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True Love Waits

True Love Waits

By guaphellamhor23

“Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails”
These are just some of the sayings about love. Now, I will tell you a story that has made love sayings great in a girl’s life.
A girl, in her sophomore year met a guy from the freshmen whom she had actually fallen in love with. Not being aware of her feelings for this guy, they became acquaintances, then friends. A year after they became the best of friends. As they got closer to each other, a great feeling of love developed in the girl’s heart. She fell in love with her guy best friend…She tried keeping it for herself but has not succeeded because what her heart really wanted to do is to tell the guy her true feelings about him. So, she did and told the guy. Luckily, their friendship was not broken by that event. Instead they became more acquainted with each other although the guy didn’t speak up yet about his true feelings for the girl. They almost had the Mutual Understanding of each other. The guy gets jealous when the girl is with another guy and when the guy has another girl with him, the girl feels bad. Yet, they do not have any commitment. They are not yet into a relationship. The guy got fond of being with other girls while the girl; was getting more upset because of what the guy does but she can’t say anything about it or complain to the guy about his doings because they are not into a relationship. And one time, in an assembly, while the girl is day dreaming and her mind flying away of her thoughts about the guy, he saw one of her friends wearing a white shirt with prints, then she smiled and all her worries left her away.
You know why? It’s because she was the prints on the shirt of her friend, written there: TRUE LOVE WAITS. So, what she did was wait. She waited and hoped that the guy loves her also…
See, just a saying makes one free herself out of her worries. 

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1 Oct, 2011
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