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By lillith123

Everyone knows how scary the first day of school is. You want to be in your best friends class you don't want a mean teacher, and all that crap. Well this story takes place in a grade 4 class. Miss.Tavish was a very sweet teacher.Everyone knew this because they have been going to the school for 4 years now. But there's always that new kid, who know one notices until the teacher calls on them. Cathleen was that girl. She walked through the door with her shy face. Tori Raina and Vivian (the "popular" girls i guess) start whispering. They just talked about how Cathleen's clothes were so yesterday and her hair was a as black as the devil's cave. But however Cathleen made a friend, Amber. Amber was very smart but very shy. Cathleen liked her.
"Hi,I'm Amber. What's. your name?"
"Cathleen, i just moved here from New York"
Cathleen knew she was going to be friends with Amber for a long time.
And Cathleen was right, the went over to each others houses and went out for ice cream together. They did everything together! Amber lived out side the town on a farm. So during the weekend she would ask Cathleen to come out and ride with her. They would ride the horses all day, but one day was different.

Cathleen and Amber were out on their weekend ride when Amber decided to take Cathleen up to the train tracks. The rode up the hills and through the trees and there before them was the train tracks. They rode their horses in the middle of the tracks acting like trains. They found a game that they loved. They heard the train coming so they decided to get off the tracks, it was still light out but as the rode away, they heard a crash then black.
Amber woke up. She was in the hospital. Bright lights all around her, she had to adjust, before she asked any questions. She looked around, she saw her mom and her dad. Her Nana and Papa, but she didn't see Cathleen.
"Why am i here? Where's Cathleen, is she ok?!"
"Am' calm down everything's going to be ok"
"What happened?"
Amber was then told the story, Cathleen and her were walking back towards the house after being at the railroad tracks. Amber forgot to check the saddle making sure everything was fastened. But she didn't, a hook on the saddle fell off and made the train derail. They didn't know until it was too late. When paramedics arrived Cathleen was reported dead at the scene but Amber managed to live. Amber was barely breathing but could make it to the hospital before it was to late. All the passengers in the train died. Amber was one out of 700 to live. Amber was in tears, but she couldn't move. she had broken both her legs and her left arm. She wished she had never brought Cathleen to the tracks nothing would have happened then. But all she could do was remember, remember the memories of her best friend Cathleen.

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1 Apr, 2011
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2 mins
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