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Trouble With Love

Trouble With Love

By monroserusher

Kristia was nearly twenty and in college. She had parents who were in a stable marriage, they loved her very much, she had wonderful friends who cared for her very much, she had her own apartment, she was doing the course she wanted in college (she was doing Arts) and she was also pretty with blonde hair and green eyes. But what wasn’t going so good for her was her love life. She had an unrequited crush on Will two years previously. She was totally in love with him but he had fallen in love with someone else. Kristia was still mentally scarred over this as she had hung on his every word and became totally smitten by him. She believed that she would never fall in love again. A year before Will, she went out with Kevin, who didn’t treat her right. He never took her seriously, would openly flirt with other girls in front of her, he treated her like a little kid, didn’t appreciate her and occasionally became aggressive towards her. He would often tell Kristia he loved her and would never hurt her again but those were just words. Her parents didn’t like him and they warned her that he was bad news. Her dad even mentioned to her that he had convictions for assaulting a previous girlfriend but she believed that this was just talk. Kristia finally found the courage to leave him when they were having an argument and he threw her down the stairs and she ended up in hospital with head injuries. Luckily, she survived to tell the tale. As for Kevin, he was sent to jail for many years. Kristia was safe in the knowledge that he couldn’t harm her again. Because of how unlucky she had been in the past, Kristia believed that she was doomed to spend the rest of her life alone. Her friends were determined to prove her wrong. They tried setting her up with various men but Kristia wouldn’t let anything be more than just a date. Her parents even tried to set her up with a family friend but she didn’t let anything become of that. She believed that if she let herself fall in love, the person wouldn’t love her back. She also believed that the only men she’d get with would be shitty to her. However, her luck was about to change as one day, her life changed forever

She was out in the park to clear her head. She was getting sucked into her thoughts when a dog came up to her. She was feeling sad so she thought the dog would be a good distraction. She saw that the dog had a collar so he obviously had an owner. She told him, “You’re someone’s dog but if you weren’t, I’d adopt you.” She was rubbing the dog and he really liked her. Normally, she wasn’t a fan of pitbulls but this pitbull was really friendly. Suddenly, she heard someone calling out the dog’s name. “Frankie, there you are,” said an American voice. She was thinking, “That’s obviously the dog’s name and that must be his owner.” The dog’s owner said, “I see you were making friends with my dog.” She looked at him and it was there her life changed forever. The man in front of her was tall, dark and handsome. He had dark brown eyes, a jaw dropping smile, luscious kissable lips, an excellent bone structure, a cute face, short black hair, a great dress sense (he was wearing trainers, jeans, black t-shirt and white jacket) and he had the sexiest American accent. What excited Kristia about this man was that he was the spitting image of her celebrity crush Jordan Knight. She told him, “I like your dog. How long have you had him?” He told her, “That’s my aunt’s dog and I’m just borrowing him for the day.” Smiling, she said, “I notice you’re American. How long are you in Ireland for?” He tells her, “I’m only here a week so I’m new in town.” She said, “Where in America are you from?” He said, “I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.” She smiles, “Are you staying in Ireland for long?” He told her, “I’m thinking of staying here permanently.” She says, “Since you’re staying here permanently, how about we get to know each other?” He smiles, “That sounds like a great idea. By the way, may I ask you for your name?” She smiles, “My name’s Kristia. May I ask you for your name?” He tells her, “I’m Jordan. May I go walking with you?” She smiles, “Absolutely.” They go out walking and he then offers to walk her home. When he brought her home, he told her he hoped to see her again. She smiled, “I hope to see you again soon.” She went home a very happy girl

Since Kristia’s first meeting with Jordan, she appeared more happier. Her friends had commented on this and they wanted an explanation as to why she had become like this. One particular incident occurred when she was having dinner with her friends. Her friends were discussing men and a smile rose on Kristia’s face. Normally, this topic of discussion would have made her want to stab herself so why the sudden change in attitude? Her friends were determined to find out who or what was behind this sudden attitude change. It wasn’t just Jordan’s good looks and American accent Kristia liked. She noticed that he loved his family as he spoke of them so affectionately. She also liked his caring personality. When she told him about Kevin, he gave her a huge hug and reminded her that she was now safe. He often helped her out with things such as carrying heavy bags for her. Kristia only saw Jordan as a friend but there was something about him she liked. She felt strange around him but didn’t know why. She had male friends but they didn’t make her feel the way that Jordan did. One day, Kristia and her friends were having dinner for her friend Alex’s birthday. Alex had invited a group of people who the others had not yet met. One of the people in the group was Jordan. When Kristia saw him, her eyes lit up, which her friends had so happened to see. Alex whispered to their friend Natalie, “That’s your explanation.” That night, Kristia’s friends had learned that Kristia and Jordan had known each other for the last few weeks so they figured out that Kristia’s sudden attitude change was because she was getting a crush on Jordan. Not just a crush but he was the man she was destined to spend the rest of her life with

Kristia’s friends decided to drop hints to her. When he went on dates with other girls, they noticed she’d be jealous so they’d say, “I bet you wish you were Jordan’s date. It’s so obvious you’re jealous. That’s because you have a thing for him.” Kristia responded, “I like him but only as a friend.” Her friends responded, “Yeah right.” She tried convincing her friends that she only saw Jordan as a friend but they could not be convinced. Even Jordan’s friends were convinced that Kristia had a thing for him. His friend Damon approached Kristia one day and told her, “I hear you like the J word.” Kristia said, “Grow up,” as she knew that Damon was referring to Jordan. She was still convinced that she only saw Jordan as a friend and she tried telling people that but they believed that it was much more than that. One night, Kristia was on her own in her apartment and she was listening to the Jackson 5 song Who’s Lovin’ You. She remembered that Jordan told her he liked that song. She felt really giddy as Jordan was now in her thoughts. Butterflies were in her stomach and she started to feel a little flushed. Then it occurred to her. Why didn’t she realise it? Her friends were right all along. She was totally in love with Jordan. Truly, madly, deeply in love with him. He was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with

The next time Kristia saw Jordan, butterflies were gathering in her stomach as this was the man of her dreams she was in front of. Not just that but her hands started to get clammy, her heart rate would increase and she would start to get stuttery when speaking to him. Jordan was also falling in love with Kristia. He had loved her since the day he met her. It wasn’t just her good looks he fell in love with. He loved that she was kind and caring, mature, intelligent, honest, loving and he also loved that they shared common interests (walking in the park, Michael Jackson, Private Practice, going to the cinema, reading, staying in and watching DVDs). He thought that she was different to other girls, e.g. his ex-girlfriend, Natasha, who was snotty, arrogant, spiteful, deceitful, often lied to him and made him feel worthless, none of which were qualities Kristia possessed. He described her as “a breath of fresh air”. When he’d talk about her in conversations, he would only say good things about her. When Jordan’s brother Jon came over to visit, he told Kristia, “I’ve heard so much about you and believe me, it’s only good stuff I’m hearing.” Jon got to know Kristia and he really liked her. He told him, “Jordan, this girl’s for keeps. Make her your woman.” But this was going to prove more difficult than they had both thought

Within months of their first meeting, Kristia told her friends that they were right about Jordan and that she was in love with him. She even told Jordan’s friends, who agreed to keep it to themselves. It was during the summer that the problems started. Kristia was over at Jordan’s house and it was a scorching hot day. Jordan was topless and Kristia liked what she saw. He had one hot body. Kristia decided that since he grabbed her attention by showing off his body, she decided to wear a sexy white one piece bikini, which showed off her great figure. As soon as Jordan saw her in her bikini, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She offered to put on his suncream for him. That was an offer that was too good to turn down. While she was putting on the suncream, he was starting to feel a sexual attraction towards her. He started rubbing her face and looked into her eyes. The attraction between them was obvious. He said, “Kristia, there’s something I badly need to tell you and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say to you so applaud me for having the courage to say it.” They were about to kiss each other but a voice boomed, “Get your hands off of my man, you slut!” They looked around and to Jordan’s shock, it was his ex-girlfriend Natasha. She was pregnant but the baby wasn’t Jordan’s as they broke up four months before the baby’s conception but Natasha was still bitter that Jordan broke up with her so she decided that they should be even. She told Kristia, “Before Jordan left Boston, we had one last night together and when I rang him to say that I was pregnant, he tried to pay me off to have an abortion. When I refused to grant him his request for an abortion, he told me he’d have nothing to do with his child. I just thought I’d let you know what he’s really like. I’m so sorry, babe.” Shocked and ready to cry, Kristia screamed, “You’re a fucking scumbag, Jordan! How could you do this to your child! I never want to speak to you again! Scumbag!”, then walked home crying

Kristia spent the rest of the night drowning her sorrows in alcohol. She felt upset over the fact that the man she believed she’d grow old with would turn out to be a total “scumbag”. Natasha told Jordan, “You broke up with me and I spent months crying that you did this to me so I thought that this should make us even.” Angry, Jordan said, “We broke up for many reasons. You are sick and twisted in the head. I moved on. What a pity you couldn’t do the same thing. It’ll start with you telling Kristia the truth and then getting out of my life forever.” Natasha said, “Oh, Jordan. You know that that wouldn’t be any fun. It’ll be so much fun seeing you like this, bitter and twisted, which is how you described me”. In the meantime, Kristia thought about what Natasha told her and she felt so much sympathy for her and her unborn baby. She went over to see Natasha and offered for her to stay at her apartment. Natasha accepted the offer but only as part of her plan against Jordan. Kristia and Natasha gradually became friends. At first, she felt uncomfortable that she was Jordan’s ex and she was carrying “his child” but she offered her the best care possible. She felt terrible that Natasha had fallen out with her family and had no friends so she decided to make up for this. Kristia’s parents and friends also offered to help out. Somehow, Kristia’s friends felt that something wasn’t right. They couldn’t come across what it was that was bugging them about her but they decided to let it go. Natasha was genuinely grateful for Kristia’s kindness and considered her to be a close friend. Eventually, she saw why Jordan fell in love with her and she felt awful about what she had done but she didn’t tell her the truth. Kristia was by Natasha’s side when she gave birth to a baby girl who she named Carla. Kristia fell in love with Carla and she made her want her own baby but she felt sad that Jordan didn’t care about “his daughter”. When Carla was three months old, Natasha’s guilt was really eating her up. Kristia came home and saw that Natasha wasn’t okay. Shocked, Kristia said, “Natasha, what’s the matter?” Natasha said, “Kristia, I lied to you. Jordan isn’t Carla’s dad and we never had sex after we broke up. The reason he never paid me off for an abortion or had anything to do with Carla was because he didn’t know I was pregnant until I came over to his place”

Kristia was in shock. How could she accuse Jordan, a good man of being a scumbag? She screamed, “You’re everything Jordan said you were! Spiteful, deceitful, a liar and you made him feel worthless! Is it any wonder he broke it off with you? Most people would question their behaviour as to what might have led to the end of their relationship but not you, Natasha! You were so bitter and twisted that you used poor Carla as part of your revenge! You’re scum and Carla is the only good thing to come from you! It’s you who’s the scumbag, not Jordan! Get out of my apartment and never come back!” Feeling remorseful over her behaviour, Natasha did what she said and left but before that, she allowed Kristia to spend a couple of minutes with Carla as she knew Kristia was fond of the baby. Kristia was sad to be saying goodbye to Carla but she knew she could never forgive her mother for what she had done. As soon as Kristia had the apartment to herself, she spent the entire night drinking alcohol to block out what had happened. She remembered the day Natasha had said she was pregnant with Jordan’s child. Just before Natasha came over, her and Jordan were about to kiss each other and he was seconds away from telling Kristia how he felt about her. She then remembered how she screamed at him that he was a “fucking scumbag”. She didn’t even ask him if it was true and she wouldn’t let him explain himself. She began to wish that she dealt with things differently. The next morning, Kristia sorted herself out and went over to Jordan’s place. He wasn’t there but Frankie, the dog he had been walking on the day they met was there. When he saw her, he recognised her and playfully jumped up on her. Kristia spent time playing with Frankie until Jordan came home. He coldly told her, “Get out of my house and don’t ever come back.” Kristia said, “Jordan, there’s so much I need to say to you.” He angrily said, “I don’t want to hear a word that comes out of that mouth of yours! I thought you were different but you’re just like Natasha!” Kristia cried, “Jordan, I made a big mistake. I wish I had handled things differently.” He sneered, “You could’ve had but you didn’t! I thought you were my friend but you’re cold, Kristia! You laid into me straight away when a true friend would’ve asked for my version of events! Get out of my life and never come back!” Kristia went home crying as she realised she had messed up her one chance at true love

Worse news came three months later. Kristia’s mother brought her to see her doctor as she didn’t look too well. Nothing prepared her for the news the doctor gave her. He told her that she had leukaemia. She broke down crying. She was twenty one, in college and she had plans for the future. The doctor told her she was lucky as she caught it really early. This didn’t make her feel any better. Kristia started thinking that maybe she deserved to have cancer and that this was her punishment for how she treated Jordan. Kristia was told that she needed chemotherapy for a few months. The very thought of it scared her. Her friends all gathered to give their support. They tried to make her feel good about herself but she only wanted one person: Jordan. He didn’t know about Kristia’s illness as he decided to spend a few months back home in Boston and Kristia didn’t want him knowing as she believed he wouldn’t care. Two months into her chemo sessions, Jordan returned to Ireland. It was when he came home that he learned Kristia had cancer. He was in shock. The first thing he did was go to see her. When he saw that she had lost her beautiful blonde hair, he burst into tears as it sunk in that this was happening to Kristia. He sobbed, “Why didn’t you tell me, Kristia?” She said, “You told me to get out of your life and never come back and you said that I wasn’t a true friend.” He sobbed, “If you told me, I would’ve gotten a plane from Boston and given you my full support. But hey, I’m here now.” For the first time since her diagnosis, she started to feel a small bit of happiness as Jordan was back in her life

Since Jordan learned that Kristia had cancer, the two of them became friends again. They would often go out walking together and they’d eat out in restaurants. He even brought her for days out. He also accompanied her to the doctors when she was about to have chemotherapy. Since Jordan came back into her life, she was coping much easier with her illness. She was laughing and smiling again and her friends were starting to see the old Kristia again. One day, Jordan said to Kristia, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet. I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Gwen.” Kristia tried to grit her teeth when she met Gwen but inside, she was boiling with envy. Gwen was healthy and dating Jordan whereas Kristia was a cancer patient who was in despair that she ruined her one chance at true love. Gwen came over to Ireland as she really wanted to meet Kristia and give her all the love and support she needed. Kristia was hoping for her cancer to disappear and Jordan would tell her that it’s her he loves but she knew it was not possible. Kristia spent her nights crying herself to sleep. One morning, Kristia’s mother came to see her. She knew something was upsetting Kristia and it wasn’t just her cancer. She didn’t want to admit it but eventually, she admitted that it was Jordan and Gwen that was getting her down. Her mother held her in her arms when she broke down crying. Since then, Kristia’s mother had been praying for her daughter every night, hoping that she’d get some break in life

After a few months, the doctors told Kristia that if she had a bone marrow transplant, she’d have some chance at getting better. At this stage, Kristia just didn’t care. However, she learned that she would be receiving bone marrow from Gwen, her “love rival”. She didn’t know what to say. After Kristia had the bone marrow transplant, she was gradually starting to get better. She felt a bit more life in her and she felt thankful for Gwen for saving her life. Jordan admired her for being so nice to Gwen. However, his friendship with Kristia was starting to affect his relationship with Gwen. Jordan spent lots of time with Kristia. Some days, he’d spend more time with her than he would with Gwen. Gwen wasn’t happy with this but she had to let it go because of what Kristia had been through. Gwen decided to hide her jealousy of Kristia by becoming friends with her. Kristia decided to do the same thing to avoid showing her own jealousy towards Gwen. Jordan liked that Kristia was being mature about Gwen. He’d often tell her about their relationship. One day, he told her he planned to ask Gwen to marry him. When he showed Kristia the ring, she burst into tears as that could’ve been her ring. It also reminded her of what she had lost. She didn’t want Jordan knowing this so she told him that she was crying happy tears. She cried, “I’m happy that you found someone. I really hope you’re happy together.” Jordan smiled, “Thanks, Kristia. You’re such a great friend”

After Kristia had her bone marrow, she was starting to get better. When she was told the cancer was in remission, she started to enjoy life more. She went out with her friends again and when her hair started to grow back, she got extensions put in. She was really happy with this as it showed that she was back to good health. But she was still hiding the pain she felt that Jordan was getting married. She cried herself to sleep and every night, she thought about what would’ve happened if Natasha hadn’t come into her life. Jordan was starting to have second thoughts. He kept thinking about her even when he was making love to Gwen. He never had the same feelings for Gwen that he felt for Kristia. He met Gwen shortly after going back to Boston so he was using her to get over Kristia. Jordan was spending more time at Kristia’s place. They’d often talk about his relationship. He was questioning why he was spending more time with Kristia. One night, Kristia was preparing for a date and Jordan started to get a little jealous. He asked himself, “Why am I jealous that Kristia’s dating? I’m in a relationship myself.” Then it occurred to him. He never stopped loving Kristia. He wanted to tell her there and then but he knew he couldn’t do this to Gwen so he decided to focus on their engagement. Gwen started to get suspicious of him but didn’t say anything despite the fact that he was focusing more on Kristia than on her

The wedding date was getting closer. Jordan and Gwen’s families had come over from America for the wedding. Gwen told her family about how she felt her man had not been into the wedding. Gwen’s mother told her, “Honey, maybe he’s really scared it won’t work out. He does love you otherwise he wouldn’t have asked you to marry him.” Her father told her, “That man would be crazy to miss out on a beautiful young woman like yourself. When he sees how beautiful you’ll look on your wedding day, he’ll be thinking the same thing.” But Jordan’s family knew the exact reason he hadn’t been into the wedding: Kristia. Jordan’s brother Jon, who had met Kristia told him, “Why are you marrying Gwen when you’re in love with Kristia?” Jordan replied, “I don’t want to hurt Gwen and besides, Kristia probably doesn’t love me in that way.” He told him, “Are you crazy? Kristia is in love with you. I know it from her body language and she cries herself to sleep thinking of your wedding. You’re the only man for her. Tell her how you feel before it’s too late.” This was what Jordan wanted to do but he felt he had a duty to Gwen and her family. Two days before the wedding, Kristia came over to see Jordan. She had tears in her eyes. She sobbed, “I can’t come to the wedding.” He asked, “Why not?” She sobbed, “I’m so in love with you and I have been since the day I met you. That time you showed me the ring and I cried? I actually cried because it wasn’t my ring. I want to be the one marrying you but I know I missed my chance but I wanted to be honest with you before you’re married. Good luck with the wedding and I really hope Gwen makes you happy. Goodbye,” then she walked away crying. That night, Jordan couldn’t stop thinking about what Kristia said to him. Her words kept playing in his head over and over. He was making love to Gwen that night when he called her by Kristia’s name. It was there that Gwen knew something had to be done about this. She loved him but he loved another woman. With tears in her eyes, she told Jordan, “I can’t marry you if you’re in love with another woman. Why did you want to marry me in the first place when you were spending all your time with her? Admit it now, Jordan. Tell me the truth.” He knew that it was time to be honest with Gwen so he told her how he felt about Kristia. She gave him back the ring then packed her bags and returned to Boston but before that, she went over to see Kristia and told her, “Have him. He’s yours”

Jordan was so glad that he wasn’t going to be marrying Gwen anymore but he was really upset over his situation with Kristia. He thought he had blown it with her so he decided to go back to Boston for a while. However, his family put a stop to it. They said, “Running away doesn’t solve anything. In fact, you’re only making things worse for yourself. There’s a woman here and she loves you very much. Go and talk to her.” After he said goodbye to his family, he went back to his place to find Kristia had let herself in. She told him, “I heard the wedding’s off. I’m so sorry, Jordan.” He responded, “Kristia, there’s something I should have told you long ago.” His voice and hands were trembling as he was scared she wouldn’t love him back and he was scared incase something would ruin the moment again, which had happened before. He told her, “Kristia, I am so in love with you and I have done so since that day I met you in the park. There have been so many times I wanted to tell you but the last time I tried to do that, everything went wrong for us. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say to you but I have to tell you”

He had finally said it. At long last. Kristia cried with happiness. While giggling and crying at the same time, she said, “Those are the words I’ve wanted to hear for a long time. I love you so much and I’m going to love you for the rest of my days.” Jordan kissed Kristia then they started to kiss passionately. They’ve treasured every second of their love since then not only because it took them so long to get it together but also because of what Kristia had been through. It’s now three years later and Kristia and Jordan are still happily together. They’re engaged and are planning their wedding at the moment plus they’re planning to move into a place of their own soon. And they’ve more happiness coming their way soon. A few months ago, Kristia and Jordan were visiting her parents when Kristia started to feel faint. As Kristia had had cancer, everyone started to panic as they feared it had come back. However, fear turned to joy when Kristia discovered why she was feeling faint: she’s going to be a mom. Their happiness soon doubled when she learned that she had twins on the way. Kristia and Jordan were really ecstatic with this news as she didn’t expect to ever have a baby. Right now, her and Jordan are awaiting the birth of their twins in a month, are soon to be married and are happy together. Years ago, Kristia believed she was doomed to spend the rest of her life alone but happily, she had proved herself wrong

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