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Touch me, Taste me#26
Touch me, Taste me#26

Touch me, Taste me#26

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Lexi’s POV

I found myself in the passenger seat, on my way home. There was no time to fight with Ashly, I had to work on my outfit.

I ran into the house without saying bye to Vlad and ran upstairs to my room.

Yelling to my mom if she had a dress. I found her in Ashly’s room. They were both smiling. A nice baby pink laced dress with a low neck lay on the bed.

Jealousy sprung threw me.

‘Do you have another one? I asked my mother. She turned around looked me up and down and headed into her room, she pulled out a silk royal blue simple dress. It was low cut from the front, with a shine on my chest area. A small lace was around the waste with an open back. It was still plain.

She threw it towards me and I realized she had given my sister a better dress than mine – at least the color was nice. I could tweak it up a bit more.

I rushed to my room and grabbed a scissor, cut a slit for my legs and grabbed some golden sequin.

I stitched the edges of my waist to get a nice shape. It looked gorgeous. The royal blue with gold. The silky texture. I put it on and only had an hour and a half to make my hair and do my makeup.

A light base and highlight, on my skin as I put a tinge of blush, light lipgloss. I created a light blue to royal eye shadow color on my eyes, adding a hint of gold to the edges. I finally put some mascara.

I painted my long nails royal blue with golden glitter – didn’t have time.

I put my hair up into a beautiful even bun, like in the 1990’s. leaving out bangs from each side of my face. I had a single braid around the edge of my bun, pinned. I grabbed some golden metal pins and shaped them into swirly design, placing them in my hair. I looked at the mirror stunned by the outcome. This wasn’t me – I looked too pretty.

But now I wasn’t just trynna impress Vlad, I was trying to show Gale what he lost.

I put heals on and slowly headed downstairs.

I saw Ashly taking photos, she saw me, I saw her sudden enevy in her eyes. She didn’t look bad either, her hair was open. But she was jealous.

‘Who’s taking you? Your not a senior?’ I said..but then it struck me.

Tristian come out from the kitchen in his blue suit – so handsome. We stared at each other. He is not going with Ashly.

‘Bloody hell’ he said.

Author Notes: XD
Happy Corn-teen

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About This Story
14 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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