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True Nature
True Nature

True Nature

3 Reviews

You saw me when no one else did.
You looked at me and saw only light,
I tried to tell you that darkness dwells here too,
But you refused to see.

You refused to see
What I always felt was there.
What has always lain
Dormant inside of this hollow shell.

Dormant inside of me
Like a tightly coiled snake waiting patiently
For the occasion to strike.
Its patience knowing no bounds.

Patience is my virtue
And true to my nature,
I will allow you into my sanctuary,
While I lull your senses.

I will lull you
Into trusting,
Into believing.
Then I will strike.

I will strike
From out of the darkness,
When you least expect.
Then I will slither away.

I will slither away,
In search of fresher prey.
As you lay dying.
My venom spreading slowly through you.

As my venom seeps into your soul
I will feel no joy, no elation at your demise.
I will leave you writhing, it will not move me.
I am being true to my nature.

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About This Story
24 May, 2016
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<1 min
4.0 (3 reviews)

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