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True story of terrorism in America and embezzlement

True story of terrorism in America and embezzlement

By Jerry1776

The people involved work to hide and embezzlement of my grandfather Marion Franklin Devane life insurance policy. He was us Navy master chief or high command. He was erased from online record in act of treason to hide crimes of targeting his family and stealing via Biochipping terrorism. And his position can be proven in naval record books as he was a very prominent man of high position in the Navy. As this group family of his second wife targets the whole original family. In what I call enslavement and injustice. As my mother Mary P white or me Jerry Steven doublehead have never been arrested or convicted any sexual crime. They hide these under a sealed record. Effecting our lives. They are states attorney Angela ball in Perry FLA where slot the injustice is happening from. And Kim Sparks head of public record. They launched manipulation from Kim's mother Carole house. My grandmother victim of murder never investigated but her and her husband John Carter Dixon were both biochipped and they didn't erase names until I questioned whether or not foul play involved. Grandfather erased and even my mother Mary P white 61 of Jacksonville in targeting. These people operate a corralment around both of us. Moe Koslow a big part of this. They call a demonization. I call plot to murder. As they push radiation in attempt to create dementia. Tracy and Rick part the corralment team mom lived in front yard. In tent. Mind these people got away with 1 trillion dollars embezzlement. They all live on interest and Jane Jordan one the people involved as Ruth sister. Actually had her daughter target me in 2000 dating for 3 yrs. Jennifer Jordan who is actually part of this theft and enslavement as well as attempted murder of my family as she admit I've tryd demonize ur mom so many times she now has cancer in brain but she not a demon. And claimed her mother stole my mother's life. Amber a girl involved in my character defamation via Biochipping if plasma manipulatve nature. A hair like device grows length of arms legs torso and into head. It actually was shown me by god. Cutting myself in church 1122 compacter on accident it grew out my arm 9 inches. I broke it. Then getting my mother who pull on it only to watch go back into arm. They claim nothing I can do about this. Are they kidding? A bunch of occult devil worshipping demonizers of occult practices and Biochipping enslaving and pushing injustice without trial and nothing I can do really. These people need thoroughly investigated. Angela Ball states attorney Kim Sparks and Carole her mother. Amber Caleb and their mom tagg fz4 696 Amber Bragg of Biochipping Taylor county jail and court house. I know 11 12 people biochipped in this area alone but these people Amber and Kathy Allen Johnston target my family with their theft and mining of spiritual blessings. Also plasma transfering in thinking they can get heaven on stolen blessings of God. And even bragged destroying my life behind the scenes paying people to be involved and even setting them up with system to manipulate other people . Terri Lynn pruit stilwell Oklahoma baby daddy victim and Woodrow fourkiller and Johnathan wolf are both victim to Biochipping manipulation used against lasondra Canada. Amber tagg fz4 696 part my corralment and character defamation. Claimed 13 bodies saidworking on 14. These people very manipulative Dwight Johnston and kandis dare involved in corralment Leon Malia, Robert schaeadel and Dianne schaeadel, and all in part Moe Koslow and Steve o. From England and a English man was with my grandmother the policy holder whose name they erase of online record to hide crimes. Mary jane Devane maybe even trying to steal heritage of mother and I. As trillion dollars policy alot of money. This case need thorough investigation and oversight. I'm telling everyone including United Nations. Advice a true legit testimony of God and these people are occult practicioners trying steal my family assets and kill me and my family with cancer. 25 yrs + corralment. Jessica beeret. Involved Nick lunker baby momma. I went Mayo clinic to be tested for radiation. The nurse come in as Amber told I would be committed in my head. And wouldnt u Jessica beeret had me committed. In beginning of verbal terrorism they threaten placing me in coma. Dwight Johnston sister a nurse likely where the med cone from that placed my grandmother in coma. As Johnny Amber bf claimed Jessica berret. They work a enslavement of multiple people and terrorist operation claiming to be CiA and Feds and even brittish intelligence. They hack emails and phones. Use plasma as technology. Truth is one the biggest blessings in which God provide as truth bring comprehension and comprehension bring safety and responsible decision's. So I give everyone this story as my way of bringing uvthe truth if what's going on. It may sound crazy but I'm not I'm very same and down to earth. This is real and these people are a terrorist threat to society who definitely need thoroughly investigated. This enslavement is that serious. You won't even know that ur enslaved. I prayed and God revealed my testimony and provide miracles. These people instead of standing for truth in God of my testimony they attempt theft of my blessings of God in Testimony. If u have a friend hearing voices be a friend and have them pray. Soneone could be emvezzling their families assets the way these people did my family. Targeted us 25+ yrs

Author Notes: 41 Jacksonville FLA im a truth or nothing type person. This is my goal. Bring justice to the people who refuse to stand correctly in what theyve done to my family in possible cancer of the brain theft and character defamation of myself. my embezzler, my conspirators., My terrorist, my character defamators, my attempted murderers.

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21 Jul, 2021
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4 mins
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