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Two Lion Battle Each Other In A Swimming Event

Two Lion Battle Each Other In A Swimming Event

By azimasri

In a deserted island, lives two fearful and animal's king of forest , THE LIONS , To make it short , One day , these two lions sitting, relaxing and yawning at the seashore. As they were taking their time under the peaceful sun, one of the lion come up with an idea.

Lion A : Hey hairyfaces lion, I've got an idea on how to spend our wasted time.
Lion B : Give me a shot, you baldyheaded lion.
Lion A : I want to challenge you to a swimming contest. You see that Island? Its about 5 km far. The fastest lion to swim and reach that island, will be crown as the strongest lion of all lion. How was it?
Lion B : (Talking with brag ROAR!) Fair enough! Just give me the date and time!
Lion A : Exactly one weeks from now. 7 days starting today, if you can count that high.

Clock ticking and Days counting. Lion B was practicing at his best for the event, hell like training and undergoes billions of sweat everyday. He was determined to win the event. Unlike Lion A, who spend the weeks resting, sleeping, eating and yawning the whole time. Lion B laugh and yelling that he will win this challenge to Lion A.

Finally, the day has come, both of the lions are prepared to start the race. But Lion A standing still and yawning , just beside Lion B , who has the winner's look at his face. In a count of 3, Lion B jump at his maximum into the sea and start swimming boatly fast. He didn't take a single look at the back to see Lion A, who takes his time slowly to swim.

Lion B was very confidence that the title Strongest Lion Of All Lions is in his hand. He reach the destination in an speed of animal's light time. He stand with valiant, and Lion A is nowhere to be seen swimming. As he continued his laughing and roaring , some voice stops him. He heard someone is calling him.

"Hey hairyfaces lion, your late, 10 minutes late." Lion B was freaking shocked to see that Lion A is sleeping and yawning at the goal destination.

Lion A : I win , you see the truth, I am the strongest lion of all lion. now bow down to me.
Lion B : But how did you . . . (Lion B was speechless)
Lion A : Okay, I'll tell you why. I'm a SEA LION, and you are a FOREST LION.

Lion B can't believe that and had no choice but to bow down to the promise.

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About This Story
20 Jan, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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