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Trying To Write A Story
Trying To Write A Story
This story has some quality issues

Trying To Write A Story

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Okay. I'm done with my schoolwork, now I can write a quality story in peace. *sits down comfortably*

*minutes later* Okay, what the actual crap? There is a cat biting my toes and climbing on the table..

The stars glimmered with--

Wait, no. I start too many stories with the sky. C'mon, Auron, just focus.

Her skin was a soft, cream color and her auburn hair tumbled down.

Er- no. What was I aiming for there? STOP BITING MY TOES! Okay, deep breaths, you've written a quality st- well, sort of quality story before...

The snowflakes flurried down from the sky like glitter. On the ground, it twinkled beautifully, with not a footprint ruining the smooth ground.

Okay, Auron. You're doing better. But what can you do to improve this story?

*many tries later* Okay, you know what? I'm done. This can just end my writing career right now. *loud keyboard noises*

*moments later*


Now that, Auron, that is beautiful, no sugar coating it this time. That is one quality story and it deserves to be published.

*asking parents for reviews*

"Auron, that is beautiful. Keep writing, you are the best writer I know."

Are you actually frikkin kidding me right now? All of my stories could be like THIS piece of crap and they wouldn't say a thing.

That's great, you know what? I don't even WANT to write anymore. Who actually needs a job, right? *nervous laughter*

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Author Notes: Me every time.

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7 Dec, 2016
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1 min
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