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Transmuters Chapter 1
Transmuters Chapter 1

Transmuters Chapter 1


Many years ago is when they showed up. People with the ability to turn their bodies into other things. From plants to stones to animals. At first the governments of the world treated them as less than human. A war between these transmuters versus the humans broke out and at that moment is when they arose. 2 clans from the plant branch of the transmuters. The rosebush clan and the lavender clan.

They each fought for control. Until one day a man from the rosebush clan and a woman from the lavender clan fell in love. The result was a child with the magical powers from both sides. This child sacrificed themselves to create a book. A book with the power to detect any transmuter. An ever updating encyclopedia of the transumers and how dangerous they are.

Eventually peace was made between the humans and the transmuters but the shadow war between the rose bushes and the lavenders raged on. Soon human supporters took sides and the powerful book was passed around among these humans. Many years later the war has calmed but is still happening. As we open to the home of rose and gregory a couple that has newly moved in together. rose is sitting on the couch watching tv while gregory does something in the backyard. Eventually gregory comes into the room covered in sweat and looking visibly tired.

“Your gift is ready,” he said in a tired and out of breath tone

They both came out to see that in the middle of their backyard was a small greenhouse.

“On account of you being a rose i thought you would like this” he said to her waiting for her response.

“I love it” she happily responded tears in her eyes as she gave him a hug

Later that night they are sitting down for dinner and rose asks a question she has asked before and is asking again.

“Why do you have that tattoo” pointing to the tattoo of a rose on the lower part of the right side of his neck.

gregory responded “oh it's just a dumb thing from when i was a kid”

Soon afterward they got a knock at the door. When rose opened it she saw it was her mother. She whispered into rose’s ear. But in the process of doing this she saw gregory .

She rushed past rose and sat him down on the couch and said “get the book”.

Gregory rushed upstairs and grabbed an old leather bound book. rose entered the room extremely confused. gregory returned with the book and set it on the table.

“What is going on” rose said in extreme confusion.

“Ok this is going to be a lot” rose's mother responded

“ I can handle it” rose responded

“Ok then” rose's mother paused “you are one of the few left members of the rosebush clan”

“And i'm one of the sympathisers” gregory chimed in

“that's why I have the tattoo” he said showing the tattoo

“We found an old friend of yours” roses mom said to rose

“Who” rose said exited. She hadn't had many friends due to her constant moving.

“Annie Lawrence but we have one problem” rose's mom responded

rose's eyes lit up annie was her best friend “ what's wrong”

“She's a half human half lavender but doesn't know it” rose's mom responded

“ I shall go after her” gregory said in a stoic and serious tone while getting up.

“I'm coming with you” rose responded.

gregory quickly turned around quickly and said “no” in a stern tone

“This is my best friend im going” rose said

rose's mother nodded as to say “take her”

“Fine you can come but stay out of my way” gregory said in a semi frustrated tone

Gregory geared up. Black coat, weapons, book. He was ready to go. He took the book out of his coat pocket.

He set it on the ground held his hands together and chanted “inefestusiom optyus glatus”

Suddenly the book shot open and flipped to a page of a door and in a bright flash of blue light the book vanished and a door appeared. It lead to what looks like a set of train tracks and walking down them was annie. rose ran out and gave her a hug. gregory walked through the door which then vanished and returned to the book.which gregory picked up and put back in his coat pocket.

“ rose is that you” annie said as she talked to her

“Yes it is” rose responded tears in her eyes

“And whos that” annie said as she pointed to gregory

“ that's my boyfriend” rose said

“Well time to get to work” gregory said as he drew a gun from his holster

rose quickly stopped him and pulled him off to the side.

“ she doesn't know what she is” rose whispered to her

“ yeah that makes this easier” gregory said

“Maybe we don't have to kill her” rose said back

“Ok i have a backup plan” gregory says as he reaches into his coat.

He pulls out a small bottle of blue liquid and goes to throw it on the ground.

“This will force a transformation” he says as he's about to throw it.

rose stops him “ she's only half you will kill you of that happens”

gregory releasing this stops and pulls a canteen of water out of his coat and mixes in the blue liquid. He then shakes it for a bit and hands it to annie who drinks it. Suddenly her vision goes into a purple hue and she looks down at her hands. They are wrapped in lavender vines. She looks back up at the other 2. rose is a rosebush in the shape of a person. gregory is nothing, just darkness with a small speck of light in his chest. She soon regains her vision and now aware of what all three of them are looks at gregory and runs. Swiftly gregory draws a hand crossbow from his coat loaded with a tranquilizer dart . he fires it and it strikes her in the back. She immediately drops.

gregory sets the book down and chants “O virtus Dei patris transfer”

And suddenly the book transforms into a car. gregory grabs the other 2 and takes them in the car and drives at an extreme speed until he hits a button and suddenly a bright flash engulfs the 3. Suddenly they stop and are in front of a large mansion in the middle of a forest.annie regains consciousness They get out of the car and annie grabs her phone and tries to make a call. But there's no reception then she gets out another phone her grandma gave her and she calls her. But before being able to say a word suddenly an arrow carries the phone out of her hand and sticks it to a tree. Suddenly the door at the front of the mansion opens up and a small girl with pink hair runs out

“Mr gregory you're back” she yells in a cheery tone running down to them

“Hello tulip” gregory says back

“Whos she” rose asks

“Someone i brought in” gregory says back

Soon multiple others come out like an old man with black hair and a tall big boy with messy long brown hair.

“I made this place a safe haven for lost and homeless transmuters” gregory said to rose

“But you are just human how did you do this” rose said looking around at the grey plants and the bleach white sky

“Using the power of this” gregory said holding up the book

“Hello” said the tall boy wearing green pants, a white shirt and a brown vest “my name is oak” he said reaching down a massive hand to shake her hand.

Rose took his giant paw and gave it a shake.

Oak soon walked over to gregory and whispered into his ear “any luck on finding pine”

Gregory whispered back” sorry kid nothing”

“What's all the ruckus” said an old man walking down the stairs using a cane made of black crystal

“Black diamond the man i wanted to see” gregory said in a boisterous yet serious tone.

He turned back to the others “leave us,” he said in a strict a serious tone

As they entered the house a crow flies down the hallway and lands on a chair that transfigured into a small boy wearing all black with black hair draped down over one eye.

“Leave us crow” gregory said

The boy sighed and walked out the door.

“I think we found white diamond” gregory said with a serious tone

Suddenly a loud crash erupted from outside and gregory and black diamond rushed out. When they arrived creatures were coming through the gate at the end of the road. Horrifying creatures, some of rotten plants, some cracked stones, and some of undead animals. From a boy with rotten eagle wings to a cracked ruby. Rose quickly released large rose thorn shaped claws from her knuckles. Gregory drew his duel pistols ran up jumped in the air and BANG BANG BANG shot the rotten eagle and dropped him to the group.

He quickly drew the book but before he could do that roses talons had grown to a massive size. In one massive cleave killed all the corrupted creatures. Then she dropped and fell unconscious.

She later awoke in a lavish bed. As she looked around she saw it. Gregory’s coat and a large number of weapons. Guns, swords, axes, knives, some small bombs and last but far from least a flamethrower. But when her gaze reached over she saw her boyfriend watering a flower pot full of gray roses.

Author Notes: this is the first chapter in a series I've been working on if you guys like it let me know and i will continue working on it

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3 Nov, 2019
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