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True Heart and a Little Hope
True Heart and a Little Hope

True Heart and a Little Hope

HeddyHarshal khatri

The ninja locket known as the Ying Yang locket , I have been searching it for a long time. I have always been a ninja lover from my childhood. I always used to wonder why most of the ninjas have this Ying Yang symbol around them, what could be its significance!!.

It also looked so cool and funky and was eye catching as it had that black and white color. Once while talking to a friend of mine after a long time , I saw that locket in her neck , she had no idea about it.

I told her the significance of it after reading about it , she was now more happy as she was now aware about it's importance ,in short it's about balancing. So with no more of this Ying Yang sign, let's continue further.

Now what's a good heart ?

According to me to do something good for others without expecting anything is a true indication of a true heart. It's the power of giving and feeling happy while giving, that purifies our heart and makes it strong.

So ,a couple of days back from today while returning home , I suddenly came across a college friend with whom I had rarely had any conversations. Her twin sister was a good friend of mine. Her face seemed to be so charming when she interrupted me as I was passing by reading an e-book.

We had a little talk, and it hit me that I have chocolates with me , that charming face deserves a chocolate , I gave her 3 choices the one with orange , raw mango and caramel-lo I remember while giving those I first said to her , " Hey!! I have Chocolates , but they are small ones". " So What!!" was her reply and that reflected in her eyes. She took the caramel one and I gave one more for her twin sister and we waived off.

The Same evening I had received chocolates, 2 huge ones and a jar full of my favorite cranberries from my elder sister. First of all I was amazed as I love chocolates. But the real story lies here , it was the chocolates that I offered my friend that brought me these Chocolates. That is the case with all the things in life. It is a simple rule the more we give happily the more space we make for new and better things in our life and life will give us back more and more good things.

You can Imagine such a situation with yourself ; just imagine you received something good in recent days and try to figure out your mood that day. Was it Good? was it Happy? was it Grateful? it has to be atleast one of these. Learn to give small things to people , be happy in giving and life will return you unexpected gifts.

Now let me try to connect it with a little hope and the power of never losing the hope.

Few days later I had a chance to leave early from my job , so I visited the place where I thought I would finally get the materials for the gift that I wanted to give to one of my best friends; my crush indeed, I found the place but sadly the price was high ; I never would have cared but I wanted to gift her only from my savings so I decided not to buy it from that place. I was a bit sad for around say 30 seconds , but there was a hope inside of me saying that you will get that in your budget and within time, as it was just 4 days for her birthday!!!

On my way back to railway station, suddenly my eyes caught attention of that Ying Yang locket. Just the thought of giving a gift to the one I love and care about helped me reach my own wish and that's not it, a day prior to her birthday, I also got the stones I needed Onyx and Howlite to make the bracelet, she loved that bracelet and wears it for me whenever we meet.

That's the power of a little hope and a clear heart. Make Space by removing unwanted things and giving out things. More you give the more you will see and discover how our life is filled with beautiful colors.

Author Notes: Please rate my writings , Thank You

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Harshal khatri
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14 Oct, 2017
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3 mins
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