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Vocaloid_SachikoDeadly Dolly

The school bells rang through the hallways. The hallways were crowded with hungry high school kids on their way to lunch. I walked past my locker quickly, trying not to attract unwanted attention from my friends. I stopped talking to them about a month ago. They still don't know why. I passed through the cafeteria as quickly as I could, but was surprised and stopped dead in my tracks.

"Hi." It was my boyfriend, Cole Hill. A wash of relief passed over me as soon as I found out it was only him and not my old friends. "How come you're not getting lunch again today?" He asked in wonderment.

"I'm just not hungry." He could tell I was lying. The look on his face said it all. His icey blue eyes peeping through his quote on quote, "EMO" bangs.

"C'mon, tell me the real reason."


"Why not?"

"Because it would make you sad." He grabbed my hand and walked me over to the stairs and sat me down.

"Seriously." He said. "Please, just tell me." I sighed, ready to burtst into tears mid-story, just like every other time.

"I don't want to eat food at all. I haven't eaten in a few months because my friends told me I was too fat for my own good. At first I tried purging the food by throwing it up, but..." I started to tear up, but continued anyway. "But it hurt too much and my stomach wouldn't stop hurting. So I just stopped eating in general. And on the rare occasions I do eat, I throw it up right after everyone goes to bed." The tears started spilling over my cheeks, I continued anyway though. "I stopped talking to Mya, and Jessie, and everyone a month ago, and it only gets worse for me. Mom started hiting me after my brother moved away a few weeks ago. It's getting better, now that her boyfriend moved in with us. He hits me when Mom's not around. She hass no idea." At this point I was sobbing. I still conttinued. "I started punching myself in the gut until I cough up blood. It helps me get tougher and stronger than what Bill and Mom do to me."

He only stared at me in silence. Then he put his arm around me, and wiped his eyes.

"Run away. Run away and don't look back. Go to my house tonight and You'll be safer there." I hesitated but agreed.

That night after I threw up the small amount of food I ate, I packed my things. My clothes, hair brush, everything I needed. I looked over at my desk where I used to draw with my dad when he was still alive. I saw the tiny bean filled purple cat Mom gave me for my fourth birthday. It only had one eye, my dog, Kimchi, ate it out, so there was only a button there. I grabbed the cat and threw it in my bag. I waited until everyone was asleep. Then I opened my window and climbed out. I ran down the many streets to Cole's house. It was pouring rain and I'd forgotten my umbrella.

When I knocked on the door, Cole answered. He had huge bags underneath his eyes, like he hadn't slept for hours.

"Sally!" He had to whisper, his dad was asleep. I saw his mom come running to the door holding a towel.She rustled it over my head and pulled me into a hug. I started crying and hugged her back tightley. Cole joined in after a few seconds. We stood there for a while as I cried into Mrs. Hill's shoulder.

"Welcome home." She said softley. After I changed into some dry pajamas, she set up a cot on the couch made out of pillows and blankets. After Mrs. Hill had gone to bed, and cole went to brush his teeth, I pulled out my little cat doll, just for a quick peek. I hid it again as soon as I saw Cole walk into the room. We sat on the couch for a while and talked about sleeping araingments, and the rules of the house for a while. Then he went to bed and I was alone watching Naruto underneath all of the blankets I was given, clutching my little cat doll to my chest. I drifted off to sleep shortly after.

Author Notes: This is part one of a series I'm making about a young girl named Sally. It's supposed to inspirational. It means never give up no matter how hard life may be. It's depressing right now because it just started. This is dedicated to my best friend Adam Penney. If you're reading this Adam, please don't give up. Thanks for reading!

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Deadly Dolly
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5 Dec, 2016
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3 mins
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