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Toxins & Pollution

Toxins & Pollution

By AmberlyEyre

Every single type of toxin, poison and pollution overall is endless. I could talk nonstop about every type of chemical that every harmed a school a fish in 2011. But right now the ugliest toxin that harms marine wildlife currently is microcystin. Microcystin is produced by algae. These toxins appear when humans' wastes run into rivers and lakes. Microcystin alters the blue-green algae called cyanobacteria. But the animals that were harmed, sea otters, don't poke their heads in lakes; they live in the North part of the Pacific Ocean. But when a marine biologist vegetarian named Miller investigated Pinto Lake, led to the Pacific Ocean, where dead sea otters were found in 2007.

Pollution. Since 2003, Georgia Aquarium's chief observed over 280 bottlenose dolphins. One day they seemed sick with a resurgent disease that could only be caused by human activity. In southern Georgia, Lori Schwacke found a similar problem. Some bottlenose dolphins she found ingested dangerous chemicals and plastic, which the dolphins, even with their intelligence, don't understand their harmfulness.

Us? What does that mean? What did we do?! Well, if you ever had a cat, this is quite a story of you. A parasite in a cat killed an otter. The parasites traveled to the Pacific. Pavement, cars, purses. The Parasites travelled, to the coastal wetlands which soon traveled to the Pacific. 60-70% of male otters carry this parasite, and male otters are the most vulnerable, which is like attacking a defenseless animal. It's sad and it's wrong.

All these incidents have one thing in common, they can be solved. There's always a solution. The possible answers are endless, but that's a choice you have to make. How are you going to make the ocean or in this case the whole world a better place?

Author Notes: This is all true.
Credits 2 All My Pieces So Far:

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17 Nov, 2013
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