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Traveling Souls

Traveling Souls

By KeithLankford

My body my soul I come as two
My body you see you hear the words spoken few
My body just a vessel in a world surrounding you
Filled with lost souls trapped in the bodies they knew

My name sometimes spoken
Attached to my flesh
The bond long broken by nothingness
For what I am the name does not tell

I am spiritual it is with spirits I dwell

The pain the sorrow the laughter the tears
Cried for our world with little to fear
For here we roam in a brief speck of time
Little remains as we leave our journey yours and mine

The flesh layed gently into the ground below
Into the Earth as we came we do go
The spirit departs to distant realms
Taking with it the love which has no bounds

A new born baby cries in the night
Tears run freely all is all right
The world you see which is so new to you
Is just a line in a story told by few

Inspired by the song Maladasa

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19 Nov, 2021
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