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Torture In A Casket

Torture In A Casket

By kyoukatsu - 1 Review

It started almost like any other school day for Josh Brandstetter; he got up at 7:00am so that he could be ready for the bus at 7:45. He ate breakfast slowly, dreading the fact that he had to go back to school. You see Josh hated school, he had few friends, his teachers were a pain, and he felt like school was just a waste of time. After Josh had finished his breakfast he picked up his iPod and turned on Raining Blood by Slayer, one of his favorite bands. Josh got on the bus like he did everyday, got tripped by his so called friend Cameron like he did everyday. Life pretty much sucked for Josh.
When he got to school he went and sat with his other so called friends Dustin Gregory, Tim Viar, Michael Crowley, and Andrew Martin. “Hey Guys.” Said Josh with a melancholy attitude. “What’s up?”
“Hey Josh,” said Dustin, “Shut up.” Josh just shrugged it off and went to buy a Snapple. As soon as he left the table Dustin started going through his stuff.
He first pulled out some clothes from the front pocket. “This must be his gym suit.” Dustin said before he chucked it behind him and into the trashcan. “It’s trash now.” He said before throwing in the rest.
“Hey where’s my backpack?” Josh asked just returning from getting his drink.
“Oh, I think Cameron took it,” said Michael with a slight chuckle.
When Josh left they went over to the trashcan and opened up his pack and poured a carton of milk inside. Once realizing that Cameron had no clue what was going on, Josh went back to the table to ask again. “Guys seriously, where’d my stuff go?”
“It’s in the trash behind Dustin.” Andrew said with a grin.
Josh reached in the trash and pulled out his bag and noticed that milk was pouring out the bottom. “Guys, you ruined my stuff.” Josh said with a sigh.
“Maybe if you weren’t always complaining about everything then we wouldn’t mess with you so much,” said Dustin with a chuckle.
“Dustin come on man,” said Tim, “Could you lay off him a little?”
“Pssh, since when do you care?” asked Dustin as if he had become disgusted by the thought.
“Screw this, I’m out,” said Tim before he left the table.
Josh went to his next class which was Algebra I. When he opened his bag and pulled out his math book it was soaked. When he tried to open it the pages ripped apart. The teacher, Ms. Bowen came over and saw the condition of the book.
“Josh, what happened to your book?” asked Ms. Bowen, a bit of agitation showing in her voice because the book was ruined and yet a slight concern for what’s going on with Josh.
Josh not wanting to get his friends in trouble just said, “I poured milk on it.”
“Why would you do something like that to your textbook?”
“Because I hate school, and I really don’t care.”
“Josh, just go to the office,” said Ms. Bowen, clear disappointment showing in her eyes.
When Josh went to the office, he was called in to speak to the principal, Mr. Francis, who was quite unhappy with Josh.
“Why’d you do it Josh, what could you possibly achieve from destroying your textbook?”
“Who cares, no one else cares so why should I?”
“Josh,” said Mr. Francis with deep concern, “Why would you think something like that?”
“Just go to-” Josh started.
“Don’t you finish that sentence,” said Mr. Francis getting agitated.
“Screw you.”
Needless to say that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Josh was suspended for a week and he was forced to pay for the book that was ruined by his so called friends with the money he was saving for a new iPod touch. As I said before, life pretty much sucked for Josh Brandstetter.
Josh was grounded from pretty much everything you could think of for the week he was out of school. No video games, no television, no cell phone, no computer, and no home phone unless he was taking a message for his parents while they were gone. Lucky for him they didn’t take his iPod or he would have gone insane.
The days went by slowly for Josh. By the third day it seemed like time was obscured, seconds became minutes, hours became days. After awhile Josh just jumped up off his bed and went to the phone. He knew he wasn’t supposed to use it except for emergencies but he also knew how to delete the last call from the phone’s history so his parents would never know.
It rang a few times before Josh heard a familiar voice, “Hello,” said Tim on the line.
“Hey Tim, it’s me, Josh. I’m bored and I need something to do.”
“Oh really,” said Tim with great interest, “Give me a few minutes I’ll be right over.”
With out even giving Josh a chance to respond Tim hung up and was on his way over. Josh just decided to lie on his bed and wait, wondering just what exactly his friend was up to. After like 20 minutes, Josh heard the doorbell. He looked through the window to see Tim standing at the door holding a bag in his hand. Josh went downstairs and opened the door.
“Sorry I took so long, I had to go pick something up.” Tim said handing Josh the bag.
“What’s in here?” Josh asked with great interest.
“Shrooms.” Tim said with a nonchalant attitude.
“SHROOMS!?! WHY WOULD YOU BRING SHROOMS INTO MY HOUSE?!?” Josh asked in a state of panic, “Do you know how much trouble we could get in!?!”
“Yeah, now eat up. Your parents are gonna’ be outa’ town for a couple days so there’s nothing to worry about so eat up,” he said taking out three and tossing them into his mouth, “Don’t worry, it’s not like it’s gonna make you trip or anything.”
Josh looked at Tim for a minute unsure of what to do. Eventually he gave in and ate some.
Josh and Tim just sat there and stared at each other for like 10 minutes. “Dude, nothing’s happening.”
“Shhh, just wait man, just wait,” said Tim off in his on little world.
Josh waited 10 more minutes before, “Hey Tim I think I’m feeling something.”
“Yeah, like what?” asked Tim fading in and out.
“Dude, it’s like a tingling feeling.”
“Yeah man your getting it.”
Josh just sat there giggling at first as the effects began to get stronger. Soon he felt the effects reach there peak as he began seeing colors that weren’t really there, hearing sounds that came from no where.
“Dude,” said Josh kind of loopy from the effects, “I’m totally tripping balls.”
“Yeah man, just let the rivers take you,” said Tim completely out of it.
“What? Man you’re all messed up,” said Josh kind of out of it himself, “Dude, I think you’ve had too many.”
“Dude…. Wait….. What?”
Before Josh could say anything back he heard the phone ring.
“Oh no dude, that’s my mom calling to check in on me. What do I do?”
“Chill out man, when the time comes you’ll know what to do.”
“Dude, I have no clue what you’re talking about.” Josh just shook his head and picked up the phone, “Hello?” he said kind of shakily.
“Hi Josh, it’s me your mom just calling to check in on you.”
“Oh, hey mom how are you?”
“Good,” she said, “Josh, are you feeling alright you sound funny?”
“Oh yeah I’m ok, just a little cold.”
“Alright I’ll call you later to see if you feel any different.”
“Sounds good to me,” said Josh praying to God that his mother was almost finished talking.
“Kay, well I’m gonna let you go.”
“Alright I’ll see you when you get home,” said Josh ready to finish this horrifying ordeal.
Once Josh had hung up the phone he slumped back against the wall. “Whoa, dude, that was close.”
And so Josh and Tim just sat back relaxed and tripped. Meanwhile at Dustin’s house Dustin and Andrew were cooking up a little surprise for Josh for when he got back to school.
Josh woke up the next morning feeling like crap. “Oh my head,” he said feeling dizzy. Josh got up and went to the bathroom thinking that he’d probably feel better after washing his face he went for the sink and all the sudden he felt himself getting faint until he blacked out.
Josh woke up on the couch, “Oh what happened?”
“Dude I think you passed out.”
“I didn’t know Shrooms would do that to you.”
“Shrooms, they wouldn’t do that to ya, but some of those pills I gave you last night would.”
“We totally over did it last night man,” said Josh still feeling like crap.
“Yeah maybe you’re right. Well, I’ll be seeing you in school tomorrow,” Tim said before walking out the door.
Josh just shook his head and laid back down on the couch. He just figured that he may as well watch some T.V. while his parents were gone.
The next day at school Josh went straight to class not wanting to risk getting in more trouble because of his friends. Dustin however was putting some finishing touches on his plan. All he had to do now was get Daniel Crowley in on it and the plan would be all set.
Josh’s first classes went by quickly and it was now time for lunch. Josh was walking down the hall when Dustin, Andrew Martin, and Daniel came out of no where and surrounded him.
“What do you want?” Josh asked apprehensively.
Dustin went behind Josh and ripped his house key off his backpack. “If you want this back you’ll meet us after school in the parking lot.”
Michael Stearns and Andy Jensen saw what was going on and walked over to give Josh a hand, “Hey,” said Andy, “Why don’t you leave him alone?”
“Unless you want to end up in the dumpster again,” said Dustin, “Then you’ll stay out of it.” Dustin didn’t have to tell him twice, Andy turned tail and made a run for it. “Yeah that’s what I thought. Now meet me in the parking lot Josh.” With that Dustin and his crew were off.
“Don’t worry man,” Michael said, “I’ll be there for you.”
“Thanks man,” said Josh feeling a little less nervous, “I’ll need someone to have my back.”
That evening after school Josh went to the parking lot to await Dustin and his crew’s arrival. All the sudden Josh heard his phone start going off. It was a text message from Michael, it said, “Sorry I can’t make it this evening. Going to Tim’s; he just got a whole bag of Shrooms. ”
As Josh read the text he felt the fear in the pit of his stomach rising. Josh turned to run when he heard Dustin, “Hey Josh, where you think your going?”
“Oh, uh no where.” Josh said almost terrified.
“Get in the car, we’re going for a ride,” said Dustin with a sinister grin.
Josh rode in the back seat beside Andrew dreading the terror that he knew was coming.
“Alright,” said Dustin, “get out, we’re here.”
Josh got out slowly not for sure what was coming but knowing whatever it was, it was going to be horrific.
“What do you want Dustin?” Josh had asked gravely.
“Don’t worry we’re just gonna have a little fun,” he said grabbing a crowbar. “You see Daniels dad is an undertaker and well Andrew can control a bulldozer and we’ve decided..... to burry you alive.”
Josh dropped to his knees unsure of what to do he sat there staring at the ground. He had to do something, if he didn’t he would surely die. Josh tackled Dustin to the ground causing him to drop his crowbar.
“SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!” Yelled Dustin in a fit of rage.
Andrew took action grabbing the crowbar and swinging for Josh’s head. The crowbar made contact causing Josh to fall over. Dustin got up and looked down at Josh.
“Andrew, I think you killed him,” said Dustin slowly feeling the impact of the situation.
“I-I didn’t mean to,” Andrew said in a fit of panic, “the little bastard wouldn’t stay still!”
“Well what the hell are we gonna do huh!?! We were just supposed to scare him, that’s all burry him for a few minutes then dig him back up that’s all. Oh god, oh my god what have we done.”
“Dustin, Dustin you gotta snap out of it man, we gotta hide the body,” Daniel said trying to find a way out, “We need to hide the damned body and get the hell out of here!”
“Alright! Alright, Jesus alright. W-we will, we will burry him. Just push him in the casket and poor the dirt on him.”
Andrew rolled Josh’s body over to the hole and pushed him in landing with a thud. Daniel went down and shut the casket and Andrew went into the bulldozer and pushed the dirt into the grave. Meanwhile inside the casket Josh was waking up he looked around and realized where he was. He was down in the ground, in the casket.
He tried to push the top of the casket open with no success. Josh new in the pit of his stomach that this was the end. There was no way for oxygen to get out and no way for oxygen to get in. Pretty soon all Josh would be, is a corpse in a casket.

Chapter 2:

Dustin, Andrew, and Daniel were sitting on the couch in Dustin’s house in complete silence. All three were in complete shock over the events that had occurred earlier that day. You see, earlier that day they believed that they had killed one of there friends, Josh Brandstetter, when they had actually buried him alive. Unfortunately for Josh with no way to get out and no fresh air coming in he died thirty minutes later from suffocation.
"Dude," said Andrew still taking in the events that had just occured. "What do we do now?"
"I'm not sure man," Said Daniel still in shock.
"Well I know," said Dustin getting up off the couch, "We move on."
What are you saying Dustin?" asked Danial tears streaming down his face from all the stress, "We just killed a guy and you want us to just forget it and move on?"
"He's dead Daniel. He's dead and he aint comin' back. I say we forget it and move on with our lives. No one cared about him anyway,"Dustin said with an emotionless expression, "We just have to hang our heads low and keep quiet for a few weeks 'till this whole thing blows over."
Daniel just sat there unable to believe what Dustin was saying. After a long silence Daniel just got up and left. That night when Daniel got home he went straight to his room walking past his brother Michael without even giving him a second glance. Daniel laid down on his bed and stared blankly at the ceiling not sure what was going to happen next. Daniel's room was dark; he had a few pictures of friends and relatives on his dresser and a large television in the middle of the room. He had one poster of Hollywood Undead on his wall and his walls were painted black. Daniel shifted uneasily on his bed not sure what to do as he spiralled into a deep dark depression.
Daniel shifted again before standing up. Daniel walked over to his closet and took out an old pair of shoes before ripping the laces from them. He dropped them on his bed before opening and locking his door before slamming it behind him. Daniel walked downstairs and into the living room.
"I'm going over to a friends house," he said to Michael and his mother who were sitting on the couch watch T.V. "I'm gonna take some of my clothes and my stuff and just catch the bus there."
"Okay," said Daniel's mother. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Okay," Daniel said walking towards the door before turning back around, "You know I love you right?"
"Of course," said his mother.
"I hope you don't miss me." He said under his breath before walking through the door reentering through the window and going over to his bed. Daniel took the shoe laces and started braiding them together in a loop. Daniel took the shoe string and tied it around the top of the ceiling fan before bringing a chair over from the corner. Then he stopped standing in place as if he were thinking of something.
He then went over to his back pack and pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil. Daniel jotted something down quickly before dropping it on his bed and turning towards the chair. Daniel walked over and stood on the chair then placed the loop around his neck and tightened it. Daniel looked down at his feet; tears streaming from his face as he thought of everyone he was leaving behind. He then thought of Josh and his life that was taken. Daniel kicked the chair from under his feet and dropped.
At school the next day people were wondering why Daniel wasn't there. People were talking about how they were hearing that Josh hadn't gone home the night before. Michael Stearns was suspicious because Josh was supposed to meet with Dustin and his gang the day before after school in the parking lot. Michael wanting to find out what happened to his friend, decided that he'd start looking for answers.
Michael walked up to Dustin who was just sitting at a table alone and said, "What'd you do to Josh yesterday?"
"Nothing," said Dustin not even looking up, "He didn't show up yesterday at the parking lot."
"That's bullshit and you know it," Michael said feeling the rage building, "I'm gonna find out what happened to Josh, and when I do, there's gonna be hell to pay."
With that Michael Stearns left with all the unanswered questions left to ponder. Later that day they found Michael Crowley hanging out behind the band room crying.
"What's going on?" Cameron asked with great concern.
"I-it's Daniel. They found him this morning." Michael said, tears streaming down his face, "They said he hung himself, th-they s-said they found a note confessing to murdering J-Josh Br-Brandstetter. I don't understand. Daniel wouldn't do something like that. I-I just, I just don't know." And with that Michael completely broke down and with what had just happened, who could blame him.
Dustin heard the news of Daniel's death. He heard about how that Daniel had confessed to the murder not saying anything about where the body was or any accomplasses. Dustin thought that this would ease his burden, now that he was off the hook, but it didn't. In fact it made him feel worse then ever before.
That evening when Dustin got home he dropped his books in the hall and went in the living room, He grabbed the remote and just sat there on the couch. He didn't even cut on the television. He just sat there with the remote in his hand staring at the blank T.V. screen. He could see his reflection in the screen, and it disgusted him. All the sudden the rage consumed him and he threw the remote through the screen shattering it into thousands of pieces. Dustin went over to the medicine cabinet and searched through the drugs. He took some of the depression medicine left over from his mom's failed suicide attempt hoping that it would make it so he couldn't feel the pain.
The next day at school Dustin sat alone again. He didn't talk to anyone, he just sat there in silence. That day Andrew didn't show up at school. He didn't know how to deal with the impact of Murdering Josh Brandstetter or the fact that his best friend Daniel had taken his life because of it. So he turned to drugs. Andrew walked out of his house the next morning and instead of going towards the bus stop for school he headed down the road to find his cousin Ricky. He walked until he finally got to Ricky's place.It was an trailer placed on cinder blocks to keep it up. It was painted white but you could barely see it because the paint had peeled of showing the rusty metal below.
Andrew walked towards the house, his feet shifting through the beer cans in the yard. Once Andrew had made his way to the door he knocked and stood waiting for Ricky. Andrew saw a light come on as he looked through the small rectangular glass window on the door. Ricky opened the door slowly still trying to wake up.
"What are you doing here this early in the morning?" Ricky asked with slight adgitation.
"You said if I ever wanted to start selling drugs all I had to do was come to you. Does that offer still stand?" Andrew asked.
"Yeah man," Ricky said with great excitement in his voice, "What you wanna sell first?"
`"Acid," Andrew said as if he had already thought about it.
"Here." Ricky said before passing him a sheet of tionfoil, "Thats 100 tabs, put it to good use."
"I will," Andrew said as he turned around and started walking back down the road towards the house. Andrew went into his house and went straight for his room not having to worry about his mother catching him because she was working. Andrew sat down on his bed and opened the tinfoil and stared at the acid. He took out half of them before crumbling up the other half and throwing it to the side.
Andrew held the acid in his hands for a few minutes before he took them all which sent him spiralling into a permanent trip. Later that evening Andrew's mother came home to find her son laying on the bed screaming in agony. Because of the mental state Andrew was in when he took the acid he was sent into a bad trip which made seconds feel like hours, minutes feel like days.
When he got to the hospital all he said was, "I did it. It's all my fault." over and over.
The next day when Dustin heard of Andrew's condition it made the pain unbearable. At lunch Dustin went to the back of the auditorium to find Tim. Dustin found him behind the curtains smoking a joint.
"Hey Tim you got a second?" Dustin `asked.
"This better be good," Tim said, taking a hit, "This is my only time during the day I can toke any of this fine Bc Kush."
"This won't take long man," he said sitting down beside Tim, "I was wondering if I could get some drugs off you."
"Meet me this evening at my house. I'll see what I can do for you."
With that Dustin left the auditorium and just walked out of the school not even going to his next class. That evening when Tim got home from school and opened the door he found Dustin sitting on the couch smoking a blunt.
"Took you long enough," "Dustin said with a growl.
"I had a few stops to make along the way," Tim said, "So you ready for some drugs man?" He asked with a grin.
"What you got for me?"
"You want pills or you want other?" He asked ready to make a deal.
"What's other?" Asked Dustin with great interest.
"I never used it but I got some harder stuff for some of my 'other clients.' Some of these include heroin, morphine, and angel dust but I gotta warn you, some of these drugs are very addicting."
"You want some acid?"
"Didn't Andrew overdose on that shit?"
"I don't have pity for the dead." Tim said.
"He aint dead you asshole-"
"He may as well be," Tim said getting agitated, "Now you wanna buy somethin' or not?"
"Just give me some acid." Dustin said with hate in his voice.
Tim handed Dustin the tabs and Dustin handed Tim the money and he left. Meanwhile Michael Stearns new something was definitely up. Dustin's crew members were out, one suicide and the other a fate worse then death. Michael was getting sick of the casualties and was ready to take action.
Michael found Dustin leaning up against the wall and he went off. He lifted Dustin up by his shirt and slammed him against the wall.
"Why'd you do it Dustin, why'd you kill Josh!?!?" Michael said feeling his rage building.
"Why do you care?" Dustin said unfazed by Michael's anger.
"Because he was my friend you bastard!!! He was my friend and you killed him!!!"
"If you two were such good buddies then why didn't you show up at the parking lot? Maybe if you showed up at the parking lot your good buddy Josh might be alive right now. I know why you're trying to avenge Josh. It's because you feel responsible for his death isn't that right?"
Dustin showed his sinister grin as he saw Michael become enraged by what he had just said. Michael drew back and swung at Dustin breaking his jaw and knocking him out cold. Dustin awoke in the hospital with his jaw wired shut. He felt slightly dizzy from that punch he took.
'Where am I?' Dustin wondered.
"Glad you've finally decided to join us Mr. Gregory." said a doctor just entering the room. "You are on the fourth floor of the Martha Jefferson Hospital. Once that jaw of yours is healed up I’m afraid you'll be trading in your hospital bed for a nice comfy jail cell. You see Michael Stearns told us all about what happened and once you’re tried, you'll most likely spend the rest of your life in a prison."
'Oh really....' Dustin thought with a grin before he jumped out of bed and leaped from the window plummeting to the pavement below.

Chapter 3:

Two men were standing over a pool of blood that seemed to lead to a trail of blood that trickled off into the woods. One man was a detective and another was a doctor from the hospital that stood in front of them.
"You don't think this is going to go on my record do you?" said the doctor nervously.
"Not sure,” said the detective investigating the scene," all I know is that after that fall this guy should be dead."
"So what now?" asked the doctor.
"We find this guy. If he's dead someone moved the body; if he's alive then he won't last long with those injuries. We should find him somewhere in the woods but until then I need you and some of the officers to start asking questions. Find out where this guy would be heading and what might be his next move."
With that the detective turned around and started walking towards the woods. Meanwhile Dustin was just exiting the woods on the other side and making his way across the interstate. He had shattered the bones in his left leg and left arm from the fall and was puking blood. The only thing that was keeping him on his feet was the adrenalin pumping threw his veins and the fact that he was still tripping off of the acid. As he crossed the interstate he could taste the blood, feel the rush of what he'd done. He loved it, he craved it. All he knew was that he needed a place to hide for now. Lay low for a little while before he did anything else.
Time past since the events leading up to Dustin's escape from the hospital. The days turned to weeks as weeks became months. It was the middle of January and life seemed to be pretty normal for Western Summit High School. Tim was sorting threw some meds he had recently purchased and Sierra was wondering how her boyfriend Andrew was doing in the hospital.
Andrew had shown no signs of recovery and he did not seem like he was going to come out of his self induced trip anytime soon. Even though Andrew did not seem like he was making any progress, he had begun to gain the ability to tell the hallucinations from reality. Andrew was laying back in his bed looking out the window trying to see past the hallucinations when he heard someone enter the room.
"Long time no see." Said the visitor who has yet to be named.
"What are you doing here?" Asked Andrew the complete shock showing on his face, "I heard you were-"
"Dead, yeah that's what everyone thinks but I'm back. Now come on we got work to do."
But Dustin-"
"DON'T say my name. No one knows who I am and I'd like it to stay that way."
"Sorry, but what help am I gonna be. You heard about my condition I'm still tripping man."
"Me two," Dustin said getting another shocked look from Andrew. "When I heard of your condition I turned around and did the same thing. It ain't easy but I'm pushing threw it and I know you can too. now come on and lets get the hell out of here."
An hour later a hospital staff member walked in to realize that Andrew was gone. They reviewed the security cameras to find that Andrew had left with a visitor who had just walked in, not even signing in. One thing was for certain, someone was going to get fired over this.
"So what's the plan now?" Andrew asked sitting in the passenger's seat of a stolen car.
"Not sure," said Dustin licking his lips with excitement, "Been playing it by ear really."
"You what!?! What the hell are you getting me into?"
Andrew just sat back and rolled down the window, figuring he may as well enjoy his new freedom. They got to an old house, far off and away from town.
"This is my place, it aint much and I aint got cable, but it's somethin'." Dustin said as he stepped out of the car and walked towards the house. Andrew looked up at the house as he got out of the car. It was an old to story house that had been boarded up and the roof looked like it had sunk in. Some of the windows were knocked out and those that weren't were caked with a layer of dust.
Dustin and Andrew entered the house and sat down on the couch before Dustin pulled out a bag of weed and a blunt rap. He wrapped it up before pulling out a lighter and lighting it.
"You want a hit?" he asked Andrew holding out to him.
"Nah man; it’s drugs that fucked my head up in the first place I'd rather not make the damage any worse."
"Suit yourself." Dustin said before taking a hit.
"So," Andrew said as if he were getting ready to get into something that he knew would plague him, "I heard you were a dead man. What happened?”
"I figured It'd be more fun to jump from the fourth floor and die so I could go straight to hell then rotting away in a jail cell. So I leaped, I thought it was the end but sure enough it was only the beginning," Dustin paused to take a hit of the blunt before continuing, "Once I had stood up I couldn't feel a thing, I looked down to realize that my left leg and right arm had been completely shattered. I limped off into the woods then I crossed a highway. I went a little further when I saw a free clinic. I could feel my blood lust and I loved it but still, it had to wait.
"I went inside to find a shrimpy lookin security guard. Disoriented and still tripping I knew that I had no chance of taking anyone down face to face," Dustin had begun to sound more excited as he had come to this part of his tale, "So I went behind the security guard and I broke his little neck." Andrew jumped back in shock at this part.
"Calm down Andrew, I haven't even gotten to the best part!" Dustin said with a sinister grin, "Once I took him down I went for his gun. I figured I may as well get ready in case someone tried to stop me. With the gun in my right hand I limped towards a doctor cowering in a corner and pulled the gun. I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins and I felt the bloodlust taking over. I was ready to pull the trigger when he started begging me to stop. He said he could fix my arm and leg if i would spare him. I thought about it for a moment before I told him to lead me to his car. We walked out of the building and not one person tried to stand in our way. We got in his car. I made him drive us to this old house I used to go to when I ran away from home.
"When we got here he put my arm and leg in a splint. I'm not sure why, but as time pasted he decided to stay until I was healed before he left. God knows of his reasons, all I know is that in the end he fixed me up and unhinged my jaw. Once I was healed up he must of figured I'd let him go, but because he was no longer of use to me well, I blew his fucking brains out." Dustin said, pointing towards the corner in the room where there was a corpse.
"OH GOD!!" Andrew said jumping off the couch as he saw bugs crawling out of his head, "What the hell is wrong with you Dustin!?!" Andrew asked gaining an evil laugh from Dustin.
"Relax Andrew, he's dead now." Dustin said finishing off the blunt before tossing it at the corpse landing in an empty eye socket in which the eyes seemed to have been cut out. Andrew sat back down on the couch staring at the corpse in disbelief.
"So, what do we do now?" Andrew asked.
"Well, I suppose it's time we paid a visit to an old friend."
Meanwhile at Western Summet High Tim was sitting in the cafeteria with Michael getting ready to take some ecstasy he had just acquired.
"You know the effects of that stuff on your brain can permanently damage it right?" asked Michael Stearns.
"How's about you get off my back." Tim said kid of edgy.
"Dude ever since you started doing drugs you've changed man. You need to at least cut back a little," he said before walking off.
Tim just looked away with disgust. Lately the drugs he had been taking hadn't been doing it for him so he had started taking harder drugs so that he could get that old rush he had been getting before. Later that day when he got home he pulled out his stash. He was looking through some of the harder drugs he had acquired for some of his clients and felt an urge to try something new figuring he may get back that old rush. He was sorting it when he heard a knock on the door. Tim took a blanket off the couch before throwing it over top the stash. Tim went to the door and opened it to find Michael standing there.
"What the hell do you want?" He asked clearly agitated at the fact he was interrupted.
"Dude, what the hell has gotten into you. You're changing man and I don't like it."
"Unless you're lookin' to buy I suggest you leave."
Michael slammed open the door and shoved Tim up against the wall.
"What the hell is wrong with you man. You used to be so laid back, so chill. Now you're always lookin for the next deal or looking to score some drugs. Man if you keep heading down this road you're gonna end up dead and I don't know how much more I can take man. Either you quit this or I'm out. I'm done looking out for you man."
"Then get out," Tim said.
"I thought we were friends man," Michael said taking a step back.
"We were never friends." Tim said with hate in his eyes.
Michael just shook his head and left. Tim shut the door and went back over to his stash pulling off the blanket. He looked over his stash as he felt shame and guilt. Tim sat there staring blankly at the wall not sure what to do. Tim just figured he'd think more on it later and he put away his stash before cutting on the T.V.
Michael was walking down the road towards his house thinking about what had just happened when he looked towards the other side of the road to see Dustin and Andrew heading his way. Michael stood there disbelieving what his eyes were seeing.
"Hey Michael," said Dustin, "Long time no see."
"I heard you were dead-" Michael said before he was cut off.
"Where's Tim?" Dustin asked getting straight to the point. Realizing Dustin's intentions Michael got into a fighting stance.
"If you want to get to Tim you'll have to get through me." Michael said ready for action. Dustin just grinned at Michael before he pulled a gun from his jacket and shot Michael in the chest.
Michael fell backwards cupping his wound and staring at Dustin with disbelief. Michael looked around for a moment before collapsing to the ground before him.
"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO!?!" Andrew yelled becoming quite frantic from the scene that had just played out before him.
"I shot him," Dustin said with a grin, "He was a cocky little bastered." Dustin chuckled once more before tossing the gun to Andrew who caught it quite shakily.
"What the hell was that!?! You just threw a loaded gun at me!!!"
"Relax, I want you to hold on to that for me."
"Why the hell would you want me to hold on to the gun?" Andrew asked nervously.
"Just trust me." Dustin said to Andrew in all seriousness, "Now follow me. We got some unfinished business to take care of." With that Dustin and Andrew set off towards Tim's place.
Meanwhile Tim was just shutting off the T.V. and getting ready to get his stash ready for some clients that would be coming over the next day. He had opened the safe that he used to protect his stash and looked at the arrangement of drugs that ranged from Aderall to Angel Dust when he began to think of what had happened earlier with Michael. He sat there, blank faced staring into the safe as if there was some sort of struggle going on inside him. Tim was about to close the safe when he heard this loud crash coming from the doorway. He looked over to see the door had been kicked down and Dustin was standing on it.
"What are you doing here?" Tim asked with slight and showing on his face considering what had just happened, "I thought you were dead."
"Well I'm not, and guess what? I've come back for ya." Dustin said with a grin as he entered through the shattered doorway with Andrew following close behind.
"What the hell do you want with me?" Tim asked.
"Nothing really I just wanted to thank you. You see if you hadn't given me the acid tablets knowing what I was going to do with them I would have never ended having this much fun and i may have ended up as poor pathetic Daniel."
"Dustin, don't talk about Daniel like tha-" Andrew started.
"SHUT UP!!" Dustin yelled back at Andrew, "Anyways, now that the thank yous are out of the way Andrew, shoot him."
"WHAT!?! I-I can't do that."
"Fine," Dustin said, I'll do it myself."
Dustin pulled out a knife and lunged towards Tim when suddenly Andrew pulled the gone and shot Dustin in the back with a thunderous clap.
"What the-" Dustin said before Andrew shot him again in the head.
Dustin fell to the floor bleeding out slowly. Andrew looked down at what he had just done and fell to his knees. with a shaky left hand he lifted the gun up, put it in his mouth, and pulled the trigger.
Tim stood just stood there staring as all this played out before his eyes. Shakily Tim went over to where Andrew had laid dead on the floor and reached down to pick up the gun. Tim lifted the gun up, put it to his head and pulled the trigger. *CLICK* *CLICK.* The guns barrel was empty Tim dropped the gun and slowly walked over to his safe. He stared blankly at the safe before reaching into the back and pulling out a needle filled with heroine. He was ready to just give up on his cares and all his worries and this time he was ready to give up for good. Tim injected the heroine into his arm and felt the immense effects immediately. Tim shot up and looked around in his manic state of hallucinations and mass paranoia. He jumped to the floor trying to throw all the drugs out of the safe. Once he had cleaned it out he quickly jumped in screaming that they would never take him as he shut the door. As Tim shut the door it clicked shut ceiling him inside with no escape. Michael, the only one he trusted with the number to the safe and the only one that could save Tim was dead, laying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood. For this junkie there was no escape and soon his safe he used to guard his most precious of addicting substances would be his eternal tomb.

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