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True Love Is Blind.

True Love Is Blind.

By PandaBearLove101

Nick, I love you." Vanessa said with a smile. She swung out and pulled me close, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my stomach. 
"I will always love you." I said smiling, as I leaned out of her hug and kissed her. She giggled, as we walked to our bedroom with Vanessa still clinging to me.
"You really love me?" she asked jokingly.
"My heart, is yours." I gently but playfully pried her off me then threw her on the bed and she laughed. She laid there staring at me. I looked at her from head to toe. She was so beautiful, she was perfect. 
"Nick! Come to bed." she said laughing. She got into the bed saving a big spot for me. 
"Alright, I'm coming." I said taking off my jeans. I jumped into bed facing her, looking into those beautiful brown eyes. 
"What?" Vanessa asked. 
"You are beautiful." I said playing with her soft, brown hair. She blushed and she kissed me. I feel asleep in her arms, on her chest listening the sound of her heart beat like a lullaby.
I woke up and she was gone. She had already left for work. She left a note on my face as joke. It said: "Good Morning Babe, I went to work. I left you some food already made on the counter. Have a good day! 
I love you (: 
Love Vanessa," I smiled. That little note didn't say much but it made my day. I got ready for work and left the house around 10:36am. I got a call at my office around 12:47am. 
"Hello? Is this Nick?"
"Yes it is. May I ask who this is?" 
"Nick, this is Sheriff Jared, we have your girlfriend Vanessa here. She was hit by a car. The ambulance is already coming she'll be at HighHopesHospital, Vanessa just told me to give you the news." 
I froze. I was so shocked. My heart pounded and I began to tear up. 
"T-Thank you officer." I said about to cry. I ran into my boss's office and made an excuse to leave early. I ran to my car and drove to the hospital. Crying, I asked where Vanessa's room was right away. 
"Sir, she is being checked at the moment can you please-" 
"NO! WHERE IS SHE!" I sobbed. 
The nurse shook her head and leaded me to her room. 
"Here you are, son." I nodded in thanks and the nurse walked away. I saw a doctor sitting on a chair while everything else was covered by curtains. I knocked on the door even though it was already open. The doctor turned. He had a disappointed look on his face. My heart pounded even more and my eyes watered. 
"Is she okay?" 
"I'm sorry, but her heart. It's too weak. And her legs are badly hurt. We might have to cut them off."
My stomach turned. I wanted help for her.
"I can help." 
I walked over to her and looked at her. She was passed out but still amazingly beautiful. I held her hand tight and slowly her heart monitor showed her heart was beating faster. I rejoiced and leaned over to kiss her. I kissed her and whispered in her ear,
"I love you Vanessa." 
And her heart rate on the monitor increased very fast and uncontrollably. The doctor was amazed. Vanessa slowly opened her eyes and I was the first person she saw. She looked at me and smiled in tears of joy. 
"Nick!" she said pulling her arms out to hug me. 
"I will always be by your side." I said in our hug. 
The next day, when she was allowed to come home, I had to push her in a wheelchair. Her legs were cut off. But she was still smiling and I wondered why. At home, things got harder and I had to take more care of her. 
"Vanessa all this happened to you, yet you still keep a beautiful smile on your face?" 
"I smile because I have you, Nick." she smiled. We've been together for a year, and if this is true true love I won't let this little thing stop me from loving her. 
In public I was sort of... Embarrassed. I know, I'm awful. But when I sat on a bench she'd be next to me in her wheelchair. 
She smiled at me and I pretended to smile. She leaned in to kiss me and I looked away. Her eyes grew large and she sat there staring at me in shock. She teared up a bit. I felt bad...
I began to be so tired from taking care of Vanessa and from work. We sat out in a bench and Vanessa weakly smiled at me. She looked away and I looked down on her legs. I was so embarrassed. I hated having to bend down to kiss her. It just, wasn't the same. So I simply walked away, I didn't look back. In a few hours I came back, Vanessa was gone. I panicked and started hyperventilating. I ran around the park, looking everywhere. Until I gave up. 
I went home and started a new life as being alone and heartbroken making an awful mistake.
A month later, on Valentine's day I went to the park me and Vanessa would always go to. I looked around to see if she would be here. She was! I started to run up to her, but stopped when I saw him. Her new boyfriend, her new love. She was over me... After all we've been through. I collapsed and sobbed.
He didn't seem to care that he would need to bend down to kiss her, or give her extra care. He was perfect for her. And I just wanted her happy. Apparently, she was so I left. 
The next day, was my doctors appointment. I went to High Hopes Hospital and walked through the aisle. From one room I heard crying. I peeked in and saw Vanessa. I was shocked. My heart pounded.
"Vanessa- I can't tell you how sorry I am. I miss and love you so-"
"Why are you here?" 
"I just have a doctors appointment, what about you?" 
She looked down and started crying. She told me how the doctors say her heart has gotten weaker over time and how she would die if she didn't get a heart transplant. I cried. 
"Where is your boyfriend?" 
"H-He left me after I told him this." 
I lifted her head up and kissed her. I hugged her tight and she cried. The doctor came in and was shocked. 
"Her heart rate has gotten better!" the doctor shouted. 
"Is she better?!" I wondered. 
The doctor looked through his files and had a sad look on his face. 
"I'm sorry, but Vanessa's already to far gone..." the doctor sighed and left. Vanessa looked at me and cried. 
That night, when Vanessa thought they were shutting off her life support they were actually giving her surgery! Someone had donated their heart to Vanessa.
After the surgery, Vanessa felt stronger then ever. She looked around for Nick. 
"Nurse, where is he?" 
"He didn't tell you did her?" 
"Tell me what?"
Then the nurse simply handed Vanessa a note. 
"Dear Vanessa,
By the time you read this, you'll probably feel stronger as ever. And that's what I want, your happiness. I'm sorry I left you. It was a mistake. I should've been there by your side like I had promised. Love is blind and it doesn't matter what you need to go through for it. I realized that you are my true love because not seeing you for one day hurt me so badly. My heart also grew weak over time. But now that you have my heart in you, it beats by the sound of our love. I told you, my heart is always yours. Vanessa I love you. You are my only love and I will forever be by your side. I love you with all my heart.
Love Nick,"

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9 Jan, 2012
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