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Twilight in the Vineyard

Twilight in the Vineyard

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

A gentle scent of summer wine fragranced the warm dewy air. The soft tweeting of the birds that soared and fluttered above ceased somewhat as night drew closer across the landscape. The sweet wine scent danced and dallied upon the tongue and resonated upon the taste buds as an essence of the alpine surroundings; a soul. The tall mountains towered as hard rough shards of glass, glinting in the dying sunlight and cascading the coveting light all around the hills and ridges.

The once bright sun began to fade out of view behind the ridges and crests and the clear now darkened sky marked time filled with bright white crystalline stars, burning with righteous fury: Aryan’s envy, watching over the world below. The stars shone down with such luminance they almost cast a ray; beaming light, filling the darkness with order and the chaos with purity – eyes keeping watch in the night.

The beams illuminated the tangled vines that grew beneath with glorious gifts of red grapes, heralding the heavens. The ground below them was soft and fertile and slightly damped in places as if the soil had been recently watered and nourished by the farmer. The farmer was nowhere to be seen now. His duty complete, he had returned home for the night. Apples grew alongside the grapes in towering trees with lush green sweeping leaves rustling in the subtle breeze; paper packages baring the life line of so many. The leaves protected the gentle blossoms which grew pale blushing pink at the delicate epicenter and spread out until the light pink shade faded and became purest Chinese white; innocence and purity, winking and blinking from between the crisp leaves. A heavy dew lay upon the leaves thickly; the dust of pixies, dancing and prancing in the evening air.

The dim sunlight finally died and buried itself in a sepelchre behind the high ridges and mountain peaks. The vineyard now lay in darkness. The gentle birdsong had faded away completely. The sweet melody of the nightingale had begun. Not to worry, the moonbeams and stars will light the way for the world.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
7 Apr, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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