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true love

true love

By sadlover44

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who were deeply in love. They were willing to do anything for each other, no matter the task. One morning just as usual, the boy awakes around 10 am. , picks up his cell phone and dials her number. *ring... ring... ring...* "hey sorry I can't get to the phone right now, leave a message" *beep.*

*boy*: "hey babe, just woke up wanting to hear your beautiful voice, I love you. Bye."

The boy hangs up.

Hours pass and the girl still haven't returned the call. Worried, he picks up his phone and calls again, *ring... ring... ring..." "Hey sorry I can't get to the phone right now, leave a message" *beep.*

*boy*: "hey babe, I was getting worried, you still haven't returned my call. I hope you're okay. Bye"

He hangs up.

Another hour passes... with still no word; he decided to go to her house.

He pulls into her driveway; there are no cars in the driveway. So he uses his key and goes on in. he yells her name, no answer... he worriedly goes upstairs. Just in case he didn't hear her, he calls her name again. He walks down the hall, passes the bathroom; the door is wide open with no one inside. He walks to her room, the door is shut. He thought maybe she has overslept and didn't hear him, he opens her door and her bed was neatly made. There was only one thing missing... her... he notices a note on her desk labeled *I'm so sorry...* he slowly opens and can't believe what is happening. "I don't know why I am thinking this, I am so happy with my life; I just don't want to live anymore, at promptly 10 am he will call me, and I will not answer. Another hour will pass and he will come over to my house, and see that my parents are gone, and use the key I gave him to get in. he will call out my name, and I will not answer. He will come upstairs, and will call my name again thinking I overslept. He will notice this note on my desk, I'm so sorry baby. It is not your fault. I just don't want to hurt the people I love. If you turn around I will be hanging in my closet." The note falls from the boy's hand and he slowly turns around, and just as the not said, there she was hanging dead. The boy rushes home, rips through the front door, and dives into his bed, burying his face into his pillow. The next few days are miserable. He was miserable living without her, then he came to the decision, he wouldn't have to live without her any longer. He had the perfect plan. The next day was her funeral. He walks up to the coffin, looks at her beautiful face and kisses her forehead, whispers *I love you...* takes her hand in his left hand, and with his right pulls a knife out of his jacket, and stabs himself. His parents run to his rescue but it was too late. Their parents buried them right next to each other...

-The end-

Author Notes: this story will almost surely make you cry... i love it

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About This Story
9 May, 2013
Read Time
2 mins
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