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Town Vampire

Town Vampire

By Bitter

Another wave of shock hit the small town of LockHue on December 14th 1834. People were spending their pennies in the market, trying to get as much as they could before boarding up their houses.
News of a mysterious figure, who seduces men, then kills them was being passed around in town.
Some people even said that the figure would take the men back to her home, and drink the blood from the wound.
People also said that the mysterious figure only victimized men. Me, being a small, young woman was told that I should still take notice, for they did not know what the fiend would do next.

My Mother, now an old hag dying of an illness, had sent me to the market to purchase some food and herbs for her. By the time I arrived, the markets were cleared out.
I bought the remaining items for Mother. No one was at the market except for two young boys I have encountered before.
The first boy stepped up and said, "You're probably the vampire!"
The town had nicknamed the killer, "The Vampire" because of it's method of killing.
'I am not." I replied boldly. "Just because I am a young woman outside at this time of night does not mean I am a blood sucking fiend!"
One of the lads reached into the basket of goods I was carrying and took out an apple.
"I will take this then. Only a vampire could catch me. I am the fastest boy I know." He took off in a run.
Stealing from a young lady was un-exceptable.
I shoved down the first boy and and bit his neck, the boy screamed and then stopped breathing. I drained his body and ran after the other boy with super-human speed.
I jumped onto his back and snapped his neck. I took the apple out of his cold hand.
No one's faster than the vampire.

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14 Aug, 2011
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