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Turkey 2011

Turkey 2011

By 96lw15

At the beginning we left England on a flight from East Midlands and landed in Turkey 4 hours later. We got to the hotel called 'Didim Beach Resort & Spa' at around 4-5 o'clock in the middle of the night. Me and my mum sat for a cup of tea before we went up to our room for bed.

We woke up the next morning and went downstairs and met all the people that we went on holiday with in the swimming pool. Then we went to get some breakfast and the weather was hot and nice. Spent most of the day relaxing by the pool and playing with my friends on the waterslides. The evenings were fun because there was entertainment in the hotel and there were people putting on shows for kids with props in an ampitheatre. The food wasn't as nice as we expected. The floors were wooden and easy to get splinters. The first day was a usual around the pool... We went upstairs at 12/Midnight and some of the adults were getting drunk!

The next day we went to the beach nearby early and we bought some inflatable rings and lilo's for friends to play with and we went out near a pier about 50m in a boat as the floor got deep then shallow which was weird and the water was quite cold. The weather seemed to get hotter everyday and we also saw some wild cats and dogs in and out our hotel. The cats were chasing the laser toy lights we bought on the third day. Another boring day really...

Next day we went on a boat ride/trip around the East Turkish seas for about 5 hours which was quite fun but my mum was ill and had sun stroke/sickness so she got taken off on a speedboat and back to the hotel halfway through the day! Most people on our holiday actually got ill but mild like diarrhoea or sun sickness! At night-time we went to the 'Dolphin Bar' which was a club suitable for kids too and we stayed there for a couple of hours which had funny entertainment and then had a search around Altinkum town for tea.

Most days were fun around the pool and one day we went to a waterpark around an hour on a coach which was great as it had lots of fun stuff including slides, lazy river, swimming pools, boats and more. A night later we went to a disco around the back of the hotel near the beach which was good but loud!! My mum nearly lost her card to get into the room one day as she left it on the bar and luckily got it back half an hour later! It was scary at that time and upsetting when we had to leave but altogether it was a great holiday with friends & family! Nearer the end of the holiday one girl 'Olivia' got a bad throat infection and had to have 2 jabs which was really unlucky but she is fine now! I would recommend it and the slides were a little unsafe as the men on top didn't really care about more than one person going down the slide at a time! If you have never heard of some of these places then it would be good to research them! Hope you enjoyed my story about my last holiday!



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1 Mar, 2012
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