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Tragic Love and Lovely Tragedy

Tragic Love and Lovely Tragedy

By jharris1

The cold light of day is shifting and fading as the night begins to settle and life takes on a twisted appearance as a young woman is left with the silent dread of tears unshed and thoughts left unsaid.
Her beauty is overlooked and the lilting laughter is forgotten as she is pushed to the side, her need of approval is destroyed and her self image is being let go as she feels insignificant and alone.
This world and its harsh lines speed by without a second look and the one who is meant to treasure instead forgets.
The sky closes over and the sun dies as does her belief, too many times left behind, far too often overlooked and yet never pushed to the fore and appreciated for her radiance.
The smile to inspire is hidden by tears, the laughter is replaced by sobs and her hope is dashed against the rocks of cruelty as he forgets.

Night falls and loneliness descends, the loneliness found in forgotten companionship and the hardest of all to perceive as you’re lost with your lover.
Eyes drifting elsewhere and a dedication lacking, the control is lost and the hot tears come crashing down.
Will they never be seen, will the needs never be fulfilled?

What life is a life that does this to one so beautiful, why would this pain be thrust upon so undeserving while the true perpetrators of misbegotten deeds are left unpunished.
The rock upon which she stands is crumbling away, forcing itself to be her support and to let the tears fall unbidden upon it.
To wipe away the tears and take away the sighs of disappointment, to hold her strong and have the world beat upon his back trying to reach her is his job.
Keep away the fears and give her the smile she deserves, offering absolution and forgiveness and praying for her happiness.

Why is nobody looking at her, why can nobody see her breaking; why is nobody holding out their hand to grasp her falling form.
Tragic love and lovely tragedy, these will be torn down and she will face the new day with a smile as the light begins to shine once again; this is what he wants for her.

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16 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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