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"A Tragic Story Starring You and Me"
"A Tragic Story Starring You and Me"

"A Tragic Story Starring You and Me"


Day 1 –

The room is cold and dark. This is how I spend my last days; alone, in this stinking hole. I'm tired, but there's no bed, just cold walls and hard floors. It's silent and I feel as if my ears are ringing. I can't take it. I want to sleep.

Day 2 –

This silence is driving me insane. I want to speak but my throat feels like dry parchment. I want water and sleep, I want someone to talk to. It's f***ing freezing, my breath makes a white cloud in the air. I might die from this chill before they come.

Day 3 –

It's so dark that I didn't notice him at first. He's sitting opposite me; tanned skin, soft blue eyes, messy hair. He has a kind smile and I want to reach out, but I can't move. His voice is like honey to my ears. I want him to touch me. To hold me.

Day 4 –

His name is Anthony, and he's sixteen. Like me. He laughs as if the cold doesn't affect him and his voice has become a persistent drone in my brain and I just want him to shut up and let me sleep. My body hurts. I'm cold. I want to die.

Day 5 –

Anthony touches me. He comes and sits next to me and takes my hand. It's so warm, I feel like snow is melting off of me. He's quiet now, tracing patterns on my skin, and he just whispers my name softly until I finally fall asleep. Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix...

Day 6 –

Anthony holds me in his arms and I'm not cold and tired and scared. He smells like the sea and I can imagine us sitting on a beach together, me safely in his warm, strong embrace. That's where we are, somewhere far away, sitting on the sand, watching the sunset.

Day 7 –

He kisses me. His lips are soft and his hands are gentle and when they come, calling me prisoner 1328 and reading my sentence, he calls me Phoenix and promises me a better life. And when the noose tightens on my neck, Anthony disappears because he was never really here.

Author Notes: Basically my take on what happens when you have a crush on someone who you know would never like you back and your mind wanders to a dark place.

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About This Story
12 Aug, 2022
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1 min
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