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a true love story

a true love story

By goosey1727

Love story!
“It’s over graham! “Those were my last words I said before I cut the phone call
Three weeks later I got a phone call from one of grahams friends saying he was in hospital and was in a crital condition. They were not sure if he would make it through the night and suggested I go say bye
I drove straight over to the hospital. I could not believe it, my brain was having flash backs of all the times we had spent together , all five years the first time we met, first time we held hands, first time we kissed even our first fight and how bad we both felt after .
But my mind kept going back to one memory and first time he said “I love u “with the tears streaming down my face I parked the car and ran to the reception and asked for josh.
The nurse walked me to his room, it was full of cables and a heart monitor next to his bed, his sweet face now covered in scratches,
“What happened to him” I asked the nurse
“A car crash on the slippery road. “She replied
“Will he make it?? “ I asked though a shaky voice
“I can’t say I’m sorry” then she turned and walked away
I sat by his bed and started to think why we had broken up, but I could not remember, so it must have been for a silly reason stated to say how sorry I was I could not care if he could not hear me, I started to cry again I sat by his bed all though the night just talking about sill random things that most people would count as pointless but it all meant something to me and graham.
Before I knew it, the room started to get light I looked out the window and it was sunrise. The sun shone through the window shining on josh’s face. I looked at him and realized then I never stopped loving him, and now it was too late.
“I love you graham “I whispered to him
The beeping in the room sped up and then slowed down again I bereded my face in his bed and grabbed his hand to hold it one last time
“I love you to Ami “I heard in a faint voice
I picked up my head and squeezed his hand tight
“Graham you ok? “
He looked at me and said “yes. I am now that I have you by my side “

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About This Story
11 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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