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Trying to Keep It Together
Trying to Keep It Together

Trying to Keep It Together


I'm really trying hard here,

But nothing is working out,

Because I'm still full of fear,

My dad is still an asshole,

And your silence is taking a toll,

I'm trying to pick up

Broken pieces from the floor,

While trying to keep it together

This empty situation feels like forever,

Because it's been my whole life,

I've never seen better,

I don't know how to fix myself,

Or explain it in a letter,

It's too much to write about,

Because it's too much for my head

To even figure out,

It's like everything is happening at once,

And I'm really trying to hold it together,

But it's starting to feel

Like there is no end to this stormy weather,

I'm trying to save myself from this flood,

But I've forgotten to swim,

It's this endless loop where I drown,

And it's getting grim,

Because everytime I seem to be fine,

I'm dragged back down,

And it's hard without a helping hand,

Because nothing is going as planned,

And I'm alone once more,

While I stand in the rain

As it begins to pour

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21 Jul, 2019
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