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too much 4 me thn frnd...

too much 4 me thn frnd...

By archanasaini

Aasma is a shy girl . she never share her feelings to anyone. she has one best frnd Chaavi .one day Aasma met a new person who is chaavi's best frnd ..mayank. A funny and cool guy.....totally talk loving.Aasma try to talk to mayank in limit ..Thn days passed and she become frank with him .she talks too much too chaavi and mayank .they often chat in group name...........MAC .... THen one day Chaavi stop talking to mayank .she told to Aasma that he is not a right guy. He has many bad habbits .then firstly aasma try to avoid mayank and try to not talk to him.but somethng which always makes her weak .she is unable to stop talking to mayank she even know he is not gud. but he is the only one person whom she talks too much first time .she is still trying to avoid him but totally confused what she do?
mayank is much more for her thn frnd .she always wanna talk to him .
is she like mayank.
may be
but she knw very well that mayank not
is she is doing right to stop talking with mayank...............................?

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29 Mar, 2013
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