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cindygrey629Cindy Lou T. Lawas

Going to any places with someone you love is certainly one of the most romantic and unforgettable moments in one’s life. As the saying goes, “It’s not WHERE you go but it’s WHO you travel with.”

It was a very fine and beautiful day of August 26, 2017. I and my boyfriend decided to go on a town travel at Coal Mountain Resort, Linut-od, Argao, Cebu. Everything was set-our food, our transportation to get there, our extra clothes, and of course ourselves. Exactly 9 o’clock in the morning, my boyfriend picked me up and went to our destination with so much glee and excitement. The ride was quite long for we arrived at the resort after two hours. Reaching there was tiring but as we entered the resort, our eyes were astonished by its wonderful views. Wooooow! The heart-shaped pool really first caught especially my attention. Beside it were mushroom-designed umbrellas and benches for tourists to relax and protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun. There were also animal-sized, colored white cow and carabao lading at the side of the pool. On the left side was mini zoo of wild-kind endangered animals like the ostrich, big sawa or snakes, vultures, eagles, monitor lizard and many more. Ponds with fishes of different kinds, sizes and colors can also be found in the resort. Tunnels were not functioning but atop of them was a mini shrine of Our Lady of Fatima surrounded with bell-shaped yellow and pink flowers. Moreover, we enjoyed its mountain view which one could see a very wide horizon convincing you how beautiful the world and life were. Of course, we won’t let this opportunity gone without taking pictures of those mentioned wonderful spots. Next, he brought me to the one of the main sceneries of the resort, the bamboo-made long swaying bridge to the 16ft natural pool. Yikes! I had butterflies in my stomach knowing that later I would be crossing the swaying bridge, one of my biggest fears. OMG! My nerves were now trembling. (Oops! Back to the scene). Saturo joyfully crossed the bridge while I couldn’t step my foot forward because of too much fear. He continued and laid his eyes on me while laughing at me fearfully crossing. I told him that we will be staying in the heart pool but he insisted and sarcastically helped continued walking on the bridge. I kept on screaming (OMG! Mamatay najud ko ani!) and hesitated to look underneath for I fell like standing at the edge of the cliff. Still, I continued while he was holding my hand. But in a moment, he let go of me and started jumping slowly in place laughing, capturing my epic faces having so much struggles in getting the end of the bridge. (Hayyy! Nakaraus din). At last, we reached its end was fully mesmerized the wide, blue pool with a diving part atop of it. When you look at the water, you can probably tell that it was pure, cool and refreshing. To make my first hand experience worthy to keep, we took a short dip and with sweetness shared our lunch together. After which, we changed our clothes and left the resort exactly 2 o’clock. Oops! The adventure was not yet over for he took me to the roads of Dalaguete, Cebu and went straight to the thousand steps of the Hermet’s Stairs of Boljoon. We made the hardest climb and reached the last step. Geee! You’ll be amazed by the sea view. Of course, we captured again sweet photos together. This was our last destination.

It was indeed a day full of fun, so much love, happy memories and worth-keeping adventures. Thus, the places we’ve gone were the witnesses of our love for each other. That, as we will travel together, we will just be in love forever.

Author Notes: This is one of the best travels I have. :D

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Cindy Lou T. Lawas
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2 Jul, 2019
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3 mins
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