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True Love
True Love

True Love


It was the blind kinda love. A love where one controls the other. She had full control other him, but she never seemed to notice. One where he'd pull the trigger before she said fire and the only thing she didn't have control over was his life. If it came to a point where his life saved hers. His sacrifice would have been worth it and to him, it didn't matter what she said, her life was priority over his.

Their love was the kind you'd only see in movies, "fake," unrealistic," love. I'm now sixty-seven years old and I honestly believe I'm days away from my grave. Even now after all these years, those two are still together. I am only looking from the outside so I don't know if they truly loved each other or maybe it was because they were childhood friends but I like to believe it was true love.

Author Notes: All I have to say is I won't be continuing "Are You Proud Yet" because of my own issues. I might delete it or leave it like that I don't know yet.

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17 Apr, 2018
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