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A True Story

A True Story

By TheTenthCircle01

Energetic. Outgoing. Funny. Friendly.

Those are all the things that I used to be. That is until just one year ago, when my parents divorced. My dad was a major alcoholic. When my parents were together, he would drink constantly, and scream at my mom. At times he wouldn't come home for weeks. He wasn't a good role model to me and my 19 year old brother. Things really started to stir when my mom found out that my dad was having an affair on my aunt. Yeah, thats his brother's exwife. I was so shocked. My mom was depressed for months, and I was thinking suicide thoughts. It got better when mom got a boyfriend 6 months ago. She was so happy, and he really nice. We decided to move in with him. My brother moved into his own apartment. The thing is, Doug (mom's boyfriend) lived in a trailor. It wasn't a bad trailor. It was very nice, but it was very small. I go from a 3-story house to a tiny trailor. It hit me hard. To make matters worse, Doug's 13 year old son had no respect for me what so ever. He was always loud, and called me names. I cried myself to sleep every night. I missed my daddy so much. I haven't seen him in over a year and he never bothered to call to say I Love You. I'm not looking for sympathy, really. I just want advice on what you think I should do. Please email me at [email protected] on what you think i should do. I want to change, but it seems like i can't. My new school sucks, and I have no friends anymore, and I'm constantly depressed. Please help. Thanks.

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24 Nov, 2010
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