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Too bad for Chyanne

Too bad for Chyanne

By tovie11

Chyanne sat up in her bed, staring at her closet door. She has just noticed that her closet door was opened just a crack. She always makes sure she shuts the door completely, before she goes to bed. She was staring at the door, when she saw something hit the window. She jumped in her bed, and tried to keep her focus on the door. She knew whatever hit the window wasn't able to come through it. But, right when Chyanne looked back at the closet door.

The door was opened. All the way opened. Chyanne started to feel the goose bumps cover her whole body. The hair on her neck was starting to rise. She knew that she should get out of her room. Only if she could scream to wake her mother up. She was too frightened to even move her lips. So screaming was out of the picture. She had to leave. NOW. She moved the covers from her body, slowly. She placed one foot on the floor, trying not to make any noise. She had to go, she was only five feet away from the door. She ran! She ran for the door, knowing she could make it!!

But, right when she opened the door, something grabbed her by her feet..... and dragged her back into the room. Chyanne grabbed onto her bed post, and dug her fingernails in to the floor. She screamed as loud as she could at this point... but right when her mother heard her scream. It was too late. Chyanne was dragged into the closet..... dragged into the darkness.

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10 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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