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Touch Me, Taste Me - Remembering the Past

Touch Me, Taste Me - Remembering the Past

By ask_again

Remembering the past

(For those who have forgotten – Tristian lexis best friends is dating ashly lexis sister just so lexi can be happy, but lexi doesn’t see that and thinks that Tristian is crushing on her sister even thou Tristian said to lexi that he loves her. Vlad is taking lexi to the ball, while lexi and Vlad are great friends many people suspect that vlad and lexi have smth going on – do they? Gale who is supposingly lexis ex, shows up the day of they ball, he had been away from lexi as long as he could, going through depression, but now he shows up and lexi ants to show him what he has lost. Mateo Alec loves lexi a lot. He is insane about her after the night they made out, but lexi was drunk. Mateo has strong feelings for lexi and desires her with all his heart, but many people assume that mateo is a player and will break lexis heart – wat do u think? While aiden, tristians older brother is always listening to tristians sorrows and how badly tris is crushing on lexi, lexis father turns out is alive and her mother has an affair with some other guy).

So tell me….do ya’ll wanna read more?

P.S im sooo sorry I havn’t been writing.

Short ending of the previous post (just so u can remember where I left off.)

Lexi’s POV

I put my hair up into a beautiful even bun, like in the 1990’s. leaving out bangs from each side of my face. I had a single braid around the edge of my bun, pinned. I grabbed some golden metal pins and shaped them into swirly design, placing them in my hair. I looked at the mirror stunned by the outcome. This wasn’t me – I looked too pretty.

But now I wasn’t just trynna impress Vlad, I was trying to show Gale what he lost.

I put heals on and slowly headed downstairs.

I saw Ashly taking photos, she saw me, I saw her sudden enevy in her eyes. She didn’t look bad either, her hair was open. But she was jealous.

‘Who’s taking you? Your not a senior?’ I said..but then it struck me.

Tristian come out from the kitchen in his blue suit – so handsome. We stared at each other. He is not going with Ashly.

‘Bloody hell’ he said.

Author Notes: Ya'll im actually ssooooo sorry for not posting.
If u wish to read on abut lexi's adventure and dramatic life - message me or leave a review!!!!
Happy corn - teen

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27 Jun, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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