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True Love Returns

True Love Returns

By srilakshmi86

SRILAKSHMI ([email protected])

True Love Returns!

Deep in the forest was Livitha's Journey, as she was an Archeologist. She was an exceptional in this field and she has won many honors for her tiresome labors that not only earned reputation to herself but also gained a lot of incredibility for which she was alleged upon. Every time, when her journey begins, she will be the most cheerful soul in the realm, because she admires the exertion so much and enjoys every single thing from launch to finale. This trip, she started, was not her favor because she was with hefty heart as her love traumatized her with just memoirs being left for her.

She did not expect such a tragedy awaited for her. As she started her journey, her memory tickles of all those jiffies with him, one by one. And she gets drowned deep into the evocation. Her Flashback brings the scenes as one after the other ensuing and those were..., The intro with him, the ring exchange, the first Kiss in Moonlight, the exultant moments they spent, The gifts, Every dawn that kicked off with excitement, the First heart hurting moment, her panic days, The threat for the Life, and the agonizing ever day that wobbled her life for the first time!.
And here goes off.... her past. It was on April 11, 1983, she met him for the first time. She was very depressed with her life by that time because of her family issues. Her inner circle was small with her parents and she being the only spawn. She had a handful of friends for her. On that day, she had to face the hardship of her Life being a question. Her father had arranged her engagement with the Son of his close pal. At the time of the zenith of the function was some chaos. The 'intended' precluded the girl before they could exchange the ring and the reason behind was of a deceitful bulletin about the girl's demeanor. Such a worst substantial narration of the scandal even made her father believe that his daughter was so.

She was a valiant girl being an archeologist, so she did rarely mind the incident and left the place to let the agitation serene down. But at the deep of her heart was some throb about the episode and the way she was pushed for an immoral reputation. So even without her own gen, began to fall the tear drops out of her eyes which when fell on the floor drenched a portion of the paper that was filled with a puzzle and which required a drop to complete the same.

And this paper was chased by a striking youngster who was in the requirement of that same 'DOT' to solve the puzzle. The guy bent down to lift the paper and saw the tear providing key to the puzzle and was puzzled with excitement to upsurge and see the personality who helped him out. But to his surprise he saw a mediate beauty with her face full of frustrations and anxiety.
Even before she could speak a word out, did he introduce himself as "Navid" and added that it just meant "messenger of Happiness" and was ordered by the Almighty to spread the same to everyone he sees. Saying so, he tapped her head and said that he had lauded her with gratification and eases thereafter and gave his card that printed his number and asked her to call him if she feels that he could by any chance decipher her problems. Before she could realize what happened, the guy vanished in dazzling speed.

Livitha's heart was filled with a mysterious joy for the first time ever in life. Her thoughts were completely then reformed just leaving her those 5 min conversation with an anonymous who gave her a little spark in her heart besides making her feel there is something else to look upon in the world. She then was recurrently thinking of him, his body language, his speech, his gracious words, elegance etc. And then slowly she remembered about the card and took it out of her backpack that made her feel that would add to her happiness.
She did go through the card and found that he was working for a Lift company as Supervisor assistant. She found his personal number down-line and telephoned to the same. As the call was going through, her heart beat increased because her emotions were mixed up with excitement as well a slight stranger fear. When the call opponent picked up nothing else could surprise Livitha as her name was exactly pronounced by Navid rather than a Hello. She was shocked yet was happy to see that he realized her name with a strange caller ID. And before she could ask that he himself added that there were strange nature changes and angel appearances when he heard the phone ringing, which made Livitha burst out to laughter.

Hearing her laugh, Navid told her to be so always and asked her to introduce herself. With no more odder fear she told of her entire history of her life till date without any hindrance of thoughts rising up in her. And when she completed off it was 2 at the mid night. And then she grasped that it was time to hang down and when she got prepared for it and before could bid a bye on the phone, heard Navid saying that, with all the hitches recited to him, now that her heart becomes clean and happy and that she should be so from then on and should just be blissful. Livitha's heart was full of happiness. She felt that suddenly all the pain was flooded away by the river of happiness. And she slept happily than ever she did in-spite of her awards winning days.
The next morning began when she could hardly remember of anything other than the meeting arrangements made for the next assignment towards the hoary findings. When she was getting ready for the drudgery, her father enquired her about the guy whom she met on the café the previous day and also linked it with the scandal proposed about her the day before.
Livitha could not digest her father's disgraceful words about her and broke down deep in the heart and with no heart to talk consoled her father and left to her bureau. Her mind was so confused that she could not get involved in the congregation, and hence left the assembly point and moved over to the relax point where she thought that she could ease herself by looking at the beautiful garden manifestation. When she was sitting there her thoughts surrounded over Navid and thought how he presented himself and how jovial was he and how lucky he should be to be so and just wanted to know off the trade secrets of the same. So she took her cell phone and called his number but at the point of the call getting passed through she also remembered about her father's words that day morning and decided to hit the hang up button with little spirit to do so. But as the Network suppliers are quite tricky, before we comprehend a ring to the calling party, the receiver would always get a ring that indicates a call on their cellular. And hence with technology favoring, Navid received the call as a missed call on his phone and grasped it to be a missed one and with no further thoughts pressed the green key on the handset on the same.

Livitha's phone rang but unfortunately she was not available to pick it up and hence Navid did not wanted to disturb her anymore and left to her prime to callback. When Livitha was back, she found the missed call; she did the same as Navid did with no second thoughts but only with heart full of ecstasy. When Navid picked up, he asked her to reveal the reason for her mood out. She did not tell anything but said that she wanted to learn the secrets of joy and being happy. Navid promised to explore them but just on one condition that she reveals the matter that has been disturbing her since morning. She smiled and accepted his condition and both agreed for a meeting at the Town fame Mall.

It was 7 in the evening and Livitha hurried to the Mall though the meeting time was absolute at 8. And to her surprise found Navid awaiting her even before. When she enquired about his early arrival he said that he knew girl's psychology. With that hint, Livitha was little upset letting her own imagination to think if he already was a familiar amongst lassies. And she herself defended that it could not have been so and fell onto a blind possess upon Navid. Both of them shopped at the mall and she was waiting for him to enquire her miseries but to her losing patience, he did not do any of so and was just shopping his favors. And at one point he took a lady dress and asked her if any girl would like the color of it. She was little surprised, angry, sad about the question yet decided to hide them out and answered a positive reply to his question. And they winded their roam out at 9 and when both decided to return back to their living areas, Livitha could not hold on asking about the girl to whom Navid purchased the outfit. Before she could ask that, her mood blew off badly and made her ask him about that it in a crying tone. And seeing her eyes getting filled with waters and before that could fall off, Navid said that it was only for her and added that he did not knew any girl other than her of her age and said that all those were only to divert her attention and sweep off the bad events. This made Livitha fly up onto air inside the heart and she grabbed the dress and drove away very happily.

But again the morning episode continued back home as her father heard of her roaming with an alien and enquired and warned her off the same. Livitha explained her father of everything in a calm tone when her father and made him admit and agree with her. And thereby there came to an end to the mental torment in the family.

Livitha could realize a change of her attitude and style that she had acquired from Navid that which only helped her solve her family problem in a calm tone. She admired him the more and slowly her thoughts went back to the Mall timings where she received a call from Navid. With full of joy, she answered the call and her happiness doubled after she heard Navid. She did not say anything but hanged down the phone and the tête-à-tête rounded over her head as factual words. And those were nothing but "I wanna take care of you all throughout your life and make you stay happy. Can we get together in life? ".

Livitha was so pleased to know of such a decision made by Navid. And when she discussed about this with her father, he was little shocked. He was not angry yet wanted to convince his daughter to forget this guy as their civic would never accept the girl at any cost or for any cause. Or even if accepted that would be just to drive them to a painful life. Livitha got afraid of her father's verses and it was threatening her feelings of losing Navid if she approves his proposal. So she decided to explain him of the practical difficulties before they could fall deep into the liaison.

The same day evening at the lawn in Navid's office both decided to meet each other. Navid was so expecting of a positive reply where to his disbelief and shock, Livitha started a different conversation driving away from the theme of what they actually decided to converse about. Navid was yet not serious because he knew that the day would not let him down because Livitha's nature and her love was his forte. So he slowly listened to all that she explained him about the issues behind their marriage.
When she finished explaining all these he still found a craving in her eyes that inspired him deep from his heart to convince her to overcome all these hindrances and give her the confidence of their happy living, breaking them all. And he was waiting for the right time for her emotions to rise up and made her expectations lead and break her patience by just staring deep into her eyes. And when the expected happened, tears started rolling over from her eyes and before she could tell anything, he took her hands and placed a beautiful stylish ring on her hand and said that he became her partner from then on and she is for him and no way that anyone can carry her over away from him and that their happy living has been done a scripture in the book of marriage in the heaven. Also said that they shall wait and solve the problems that obstruct their love and make everyone understand and kick off their life in public later to that. She was so convinced as usual with his resolution and extended her support as the choice favored her and it was what her prospect too.

She happily returned home and was very thrilled about the happening and she alleged that she got married and felt a lot of happiness due that. She started imagining her upcoming life with Navid yet did not reveal anything to her family about this.
Days rolled on and they started meeting in a beautiful garden fame for Love and they met on every full moon day when the garden appears more beautiful with the moon light hitting on the glass cenotaphs that were decorated on the exterior lights. The moon light hits the glasses over the lamps and illuminates that into the beautiful pond amidst that garden and reflects back on making it the most melodramatic romantic point for lovers or newlywed. This couple also chose the same spot to altercate their love once in a month.

So during their second meet, Livitha wanted to get herself onto Navid's arms so she decided to play a small trick and acted to sober thinking of the serious issue behind their wedding. Navid believed the drama and consoled her with his elegant words and romantic sight at her and the moment took them to share their first kiss as partners.

After the treasurable moment, when they decided to leave to their homes back, Navid kicked off his bike and there was a rigorous kick off in his mind that rolled on the words about the issues laid down by Livitha some time back. He did not show that to her and with a half-smile, in his cheek he left her at her door step and before she could comprehend something strange in his comportment, he drove off with his highest gear that could be put upon in his scrambler.
Livitha was little shocked because she has never seen him in such a face style and his personality never had reflected mood outs. So she was little upset that night and adding to it was his mobile switch off which dumbfounded her, the more. But she knew he was a man of confidence and a man of iron that he can withdraw from problems in matter of seconds. So she slept for the day happily. The next day morning dawned when she did nothing but ringed him to hear him to know of the surprising element that was hidden in him the previous day. When his voice was joined on the phone, she again was surprised because even before she opening the mouth, he whispered in a romantic voice that he was lost in the petting and forgot himself the whole day that he did not even bid her after leaving her at the home and included that in such a lost world his phone also got drowned and it did not wanted to charge back until the morning dawned. Listening to such a passionate talk, Livitha crushed her heart with romantic swings and started off for her routine.
Days engaged them in very beautiful way that every moment or every full moon day turned out to be very quixotic and very much dazzling. He guided her in all her exposures and commitments. She got completely engaged onto him and just breathed as his Wife all the way.

In Such a situation came a thunder striking day, on which her work became an apprehension to her, as she was given an assignment to which she is at present moving on. This was on Feb 14th 1984 and the date of travel was decided on 11th Apr 1984, and that became exactly one year after their first day of meet.
2 days later to the assignment was the full moon day which happens to be their usual get-together day.

Livitha without able to control her emotions, burst out to cry harder and hugged him and conveyed about the mission. With no further emotions moved, Navid held her hands and told her to cheerfully carry on with the work and come back with Success. This, though added to her confidence, made her also think that there was something lacking in the substance of Love and she felt that he is quite feeling happy about her departure. She did not yet show him off but just got into his arms and the day passed by smoother.
Slowly, in some days after, she could find some change in him. The way he spoke to her, their intimacy was getting inverted. And their closeness was affected; he did not mind her the way he did in the past one year from the day she was known to him. So she was drowned in sadness feeling the loneliness in his company. She could not tell him because he was not openly showing her that. He was caring her all the way yet the element of intimacy or closeness was missing all the way.

After a month, on 9th mar 1984, she decided to put an end to this open hide and seek game between them and hence she asked him the reason for his moving away from her. He did not talk anything but just consoled her with a gift for her travel which highly convinced her to get back to normal mode. She left home but something was seriously striking her that there was something off beam within them. So she decided to call him and speak up. But to her surprise his cellular was again turned off.

She was highly panic and disturbed about this yet as she was very busy with her preparations for her travel, she could hardly question him about this. But yet she was waiting for 15th Mar which happened to be their full moon day meet. She was expecting a lot of surprises as she would be hardly be available for the next full moon day. So with lots of excitements in the heart forgetting all bitterness she was waiting in the beautiful lawn but could hardly find moon to her surprise. She was literally in the darkness and then she found that there was some maintenance work around the park that has put a shield over the pond that prevented the moonlight inside the area. Her heart became very dense and the darkness got spread inside her heart too because she now was obvious that something is serious. Sometimes superstitions work out. And as per her theory for the day, that something was turning bad, Navid did not turn out. She was waiting till 10 at the night, tried reaching him out, yet in vein. With nothing but heavy heart and confusions, she left home. And once she reached she received a message to her mobile from Navid. Only after seeing that, her heart slowly gained standard rhythm. And the message stated that he (Navid) was held up somewhere in a busy toil that he could not make up for the day. Having sent this message, Navid turned his phone back to the off mode.

Livitha could hardly understand anything except for she was repeatedly just thinking that something was wrong with his work or his health or could be his family issues but clearly did not even by chance thought of a break up determination from him which he gave as her send-off gift on the day she started, 11 Apr 1984.
Livitha could not believe this moment was happening and she was hearing such banter out from Navid's lips. She could not get back as she was the principal of the mission. She could hardly think of dying because she was onto a blackout state that did not let her do anything for the moment.¬ she did not scold him. She did not over react. She did not cry. She did nothing but slowly moved away from the place just doubting if she was still alive after hearing those incredible words from him. Every step was very painful to her. 4 steps towards the bus were like walking 4 miles long. She did not know what she has to do by then. She hardly knew that she is surviving in the physical material world with her heart getting weakened every 10th of a Nano second. Her eyes lost sight, her body lost its liveliness. Her brain stopped giving directions about the doings. But something made her board the bus that awaited her arrival for the mission kick off.

Livitha's eyes completely drenched in the salty water of her own blood that came running down in her eyes and nonstop from that moment that he conveyed it to her. She could do nothing but think of him and cry again and again but could not or did not scold him even a single second because she knew that he could not have done that by heart or he is not an ordinary guy to leave a girl arresting her feelings in the way mid and throw her off his life. This thought only sustained her life till that instant in the journey.
There was some glitch on the way and due to the same, the glass windows developed cracks and hence Bus stopped in the flinch of the woods for maintenance work and thereby the passengers had "The Break".

Intermission Sequence
After some time, bus slowly moved away, where she could get some signal by then she received handful of messages from Navid.

Those messages read one after the other as following.
Msg 1: Please forget me as we can't be together in this birth. It's highly impossible with this society in frontier to us and it will not let us be happy or to stay together.
Msg 2: I can't fight the society and come against my Grandfather who is the proprietor of this society that I am living onto.
Msg 3: Before somebody could separate us lets separate ourselves and move at our own directions
Msg 4: My Grandfather has decided up my Girl and our engagement is nearing its date in another month and also we have started to get off with each other.
Msg 5: I would also advise you to look after a good life for yourself and start off a great living being practical without thinking the hardships about this and just move on.
Msg 6: So Please leave me alone and move on.
Msg 7: Don't try to reply me back.
Seeing all these messages Livitha could not breathe a moment and did hardly survive few minutes before she fainted up where she was taken to a nearby town that had a local hospital aiding the village in the forests in and around. Before the Doctor could medicate her, she herself committed the reason for it and so the doctor's and the travelers' time was not disturbed much and they continued their journey into the forest.

Slowly Livitha thought process changed. She tried recollecting all the good things she learnt from him. She had a friend called Riadhini from France who often teaches her to be patient that she inculcated from her husband Hrishesh and now she also wanted to learn similar things out from Navid. Navid used to be very cool and very happy go merry go person and never bothered of anything and never was weight hearted. He was a man of example to everyone and was a boss of group of people making and leading good life. She recollected all his good doings and talks and mannerisms and she spread that all from her memory towards her entirety and thought that she was Navid from then. This thought process made her journey a successful and yet another achievement in her carrier.

And when she was returning, it was a week before the engagement date June 14, 1984, where she on the way messaged Navid with a morning message that received her no reply. She wished him several times. But there was not any from his side. Then after reaching home town, she rushed to his town which was a society that does not allow an alien society people. But somehow with her archeology designation she managed to enter into the society. There she took pains to find Navid's home where he was in his lawn sitting with the new girl Reeswa which became an indigestible scenario to Livitha.
She held back all her emotions, her cry, her aching and everything and moved towards the couple and wished them a hearty life and with no heart to come back yet did the same and tried settling in that town for few days as an archeologist and closely watched Navid and Reeswa. Navid was quite unhappy was her findings but she knew that he could hardly do anything for his grandfather respecting them and even can drown himself into the sea and drown all the desires of him and can come back fresh and do as per the order and wish of his surrounds.
Livitha did not like Reeswa then because she thought that she, Reeswa, can't be the best pair to Navid as she was focusing more on her thoughts and fashions rather than making it a mutual one. So she thought of opening up some converse with Reeswa by when she had set up a talk with her. When going for this meeting did Livitha found a piece of paper flying off the road here and there and it urged her to pick it up and look onto it. To her shudder, it was that paper with a puzzle which introduced Navid to her.

This puzzle was nothing but a slogan for the town people that make an image 'complete' with a 'DOT' and by that it means that the peace can be arrived only with a full stop to the extraterrestrial people. All the people in this town are given this puzzle to solve it where Navid was the first one to solve with Livitha's tear bringing dot to it for its completion.
This she heard from the villager who passed by and understood the entire society concept and did guess what would have happened by then, which was the precise happening.
Navid had this framed in his home so as not to lose the condensation of Livitha's tears which when was brought to the notice of his grandfather, made Navid understand the importance of that DOT and their society and also applauded him for understanding its importance being the proprietor's grandchild. That was the moment when Navid decided that his life can't be made up with Livitha and just to make her live somewhere happily did he exactly sent those messages and hardly annoyed her to the core by accepting Reeswa into his life.
Livitha's heart in the moment, pictured the joy of rising sun with birds happily singing onto it. Yet she wanted to meet Reeswa. She hoped something that might turn up for her own life if she meets Reeswa, and she made up her mind without thinking of anything and just moved onto her and explained her relationship with Navid.

Reeswa could not accept it but also could not let Navid go off from her. So she requested Livitha not to let anyone else know and that she strongly needed Navid. Livitha was moved by Reeswa's heart and decided not to disturb Navid and Reeswa. So she started to be with both of them and was their best pal. She selected their engagement suits, made arrangement for the occasion, was involved in everything to ensure that her man 'getting wedded happily'.
Navid was in the pathetic situation by then that Livitha's presence was a really a painful experience that did not let him be free with Reeswa neither let his days be happy. Yet he was with his usual style. He did not let either of them know that he was undergoing torments because of their presence. Livitha could realize this and she decided to move away from Navid's life completely and was waiting for the day of engagement.

On the day of Engagement was a silent play between Reeswa and Livitha where Livitha just wanted to test if she could ever be with Navid as his best soul mate. So she told her that there was still connotation between both of them (Navid and Livitha) and she wanted to convey it badly to Reeswa and enquired if she would encourage it. By then Reeswa's anger rose to the peak without even thinking of who Navid is, and also complained all about it, to her grandmother who could do nothing but stop the engagement. By then Livitha decided that Reeswa can never become the best companion to her soul. Meanwhile there was chaos that Navid was not found in the town anywhere. Some scolded him Selfish, some disobedient, some with other abuses that ran down their tongue.
Everybody broke down when Livitha went to the stage of death again when she found him missing. Reeswa cried and scolded Livitha for her wonderful Gift even after ensuring a credible relationship with her. And everyone gathered and started abusing Livitha.
Livitha heard of everything and said: "Navid is my Man. Nobody knows his values and because of that every one of you lost him today. He is a man of ease in point who all the way just subsisted for everyone and no body respected his feelings or his needs. Everybody took him for granted and today he is gone somewhere. Please let him, live his life and please do not cosset him for one's own self-regard. "

Turning to Reeswa She said, "You aren't his perfect soul mate. I can't give you to him. I can't see you suing him for yourself and just when finding something wrong in the outward view, you are tending just to abuse him. No One except me can understand my Navid. He is a man living for others and one day when he just does something for his own sake or does talk a little for his side or show up his own desires this world will abuse him."
"People in this world are very hasty. When there is a black mark in a large white area, they watch only the black spot and not the large white space. Similarly whatever a man does to people, if he does something that is against one's aspiration or desire and acts in opposite way, and then he becomes a black spot. Similar is how you all view Navid. And this is the right thing he has done to you all. Conveying all these Livitha moved out of the place with yet her heart was filled with obscurity again."
Hearing this Navid's grandfather was dazed and realized the moralities and culture and that they were following, forgetting Human values. And announced that this regulation will immediately be changed.
Livitha was happy about this announcement but she could not think of any other next step without finding him for her so she started her chase for him everywhere in the town but could not treasure trove him. With all hope left, she came to the same café where they met each other for the first time and thought of taking some drink to boost up her physically to pursuit him. When she went inside café, she could not direct her anywhere except to the table where she met him and ran over there to catch a seat before someone can do so and sat and recollected of all the sweet reminiscences with Navid, and could do nothing but sober badly.

She then remembered his saying that" May be am there or not, I should never see tears in your eyes" and when this stroke her memoir, she stopped crying and regained a chill where she let her last drop of tear fall with her finger wiping off her eye lash which fall onto a piece of paper but now it took the shape of a 'Comma (,)'.

When she took that paper , she found a sentence stating "True Love Returns and" and when she lifted her head up she found Navid standing up wiping her tear and explained that her tear stated a comma to it, meaning that the life will continue with True love Ever and true love will always succeed. And her true love returned him back to her and decided to fight against any unwanted blockades. Livitha explained about the happy scenario at the town that she had equipped in his Absence which added to his Bliss.
With a provoking mind she made her the battler to fight against the city that proscribed aliens and made them realize their gaffe and now that she herself broke off the barricade to set up the great living onto the same.
Navid also said that he knew what she meant to him. And that though he was weak in an area of affiliation with the surrounds, her weak point of love became the strong point to break the barrier and win the same.
And stating this he said "I wanna take care of you all throughout your life and make you stay happy. Can we get together in life? ".

Livitha became contented about the way Navid approached and made her solve though without his cognizance, the problem and also made herself realize her own values and how much did she love him that made her accept not only a new happy partner and just wanted to see him lead a good life even from a distance and also helped her fight in bringing a revolution onto a culture. After this as a happy-go end to the story they were committed legitimately and thereafter they lived ever happily.


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