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By why_now - 2 Reviews

There are those people who question everything you say.

The people who have to make a comment about everything you do.

I get on the bus and there are middle schoolers in the aisle. I don’t yell but I say

“Please get out of the way”

They look at me like I’m stupid...Am I talking to myself??

The middle schoolers KNOW they aren’t supposed to sit in the back of the bus. That rule has been made clear. But, everyday they sit in the back making us High schoolers sit in the I don’t think so. I got a seat on the back of the bus and there were 4 others who couldn’t find a seat because MIDDLE SCHOOLERS said they wouldn’t move over. Now, hear me out before I say anything, I am a nice person to some people but if you are going to be downright selfish and not scoot over when a HIGH SCHOOLER asks you to because you want to sit by yourself. It’s going to make me mad. Normally, I give them a couple minutes to figure it out, but if they don’t I stand up and the WHOLE bus goes silent because they know I’m going to say something. They know by now that when I stand up on the bus I’m pissed. So, this is what I say:

“All the tiny ass middle schoolers who are sitting either by themselves or with another person can move over! I DON’T want to be in the parking lot of the High school all night! Come on! Figure it out!”

I know that sound mean but I mean if you’re old enough to know that you should respect the people in the grade(s) higher than you, than you can figure your stuff out.

I just needed to let off steam. I am normally really nice to younger people and others but it’s kind of common sense to move over when someone asks you too.


Author Notes: Hope you understand I'm not a mean person..selfish people get me HEATED

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26 Sep, 2018
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