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True Love Lasts :]

True Love Lasts :]

By PandaBearLove101

Being In Love.  

I read our text messages over and over smiling and giggling at them. I missed him... I wish he were right here next to me. I hugged the teddy bear he gave me and kissed it millions of times, smelling his cologne off of it. I sighed in happiness. I laid there in bed, in the darkness. But even though my eyes were closed the smile on my face that I'd usually wake up with cause of him, I was imagining the moments we had together and smiled. My heart pounded. I was excited to see him tomorrow. 


I closed my locker, finding him standing right there. 
"Hello Beautiful (:" He said hugging me. I giggled and kissed him. We held hands, until we got yelled at by the teacher. He walked me to my class even though his class was in a different hall. At lunch, I sat there with him and his and my friends. He had his arm around me the whole time. It was heaven. We shared laughs and smiles. We weren't afraid to show our love. 


We held hands, walking to the bus. As we got there I stood there staring into his big, beautiful, dreamy eyes and smiled. I hugged him and held on so tight. I didn't want to let go... But I had to of course. I kissed him. 
"I'll miss you :/" He said hugging me again.
"Aw, I'll miss you too. But it's okay, haha, we're going to the movies tonight remember xD?" I said laughing. 
"Oh, I know. But I just wish I could be with you every second..." he said holding me tight. I blushed and whispered, 
"I Love You." 
"I Love You Too Beautiful (:" 
I walked onto the bus waving goodbye. When I got home I jumped around and screamed excitedly. I couldn't wait to go to the movies with him. 


After getting popcorn, we sat way up in the corner where nobody would really notice us making out. His arm was around me and I cuddled in. We made out during the scary parts and cuddled during the other parts. 
When the movie was over, and we were standing outside his car. He brought something out. 
"We've been together for a year now." he said smiling. 
"I know. You're special, I knew you'd make it this far." I smiled at him and swayed. 
"I've been saving up, but I got this for you." he handed me a small box. Inside was a beautiful necklace. It spelt "I Love You." in diamonds. 
"Ethan you shouldn't have got this!" I said tearing up. 
"No, you're worth it." he said looking down blushing. 
"Ethan, this must've cost you so much... Thank you! I love you." I said kissing him. I wore it and smiled holding it as it was around my neck. -I smile to much. I thought. It's all because of him-
"You're welcome, love." he said holding me. 
"You are amazing. I'm not even saying it. I mean it. I love you." I said looking into his big, beautiful, dreamy eyes.



Ethan<33: Good morning beautiful (: 

<3 Amy <3: Aww, good morning babe!(: 

Ethan<33: I'm happy it's Saturday, now we can spend the whole weekend together xD 

<3 Amy <3: I know! I'm so happy/excited. Oh, and I bought you something that I've also been secretly saving xD 

Ethan<33: Amy ._. You didn't have too! -.- 

<3 Amy <3: I do. Because I Love You<3<3<3 

Ethan<33: Aw c: I Love You Too. So, can I pick you up later? I wanna take you somewhere special ^.^ 

<3 Amy <3: Lol, of course! And ugh, stop spoiling me<3 ^.^ How will I ever repay you T-T You make me feel bad .-. 

Ethan<33: Good, if you said no... Dude, I'd have to take everything down. And I spoil you because you're mine and I love you. You do repay me, simply by being you and loving me (: 

<3 Amy <3: Ethan, you are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face. You are perfect and amazing. I Love You Tooo Much<333 You are what makes my life worth living. You make me smile. (: 

Ethan<33: Amy, you are the reason I try hard. You are beautiful and everything I'd ever want, you're perfect to me. I Love You More Then The Amount Of Stars In Space. You are what brightens my dark life. Being with you, is better then heaven, because you're my heaven<3 I Love You So Much and ALWAYS will. (: 


"Here Ethan, it's for you!" I said handing him a guitar. 
"Oh my god... Amy... This is the exact one I've always wanted.. Thank you so much." he dropped it and dashed towards me and held me tight. When I thought our hug was over, he still held on to me. I pulled out and kissed him. We made out for about an hour. Later when we were driving, we got to a park. 
"Oh my god... Ethan." I teared up. This was the park where we first met. As the gentlemen Ethan is, he opened my door for me and helped me out. 
"Hey, did you know I can fit the whole world in my arms?" 
"Wait... What? No way." I said laughing. 
"Yes I can." 
"Like this." he grabbed me and held me. 
"You're my world." he whispered in my ear. 
"You're my everything (:" I said kissing him on the cheek. He kissed me back on the forehead. We held hands and walked to the playground. We played on the playground acting like little kids, while other teens our age gave us weird looks. We didn't care. When we both got a little tired that's when we went to the swings... 
"Ethan, scream to the world you love me." 
"Okay :)" he said getting up and whispered, "I Love You." in my ears. 
"Why'd you whisper it to me?" 
"You're my world<3" he said giggling. 


When he dropped me off at my doorstep he held me, and hugged me like he'd literally never see me again. And kissed me. It lasted for 37 minutes which is unusual for a goodbye kiss... I didn't mind, I liked it. 
"Amy, you are amazing. You are the most beautifulest girl there is and will ever be. You are perfect and I am the luckiest man there will ever be to have you. You are my best friend and I trust you. You give me the most amazing moments in life. I am going to miss you so much it will break my heart until I see you again. I love you more then anything." he hugged my one more time and handed me a note while I stood there, speechless and with tears in my eyes. 


I got up, for the first time, in a long time without a smile on my face. I sat up and stretched. I looked over at the note... -*Sigh* I should go read it now... I thought- I got up and grabbed it. It said: 

Dear Amy, 
I have told you how much you mean to me last night. I took you to that special place because I had to make our last day together special. I... I moved to Florida because of my dad's job. If you text, email, or call me, I would die because of the pain knowing I wouldn't get to see you afterwards... I'm so sorry, Amy. I know I should've told you this to your face, but it would hurt to much. I miss you so much. I will cry everyday and miss you until I ever see you again. My heart broke and it wasn't even either of our faults. You are the love of my life and in all my other past lives. Even though you are my first love, you will be my last. You're beautiful, amazing, and perfect. You don't even know how lucky and happy I was the day you agreed to go out with me. I love you and always will. 

Love Ethan.

From then on, I never dated anyone else ever again. I was miserable. I cried everyday and every night. I tried to be strong for Ethan... 


I'm 23 now, in college. "Karen do you think you could pick up after yourself?" I hated my roommate. She was such a slob. I backed out of my room and accidentally bumped into someone.
"Oh my god, I am so sorry-" 
Ethan? Was it... What?! I thought. 

"A-Amy?" he said in shock. 
"Ethan?" I said looking into his eyes in tears of joy! 
"You, you came back." I said hugging him. I wrapped my arms around his neck smelling his cologne the way I used too. It was my way of telling him I still feel the same and nothing has changed. I cried, I was too happy. He gently pushed me off to kiss me. There, I knew he kept his word. I am his first and last love just like he was to me. 

Yes, we dated for another 2 years and he finally proposed. After all these years I'm still amazed by his everything. I thank whoever blessed me with this perfect man. 
True Love Lasts. Haha (: 

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6 Feb, 2012
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