angelina was still behind. Then I saw the Erudite transfer boy, Eric, stop and help Angelina. I feel a flare of jealousy, I'm so stupid! Why didn't I do that for her? She is now next to the train close to me so I give her my hand and she gladly takes it. I heave her up. She isn't heavy, she's as light as a feather. She embraces me in a hug and I know she's scared, I can feel her heartbeat on my chest, and she's breathing hard "its okay Angelina, I'm here" I say into her ear, she nods. And sits her back against the wall. She gestures for me to sit down and I do. She gestures to the erudite boy to sit next to her too. Jealousy strikes me hard. "Thank you" she says quietly into her hands. "You're welcome" I and the erudite boy say at the same time. We look at each other. I give him a 'she's my girlfriend, back off' face and he gives me a face that says 'I really don't care she's cute and nice' "who were you talking to?" Eric asks Angelina. "She looks up at neither of us but the front of her, "both of you thank you" and she looks at her hands again, I put my arm around her shoulder because I can tell she's scared. She leans into me and the jealousy is gone for a moment. We hear puzzled conversations and look up and everyone's staring outside of the train I get up and help Angelina to her feet. We look over the edge, me clutching her waist so she won't fall. People are jumping off the moving train. Angelina backs up fear, in her eyes. She's shaking her head. I grab her hand but she pulls it away. She really doesn't want to do this but I'm not letting her become factionless because she's scared right now. I know she's strong and that she can do it. She's just afraid she won't be able to. I grab her hand stronger this time so she won't be able to let go, "It's going to be alright" I say she calms down a bit and squeezes my hand "1" she says "2" I say "3!" she says and we jump. We hit the top of the roof hard. I looked over at Angelina and she was laughing. She was Angelina again. "Angelina! Are you okay?" said the Erudite boy again. Jealousy came back. "Yes I'm fine" Angelina said laughing. Eric gave her his hand and she stopped laughing. "No that's alright I can stand up on my own" and stood up and walked over to me. She hugged me so tight it kind of hurt. Kind of. "That was exciting" she said smiling. I smiled back "I knew you could do it" I said. She smiled a wide smile and kissed my cheek. Jealousy gone. All the boys were looking at her and talking about her. She didn't seem to care; she just smiled. That was Angelina always smiling (unless it was about someone she cared about). There was a man who stood on the ledge of the building. "Hello transfers and Dauntless born! My name is Max. I am the leader of Dauntless” Max said. "Now who would like to jump off the building first?" he asked. I looked at the ground not wanting to go first. "Me!" my head snaps up and Angelina is looking at me. "I'll go first" she smiles and walks toward the ledge. I grab her arm. She just smiles and pats my hand. "I'll be fine" she says, she sounds confident so I let go and watch her move. She looks over the edge and winces. "Today!" Max shouts. She looks at him and takes off her coat, the coat that she's had forever exposing her abnegation clothes. Someone whistles. I feel a pang of jealousy again and wish I knew who it was so I could hurt them badly. She holds her coat close and holds it over the edge, and drops it, her favorite coat. We hear springs. "A net!" she says. She looks at Max and he smiles at her. She hops onto the ledge and falls. I have to bite my lip from screaming 'Angelina!' but I know she's alright. I hear the springs and sigh. "Who wants to go next?" Max says "Me!" I say and so does the Erudite boy, Eric. I walk to the ledge and just jump. I don't even bother looking down. I hate heights.

Author Notes: This is my very first story! Hope you like it! Also constructive criticism is welcome.

There might be a part 2 to this but I don't know yet.

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