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Unbreakable Law-Final Part
Unbreakable Law-Final Part

Unbreakable Law-Final Part

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

Pine´s pov.

Oak stares at me, I take his hand in mine. Sliding a plain gold ring on his left ring finger. He smiles, taking the one I hand him, and copying my motion. Oak´s mom steps forward,¨today we changs the law.¨ She gestures between the two of us. ¨ It is time for change and happiness. My son is marrying and combining the two most powerful kingdoms ever known. You have my blessing.¨ My mom stands,¨you have mine.¨ She beams, wrapping an arm around Lemon, whose eyes go wide in response.

My father steps forward,¨you do not have my blessing.¨ My mom grinds the heel of her shoe into his foot, he groans, and I stifle a smile.¨ You have my blessing.¨ He sits, clutching his foot. Oak´s dad nods,¨ youré mom is right.¨ She beams,¨ I always am.¨ She nods, quick to agree.

I squeeze his hands in mine,¨ I take you, Oak, to be my husband through the boring and the exiting, through the hard and the easy, through everything I take you to be mine.¨ He smiles,¨I take you,Pine, to be my husband through the boring and the exciting, through the easy and the hard, I take you through everything to be mine.¨ I smile, pulling him closer to me.

He leans in, meeting my halfway, and we press our lips together in a gentle kiss.


I shiver pulling my blanket up to my neck. ¨Pine, you took the covers.¨ I smile, rolling over, and holding the covers open to him. He crawls under, I wrap my arms around him, and he sighs, closing his eyes. ¨I like this,¨ he whispers. I pull him closer,¨me too.¨

¨We should probably get up.¨ I nod, groaning. ¨The new kings have to make their first announcement, that everyone from this day forward is egual.¨ He smiles, I kiss his head. ¨Letś do this, my hiusband.¨ He smiles,¨I like that too.¨ I laugh and pull him out of the bed onto his feet.

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Lemon Drop
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7 Apr, 2021
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1 min
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