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Train Staton in Paris

Train Staton in Paris

By John Smith

He made it to the station in Paris at dark and it began to rain. He had just been hassled by the police because he was smoking in the station. They had him dump his backpack on the ramp so they could search it. He could feel all the people hurrying past his situation like it wasn't happening or they were just glad it wasn't them. They had asked him where he was coming from and told them truth with a smile on his face "Amsterdam". This situation wasn't at all how he had pictured showing up in Paris. He had pictured himself skipping down the Champs Elyse toward the Louvre with a bottle of wine in one hand and big ass piece of cheese in the other and a mouth full of both. Now all he wanted to do is punch a mime in the face. After packing his stuff back in his pack he went out of the station . And got in this long line outside and waited for a taxi.

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About The Author
John Smith
About This Story
7 Jul, 2014
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<1 min
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