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Two Candles
Two Candles

Two Candles

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Amir was a slave. He used to work in an automobile company as a bell boy. All his life, he got only pain and suffering. But he had something. Something which very few people ever found in their lives. Love. He loved a girl named Juena. They first met, when he was trafficked to this unknown land. Since then, though unintentionally, they met on many occasions. Though the meetings were unintentional, the love that bloomed was not. Gradually, their unintentional meetings became intentional. Eventually, they became inseverable. But, throughout the history of mankind, fate never went uncursed. And it was the irony of this fate, when one day, Amir discovered that Juena was the only beloved daughter of his master. The master, who would whip him at every fault. That master, who would slap him every time he tried to excuse himself of duty so that he could secretly go to his daily intentional meetings, which had become a daily ritual by then. But this was not enough to stop him from meeting her. They kept meeting in the alleyway between the automobile company and the cemetery. Until one day, when they got caught. The father took his daughter away and the father’s men pounced over poor Amir who somehow escaped that day. A few days later, he sent a message to her through one of the housemaids. In that letter, he told her that he would not give up on her. And that he would light a candle every night on the roof of the automobiles company, which was across her house. When she would see it, she was to also light one to let him know that she was alright. If there were an urgent need, then two candles would be lit and they would meet in the alley. But fate had been jealous. The maid who delivered the letter, confessed when her Juena’s father expressed doubt. Then, despite Juena’s vehement begging for forgiveness, her father sent men to bring Amir to him and threw her in a room and locked it. His men brought Amir to him. From inside the locked room, she could hear loud and frequent thuds. This long session of thuds ended after what sounded like a body falling on the ground. When she was released to have dinner, later that night, she came running to where she guessed that the sounds came from. She almost fainted when she saw the bloodied body of Amir which lay under the flies which were feasting on the blood. She was helped to the dining table, which was a few feet away from the body of Amir, by the women of the house. When she refused to eat, her already raging father again locked her in the room.

When they opened the door the next morning, they found her hanging from the ceiling fan. Her mascara flowing. Two candles burning incessantly on the window sill.

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30 Mar, 2020
Read Time
2 mins

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