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Unbreakable Law-Part Seven
Unbreakable Law-Part Seven

Unbreakable Law-Part Seven

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Oak's pov.)

I knock quietly on Pine's door making sure no one is around, he opens the door, and gestures for me to walk in. "We need to talk." I freeze,"okay." He sighs, eyes downcast. "I no longer want to see you," my heart drops,"what do you mean?" He looks at me; face a barracade, eyes a freezing torrent of hate and repulsion, body rigid and unrelenting, and voice cold as ice. "I mean I don't want to do this anymore." He says, angrily gesturing between the two of us.

"Why?" I ask, trying hard not to show emotion, and failing as my voice hitches. A single tear falling down my cheeck. "You actualy believed it was real? How dumb are you? It was all a prank," He hisses and swings the door open for me to leave. I walk slowly out the door and down the hall, breaking down into sobs once I reach the safety of my room.

My stomach aches, my throat raw, my eyes burning, and my limbs heavily numb. Lemmon rubs my back awkwardly. "Can I be alone?" I ask, as polietly as I can muster. It comes out hoarse and mumbled. "Of course. If you need me you know where I am," I nod as a reply, knowing I will not go get her even if I do need her. I am not that pathetic and broken. I pull the covers over myself and lay wide awake staring at the cieling.

"Oak, you need to get ready for class." I nod at Lemmon, crawl out of my bed, and follow her down the halls to our classroom. I stare silently out the window, not interested in what he has to say. The halls our filled with yelling fairies, I push my way through them, and back to my room.

There is a knock on my door and a paper slides under it. I groan as I pick up the paper and unfold it to see what it says.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy

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Lemon Drop
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18 Feb, 2021
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1 min
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