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Two Different Lives.
Two Different Lives.

Two Different Lives.


I've lived two different lives. One that of having all and the other of having none. Nothing in between.

I know how to starve for a couple of days just so your loved ones could eat and then again i know the delight of getting to eat belly full. I have been treated worse when i couldn't offer anything and then been treated better while i could give something. I have had friends and also had foes. Even at some point got betrayed by every singl one of those.
I have laughed while I had so little to nothing as well as cried while I had a bit much to everything. I have appreciated every little thing and then again omitted such great things.

I have learned to both love and hate, hold myself up at times and to degrade.
Among them all the greatest lesson, i have ever got, is you have all if you have money and nothing in return if you don't have any.

But, the thing that matters the most in your life is the love of your closed ones. And there are some who'll not leave , no matter what kinda situation you are in.
At the moment of your last breath, you'll be happy not to see how much wealth you have got but to see people around you crying for your lose. Because, you have been loved.

So, just love and be loved.

Author Notes: This is my first submission. So please let me know if you like it. :)

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5 Apr, 2018
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