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True Things

True Things

By storywriter101

So guys guess what, I'm a Indian girl, 18 years of age, would tottaly give you a picture of me, but then that would just reveal my identity and make things awkward. I'm an anonymous Aussie Indian girl, and this is true of my life, so please don't judge.
I lie a lot, about the things I do, people I meet, and how I do things. Here's a list of my lies:
Lie #1: I've claimed I've given a blow job and a handjob once.
Lie #2: I've claimed I've hooked up with 3 different guys at parties, when actually I don't attend parties, but have hooked up with one guy at a family/friends gathering.
Lie #3: I've claimed I've drunk and smoked weed before, when I've never had a drink in my life, nor have I smoken weed.
Lie #4: I used to lie to my parents about how I aced my exams in high school saying I got 90% and over in all of them. When the report card arrives, I'm tottaly fucked.
Lie #5: I sometimes lie about my marks in assignments. Recently, I claimed to have got 19/25 in an assignment, actually I got 14/25.
Lie #6: I've claimed I'd skipped school in middle school when I lived in America, however that is not even true.
Lie #7: I've claimed I've had 3 boyfriends: one American, one Indian and one Pakistani, when actually I've never had one.
Bad things I've done in my life:
Bad thing #1: When I was 8 or 9 years old, I shoplifted a britney spears magazine, and a easter egg chocolate from Walmart.
Bad thing #2: When I was 10 to 11 years old, I looked up pornography on the internet, thanks to my friend who wanted to know what a "Dick" was. I really enjoyed looking up this stuff, I think it made me aroused but I WAS ONLY 11 OR 12. Got busted by my dad and mom, was not allowed to use the computer for months, my dad wouldn't speak to me for ages.
Bad thing #3: When I was 11 to 12 years old, I stole money from my mom's bag and used to buy all these snacks from the school cafeteria in my elementary school. My mom found out, and would hide her handbag from me. Once again, my dad wanted to disown me.
Bad thing #4: When I was 12 to 13 years old, during the summer of 2007, I met a whole lot of Indian men on some Indian website (I am of Indian origin), web cammed with them, flashed them my boobs, and had an online relationship with one of them. I would stay up till 4 in the morning talking to them, they would dirty talk to me, and I wouldn't know shit. I gave them my home number (I didn't have a mobile phone) and they would call up, I would talk to them. I told my dad's sister about this incident, she nearly killed me, (not literaly but you know what I mean), and she told my dad. Once again, my dad hated me for several weeks.
Bad thing #5: I currently live with my aunty and uncle in Australia, and steal money from my aunty. I still do it, haven't been caught as of yet. I know it's bad, but I need money. If I'm not allowed to fucking work (I'm 18), where am I supposed to get money from? So whatever. I need to get money some how.
Bad thing #6: I wagged (skipped) class once with my friends, two guys and my best friend whos a girl. Had heaps of fun, and I was paranoid as normal, but something I shouldn't have done or I would have been busted.
Bad thing #7: I've developed a relationship with my best friend based on lies, and we haven't even fought yet. I kinda wish I wasn't a liar.
Bad thing #8: I sometimes enjoy searching for naked pictures of women on the makes me aroused, but then and again i'm a chick, I'm not lesbian...not even attracted to chicks. So what the fuck is wrong with me? After I do this shit, I feel disgusted of myself.
Something I want to change about myself: I want to stop lieing, and become a better person. Because the things I have done, have kinda scarred me for life. Yeah sorry if this whole page worth of shit has scarred you too. I know your thinking, "FUCK, BUT SHE'S INDIAN?" Yeah, my parents tottaly I mean my whole family has lost trust in me. But I guess that's mainly my fault yeah? :'(

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20 Feb, 2012
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3 mins
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