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Touched by An Angel
Touched by An Angel

Touched by An Angel


One day while I was still living at home, I had very strange experience one that was both good and evil, I was somewhat alone in my and I was working on cleaning my attic and was going up and down the attic steps. I had gone back up the attic steps when suddenly I had felt and evil presence around me before I knew I was forcefully pushed down my attic steps now I half expected to have fallen and been seriously hurt but instead just after I pushed something pushed me from behind and I was able to gain my footing. Now at this point I'm completely freaked out and panicked I go to my room to try and calm myself, as sit on my bed I began to see a very bright light and in that bright light stood a little girl in a long white dress, the child looked she no more than three or four and she was absolutely beautiful. Back before my experience my sister was pregnant, and she had a miscarriage and lost the baby she was carrying. Now the weird thing is at the time of my experience I felt a bond with this little girl I had seen, I felt connected to her. I truly believe that my niece that passed away came back to save to me and she was and still is my little guardian angel who watches over me to this day. I think about that experience I still tear up, but I hold it close to my heart and I always will. I always thank her for saving my life and watching over me.

Author Notes: Guardian angels do exist, and so do demons, and evil sprits.

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15 Jul, 2020
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