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Toxic Lips
Toxic Lips

Toxic Lips

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Watching as one man looked at me.

I could've sworn that I did look appetizing,

With my sweet little dress so tight.

He couldn't tell that he was my next victim tonight.

I waited at the bar for him to approach.

My perfume in the air pulled him close.

It was like putting him under my spell.

It wasn't something that anyone could tell.

He greeted my hello and offered me a drink.

After a couple of shots, his cheeks were pink.

My smile was wicked and my mind went dark.

My lips yearned for a spark.

The victim swayed and touched my cheek.

He asked if I would go to his place for a nice treat.

With a grin of excitement, I agreed.

Once he managed to open his apartment door.

I pushed him and we hit the floor.

He wanted to be on top for a better view.

But my touch on his lips made him stop as if on cue.

He picked his head up so our lips could touch.

In a silent whisper, you sure you're ready for this much?

Without another thought he kissed me deeply soon regretting what he done.

I suddenly took what life he had.

His head fell down lifeless on the ground.

I just chuckled at the sound.

You see my toxic lips like sucking men's souls.

And as a devil I knew best.

I like giving cheating men a test.

Of course, no one won.

Because I picked the unworthy ones.

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About This Story
31 Mar, 2016
Read Time
1 min
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4.8 (4 reviews)

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