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By MorganRain29

an outsider looking for a peaceful life does she get it?


The girl always hated her name, what was it short for, nosily or snidely asked why does she have a boys name? its stands for nothing thing. just plain Jac Johnanna. Now the opportunity arises & she can change her boy’s name. but as she looked in the mirror seeing her short shaggy pixie cut, seeing the red dye fading showing her black roots, seeing the dark rings under her best feature of her blue eyes, they also say that her bone structure was also her best features along with her dark skin, giving her sharp look of Eastern European. Thanks to her Romanian grandmother.
Somehow she couldn’t think of a name that wills finally suite her, even look in baby books, looking in the mirror & practising in a phoney happy voice.
"Hi, I’m Sophie, Hi I’m Holly, Hi I’m Sue."
Nothing seem to fit, nothing suited her. But she should change the name, shouldn’t she?
She should start afresh from being associated with a mad murdering wizard of ex.
New name with her new unwanted features to her body, a new flat since he burnt down the last one, along with all the stuff she has ever known, now all she has staying in her best friend flat was actually….her name.
He didn’t take that from her, he couldn’t, nobody could for the first times in 22 years she began to like the name of Jack Johnanna.
It took Jac a month to get out of her friends flat, just for a walk loving the fact that it was cold, so she could cover her new additions to her, with a hot coffee, she sat down on a bench & watched life go by with a small smile, how life could have changed all because she fell in love with the wrong guy. The guy with the sliver tongue that could make anyone do or believe anything including murder, it was jac’s fault she decided as she sat there alone & cold, feeling the wind chap at her cheeks, she voiced her morals, she trusted the group. She sighed & closed her eyes, seeing the sliver tongued eyes fierce as he came through the door with fire in his flat palmed hands, there was no love there, no anymore she was a traitor to him & she had seen what he does to traitor, still telling him….what he was about to do, making her case to the man that was going to murder her, giving him a chance to think about what he was doing, he just gave a passive face & began to burn the life out of her, still now after 1 year on she could only see her half a life was gone burnt & charcoaled, never to be mended. Broken.
"Miss Johnanna." it wasn’t a question.
Uh oh, she looked up to shadow that was covering, he was wearing a thick over coat with a denim trousers. His hair was thick & matted but at the sides & long on the top. his eyes gave him origins away. Mystic like her, like everyone she has ever known.
"How can I help you?" she said looking back away from him, gripping the cup in her hands getting ready to spill the hot liquid over him. She would know any minute now if he was sliver tongued sad little murdering group.
"I am Edwards Garret, from England may I sit down," he said to the empty bench next to her, he pulled out her card.
She looked at the gold writing on the business like card, nope he was working for sliver tongued or a cop, underneath his name was CEO member of the Establishment.
She looked back to her side to seeing looking on the frozen lake in front of them, before he smiled still looking at her,
"We like to offer you a job."


The black halls of Salem black arts academy was long & huge & most of all empty, but thanks to the new take over plan it would be for long, the laughing of unbridled men came from the living room in the back. Despite the fact that it was a large draft castle in the middle of nowhere, the living room was thanks to the roaring fire & the rosy red colure schemes, not mention the flow of drink that keeping the three men around a table comfortable warm.
Around the table was Rueben Tanner, a most confident man, in his powers in his mind & in his abilities, a tall man with salt & peppered hair was shaggy & long messily coming down his shoulders, some saying if Jim Morrison lived to his thirties he would look like Rueben, with large electric blue eyes & a rustic old fashioned good looking face, the style was the same of a movie star from the 50s comfortable slick.
The next man to him was Devon Timpson, known to be unstable in the mystic society, mind & ability, known Rueben for 16years a most trusted friend & trusted wizard when he is with Rueben, who had true look of a movie star good looks , with long straight blonde hair with corn fed California boy face, Hitler dream you may want say when you see him, the style of life is easy going & cool unaffected by anything, know one has ever seen in a hot temper or even shouting. His voice remained a wispy husk of a voice, like his humour & personality his dress sense was casual, with loud sometimes Hawaiian shirts & always in jeans or khakis, the most distinct thing about him, beside his goatee was his eyes which again held power of a wizard, but intensity of something behind royal blue eyes.
His name Harrison Frazer. Born in Yorkshire.
"Well that’s it boys, I’m hitting Bedfordshire," Harrison said yawing & stretching finishing off his eighth beer, seeing the boys nod & wave wishing him a good night.
Harrison fell almost asleep as he hit the pillow & began to snore loudly.
But back down stairs, a plan was devolving.
"When do we tell Harry, I mean he’s our third right?"
"Not yet, Devon we need the diamond how is Billie Joe doing."
"She doing a practice run tonight after tomorrow we will have it.”
"Good," Reuben said with a wink to his best friend before taking a swing of his own beer,
"By the end of the week my friend, the takeover will be here."
Unknowing to them, someone was listing in, thanks to the bugging device under the table.

Ben Parker & Rose Leslie sat in her office on the 5 floor looking at each other with all the seriousness of a bomb.
"How is she coping Ben?"
"I don’t have problem but obviously you do," all ready feeling protective towards his quiet partner.
The blonde shrugged her padded shoulder & twisted her rose bud mouth "I Just don’t think you can get over what she has been going through & then moving to a country, without any friends & be completely fine with it all,"
"So she is not drinking or taking Anti depression pills so. Would it be better if she did?"
"Fine," Rose nodded & stood up walking round her desk to see her through her wall of glass, sitting there tapping away on a computer, completely cool & methodical.
"Some people are what are called individuals," Ben said in a slow voice, just prove a point.
"Fine," she sighed turning round to face her lead detective.
"But I warn you, if she gives you any signs that she is about to run on fumes. Or blow a gasket, you report her & I will."
"What, send her back to where she came from?"
"No, get her a councillor.”
Ben sighed & nodded "that’s fair," he looked back at the sexiest woman he ever saw in a pin strip black skirt suite, blonde hair bunched up off her face, giving him the boss look, his heard went aflutter as well as his hard earned control went south.
"Would it make a difference, if you weren’t married to your lead floor detective, Miss Leslie?"
She folded her arms & a gave a wicked smile, "Maybe,"
He stood in one sweeping motion & stood close, smelling her lavender perfume,
"No, maybe’s I bet if she was stable woman you would have never let me be her partner,"
"Really," she said meeting his playfully gaze would she always tried to do when she lying,
"Huh, if she was on the market, you would have signed Romeo or Larry,"
"You find her attractive,"
"Not as much as the woman standing in front of me,"
"You being a bad boy Mr Parker, don’t make me reprimand you,"
"Tonight at home, anytime," he said with a wink & pushed his way out of the door, both having smiles on their faces.
He sat down beside his new partner, usually where the witness sit.
"How’s the wife," she said still tapping away on her keyboard.
Ben knew she saw it the first time she saw them together, unlike the rest of the floor, she kept her mouth shut.
"Worried, you might be a time bomb, waiting to blow."
"Then this place shouldn’t have hired me," Jac said leaning back & rubbing her eyes seeing him look back over to his wife & their boss who was on the phone.
"She’s just being protective, how the report, finished mine 20 minutes ago." he said looking at her computer screen to see pressed save & closed it down.
"I’m still rusty, have typed anything for a long time," She gave a soft smile, see his sad one.
"You’ll get there Jac,"
"Parker, JJ, get in here!" Rose shouted making them rolling their eyes at each other as they moved towards the office in the middle of the 12th floor.
"Her name is Billie Joe, thief & expert in cover spells, top floor wants you to see watch her flat & work, photograph anyone taking to her or with her period."
"How long for?"
"A week, top floor think she is moving in on a priceless jewel called the ice diamond." she gave them a file, with everything about Billie Joe Hamada.
Then with out knowing it she took one big gasp.
"Are you okay?" Ben asked seeing Rose pushing herself forward on her seat, watching Jac closely,
"Yeah, I’m just tired." she said with a smile that could be called one big fake out.
"Well we have relief."
"Yes, Larry & Romeo will be on the day shift,"
"Fine." she said moving out of the office before she fainted, she sat down & stared at the girl, well not much at the girl, but who she is hugging.
Devon Timpson, meaning if he’s around then…..
"Hey, what’s."
"I "m fine," she said gripping her hands into a fist getting up & grabbing her jacket "You driving."
He’s always driving as she hadn’t got her British licence yet, Ben followed her with a dubious wave to his wife, who was still watching closely back in her little glass box.
"Tell me what’s wrong?" Ben said seeing knowing that Jac was too quiet even for her.
"I’m only saying this, because we agreed no secrets & you told me about Rose,"
He sighed being for prepared about her past,
"The girl was staking out on."
"You know her.”
"No, the man she is hugging in this photo," Jac said it quickly; she didn’t have to look to see he was frowning.
"Who is he?"
"Devon Timpson," She said feeling herself shiver again like she always did when she thought of them, she held herself & looked out her window.
"What did he do to you Jac." he was getting quite now.
"Nothing, it’s what his best friend did, if Devon is in town, in the country then so is….."
"The man did something to you," he hasn’t seen them but why would someone lie about something so horrific, he didn’t need to see the fear hearing it in her often low voice was enough.
"He sent him, here."
"Yeah, probably told Devon to get close to Billie Joe,"
Then as if a light bulb went off over her head she asked "Is your laptop here?"
"Back seat," he didn’t ask why, he watched her log on to the internet & typed in Ice Diamond.
"It’s a source of the highest power, if they power concoct is powerful enough, those two combined can do anything, literarily anything." she said feeling history repeat it self.
"Devon wants the diamond to create something bad…."
"No, no, Devon couldn’t relight a candle without back from…."
"You don’t have to say it I know it, okay so, Billie Joe has stole this Diamond & they are planning to use it, for what"
"nothing really spot on-they will only be guess, but it wont be good, I’ve spent too many years knowing that.”
He could on the phone & pressed speed dial.
"Rose, the man in the photograph you gave us, we got an Id, and his name is Devon Timpson a lackey for Rueben Tanner."
"Oh Christ, did you just recognize him Jac,
"From the photo,"
"In my office, you should have told us,"
"I needed to process this, I’m sorry,"
"Never mind, I’m glad you told, okay this makes sense, I just received another phone call from the local cops, Billie Joe has been killed."
"& the diamond is nowhere," Jac didn’t guess.
"You want us to come back?"
"No, look over the crime scène, Ben you make sure the police know who you guys are."
"Yes dear.”
Rose was a response was a growl before hanging up,
"Oops." he said with a dirty smile on his rugged face.
"You wont be smiling when you sleeping on the sofa tonight." Jac warned seeing him wink,
"I know how to handle my lady don’t you worry." he assured pulling into the curb next to the panda cars.
He pulled out the warrant cards & looked at each other, "You going to be okay."
She gave a soft smile, "she isn’t my first body."
Or with him around my last.
The flat was small & cosy, with designer furniture; they walked into the living room where she was lying on her back with a large scorch mark on her back.
"You think Devon or…" Ben whispered as he walked in ahead of her.
"Devon if he was ordered too." she said seeing holding back as Ben knelled down to see finger marks on her neck, her eyes locked at the picture on her mantle piece, it was a fling for him, she was in love.
A hush sound made her look around her, with a frown she gripped her gun that she had holstered at her hip.
"What?" he said joining her pulling out his gun?
"Someone is in here," she said seeing nothing but an ordinary flat living room.
But she knew different & so did Ben, she closed her eyes & listened hard, she placed her hand up in front her face & in a low voice,
"Reveal." she said breathlessly.
She opened her eyes as she knew the veil was lifted he was standing in the corner of the room, he slowly raised his hands up as Ben quietly raised his gun.
"Don’t move."
"My name is Harrison Frazer; I’m part of the 15th floor Establishment."
But what surprised her was that he was an Establishment, probably because he was lying.
But the fact her body reacted to him like a fire on a cold winter’s nigh


He sat in the interview room staring across from Ben, he felt dirty, really needing a shower, really needing to know who that girl was, the one that relived him, that was his best he ever had & she blew it apart like he might as well covered by the curtain. It didn’t help the moment he clasped eyes on her, he took a sharp intake of breath, which probably gave him away.
The way she moved keeping away from Billie Joe, looking like a scared tigress, her hair catching the light of the moon streaming over her face, the way she was smelling of cookies as she rode in the car with him, she kept her distance covering her partner as he cuffed him.
Harrison knew he had to get in some way, staying back & getting caught by his own people was a perfect cover, making a report on what they planning & getting some kip in his own bed,
He locked eyes with her as she came back to the interview room, checking to see if he is who he says he is, while bringing two cups of coffee.
"What none for me, Miss….?"
She said nothing but sat back down handing Ben one.
"Right, they are going to get back to our boss, so Mr…."
"Frazer." he said dropping his tone like he was dropping his eyes to look at her tight little body,
"You can fill us in, first off, why was Billie Joe killed." Ben said leaning forward shifting in his seat.
"Classified." he said still looking at the silent beauty. She was so sad.
"Fine, lets see if our guess are right, you killed Billie Joe, along with your pal Devon Timpson for the Ice Diamond which she stole three days ago unknowing she was going to be killed for it, as the stone is very key to whatever spell you & your mate Rueben Tanner, is making."
Harrison was taken back now, how did they know so much, this was a secret op, knowing beside his boss, knows this.
"By your face Mr Frazer, we know what’s going on why you stuck around."
"I needed to come in, a need a break from the fuckers, & make a progress report, I knew they will be send EIs to investigate as I gave them Billie Joe as a lead.
& what a lovely one they send as well, her skin looks, matching those huge eyes & the shape of the lips, my god snap out of!
"Well we wont know that until," a knock came at the door, it was Rose, he nodded at Jac, before he stepped up before leaving the two alone & the lust soared.
"Tell me your name, you knew I would have recognized you, if you worked here before."
"What, did he give you a picture of what I looked like before." she said snidely grabbing a packet of cigarettes taking one & lighting it.
Her eyes glowed with annoyance, he never been so turn on like this, in just what an hour now of meeting okay being arrested by her.
"I don’t know what you mean?"
"I don’t play well with others okay," she looked away trying to avoid his baby blue eyes.
"But it’s so rude,"
Yeah so is being attracted to a man that works for the one that has scares you, get a fucking grip Jac!
The tension grew in his hands; he wanted to see if she was flawless as her skin told him she was,
How her lips parted ever time she blew smoke out, a pulse in his pants began to throb.
Harrison decided to play it cool; he leaned back & gave a soft smile.
"That veiled spell, was one of my best,"
"I’m surprised he didn’t teach you a better one."
Who was she talking about, who’s he?

"What part of America are you, down in the south, Carolina & you have a faint tone of New Yorker, it’s just a guess” he said feeling absurdly turn on as she began to walk round the room,
"I’m going to find out your name as soon as I get to my boss office, dig into his files, so you might as well tell me, wasting time, when I should be doing other things." he said ease back, put his hands behind his head, crossing his legs then lifting them onto the table.
"Sue." she said with a crocked grin, she said looking over shoulder, seeing his eyes wandering aimlessly over her body, making things simply & completely come alive.
Then he wriggled his nose up & shook his head, "Nah wrong, you aren’t a Sue."
She couldn’t help but smile, & he noticed it making his pulse speed up just a little more,
He blew a raspberry "Wrong again,"
What was she doing! She suppose to be immune to all this shit, but how the light made his hair look like gold, the devious twinkle in those eyes, the way he smoothed his goatee with his finger, like he was an evil mastermind.
She walked back & leaned on the chair, with her arm locked, so was the shy smile,
"What you think it would be then?"
He considered it, before getting the challenge he stood & walked round the chair,
"You hiding your name which means you either ashamed of it, or you like playing games," he watched as she coolly sat down & folded her arms, tipping her to one said, making his gut turn to liquid. My god you are really attracted to her,
"So it’s something weird or old fashioned or butch like a unisex name,"
He saw a flicker of something & he smiled, he sat on the table & stared down at her,
"Okay you sex name," he considered seeing her blush, licking her lips nervously.
He stopped breathing as he followed the pink tongue around the curvy lips,
"You good at these tells, poker,"
"Not usually, sometimes I play with my brothers or Nate, the guy that standing out side the door confirming that I’m who I said I am," he watched as she looked around & the see her blush again.
"Well Mr Frazer, thank you for your times" she said clearing her throat getting up grabbing her coffee cigarettes, don’t let her go find her name, don’t let her go,
"So you not going to tell me," he moved
"I think you having to much fun, flirting with me," she said looking around again, seeing her getting jittery.
My god you sweet, that voice, the way you blush, bit at your lip when you nervous, just like now,
"Is that what am I doing, I guess I still have the touch. Do I have the touch," he said saw his hand reach out & touch the bit mark on her lip, she didn’t pull back, she just stared as if she was deer in headlight, the door noisily open & they both jumped back,
"Come on Jac, we better make a start on background checks," Ben sighing
"Right, yes right," she gave him another look before leaving almost jogging & not stopping till she reached the door.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, what are you doing, you know this is bad, I cant believe actually let him touch you, this is so fucked up, you really want be out there again,
"Are you okay, you look ill or something?"
"No, I am fine, really," she gave that fake smile again. Lowing her head & guarded her again.
"Maybe, we should go home get some rest; Rose & Nate said they will be handling the process report on that guy,"
"Is his name really Harrison Frazer?"
"Yeah, movie star good looks as well as the name uh, no wonder he’s a secret agent."
She walked around living room, still trying to calm down, touching her lips every often. Being touch my after all this time, really shocked her system, even the warm shower didn’t help, didn’t drain the feeling of wanting, of need. To be held, could he hold her just like his large arms were telling her, could he really hold her & make everything go away,
"No! Because you a freak & when he finds out what he did, handsome Harry will run away & leave her be.
So wait he will find out tonight probably, if he has curious as you think he is, then everything will be back to normally. It’s the way it should be.

Harrison laid there on his bed staring up at the ceiling, he was suppose to be sleeping, he haven’t a wink of two days, but damn it her face was being fused to his brain, the way she stood there shaky under the touch of a single finger, her large eyes staring into his, making his simply drowning him black fire, the lip was as soft & call it gut instinct but he knew everything else of hers will be equally as smooth.
Boy, you thought you can never feel like this again, did you. But there you are flirting shamelessly with Jac.
A smile came to his lips, it suited her, it somehow told him, she had been ashamed of it, having a unfeminine name, so she should be unfeminine, wearing ill fitted clothes, her hair short, clunky boots, little make up, somehow thinking know one will ever fancied her, but she was wrong so very wrong, Harrison wanted to know more, & he will.


It was cold crisp day as she stood on the last step holding to cups of coffee, hoping down & up on her almost frozen toes, begging Ben to hurry, she didn’t even say hi, like usual went climbed into the car, shivering.
He reached for his coffee but she turned away,
"Okay I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t sleep very well, the couch is…"
"The couch," she laughed out loud & then stopped shyly with her hand,
"I didn’t even read her mind," she said with a shy quip & then gave him regular decaf black coffee,
"Don’t just, don’t." he warned before taking off down the road, beeping at everyone & everything.
Quite a morning already, she wondered what else was going on.
Jack didn't even have a chance to sit down at her desk when she & Ben called into his wife’s office,
There she unreadily clapped eyes on the delish Harrison sitting on a stool in the corner leaning on a stack of files, dressed in a simple grey polar neck & jeans, his hair tied tight back in a ponytail, his eyes seemed to soar into her, gripping his hands together, his body tightly rigid never really preparing to see her, he gave a friendly soft smile, but she immediately looked away as she sat down, she was in serious black trousers suite with a white collar shirt of covering everything up, his heart went out her, as his hand want to reach out & just simply hold her.
"There is a problem that 15th floor hadn’t foreseen." Rose said dressed in a similar suite as Jac, but a red shirt underneath.
"& that is?" Jac forced herself to stare at rose or even Nate, she a bad feeling it had something to with the drop dead hunk still watching her like prey. doesn’t matter that she thought about that simple touch of his finger to her lip all night, long, that she fantasies of him doing more than simply staring at touching, it doesn’t matter it wont come true.
"Well, well there a club in the west end call the magic inn & Mr Frazer here, never really takes any of the girls home, there is becoming a small problem."
"No," she quietly said everyone turned to her, seeing the girl closing her eyes & shaking her head.
"I will not be used because of my background with a suspect," she began to shake violently.
"Oh my…this is." Ben began to walk up & down behind her.
"Ben this has nothing to do with you, this is 15TH floor case,"
"You can not ask a victim to go & pretended she is absolutely fine, in front of her attacker, to pretend she has forgiven him or even pretended to happy! No," Ben shook his head definitely.
"Under these circumstances, it the best option Jac has the power to read their mind &…."
"I’m not the only on that can read mind with-out being detected, or even go into his dreams,"
"Yes, but we have discussed their option but you my dear have a case history & it will save time."
"Save it! She gasped "I won’t do it…." She stood
"Jac, Jac Johanna sits down," Rose commanded.
"No, you can fire me or even put me in Jail, but I will not be in this ploy simply because your agent might be believed as gay, get another idiot blonde to take my place, Its easy, all they have to do it clone him." she said storming Ben went for the door, but was stopped by Harry running down the hall after her,
Ben growled & looked back down at his wife, shaking his head, seeing the guilt written there.
"You've crossed the line & you know it."

"Will you wait!" he said blocking the door from hitting him in the fact, not seeing the Ladies sign on it, but sure saw ladies as he walked in, making sure all we gone, he walked to the last cubicle & knelled down by the red locked door,
"I’m sorry Jac, it wasn’t my idea but I didn’t stop it."
"Screw the plan, screw them & screw you," she sobbed grabbing a roll of tissue paper & blew her nose, making Harry smile,
"But call me crazy, but I would have wanted revenge, I would think you do too,"
"All I want is too be left alone, in peace & quietness,"
"You took the wrong job, Rueben Tanner is a known criminal & unless you put him away from good, taking his powers along with, I would guess, the establishment will use your history to get him, I’m sorry they didn’t make that clear with you," He held his hand to the door & felt her broken all over again.
Harry gave a sigh "but you knew that," he guessed "But you didn't bank on it being this quick."
"Go away,"
"I’m giving my notice in & running away from this corporate mess!"
"Look I can’t talk to you through a door, a need to see your lovely face, the charm is all in the eyes & it won’t work through a fucking door."
"I’m ugly as sin, stop lying."
"Now you being silly, I will not be here in a fucking ladies toilets pleading with a staggering beauty just to entrap her to work with me," the sobbing stopping & a few minutes later she opened the door gingerly.
Harry knew she heard read him, knowing God help him he was telling the truth.
He looked at her all red blotchy eyes & red nose. She had never looked so fucking adorable.
"I’m not doing it." her voice cracked.
"Okay, I’ll find another boring stick pin of a girl to work with me that looks remarkable like me" he held out his hand.
"Why?" she said staring at his large hand.
"Why I am here or why am I pushing to ask you on date."
She sniffed & wiped her drippy nose.
"Because for all that time in 12 years you & only you have turned my head, have grabbed my attention. & made my heart pled for more of you."
She didn’t ask what happened 12 years, she just grip at his hand, both standing at the same.
"Now," he sighed "Do I ask you for a date here," he looked at round white & black bathroom.
"Or someplace a little less-beachy.

Harry had one full night of freedom before he had to go back being "Harry the smarmy git.”
& he planned to spend it with her, question is what & where would they go, he watched as she picked up the card that was in a dozen red roses & smiled shyly, before smelling them & sighing took her most of 20 minutes to finally agree.
He knew she wasn’t posh restaurant type, & believe him that was a good thing, cause he wanted to do was hold her, touch her, he finally settled on it, dinner in, but where is place was empty & Nate was so busy with his latest model he wasn’t going to let him charm her there,
With a little tempering & hacker action he had a perfect place.

Ben had left early think he had planed something especially for the wife, even through he wasn’t happy about his boss right now, he separated work & play, telling him its all right she took a cab home.
She almost took out her gun when she heard romantic music coming from her flat, she walked in to see the entire living room was filled with candles a small table that she hadn’t even unpacked from the box was sitting there on the balcony all set up, she dropped her bag & her coat on the sofa & walked cursorily in to him, moving around her never used kitchen.
"You broke in to my flat & cooked in my kitchen," she finally said loving the view of his tight butt in jeans, he looked around & gave her a smile,
"Thought it would be a nice surprise, don’t worry I haven’t snooped, I brought the candles the wine, & a nice piece of steak,"
"Yorkshire boy through & through," she said trying to take a smile off her face, & Harry saw it coming closer, more like gliding to her, he wiped his hand on dish cloth & took hers kissing them both before twirling her around & moving back & forth in time with romantic music.
"I guess you brought the music too," she finally said getting her breath back after staring at him hard, his body brushing against hers every so often, she could tell he shaven & real quick too, still feeling some stubble, fiction coursing up her entire body,
"Uh," he grazed himself feeling everything constricted & he loved it.
She heard a soft groan from deep inside, she timidly moved her mouth over his ear & softly breathed against it, the grip on her hand became tighter, he then slipped one hand down to the small over her back pulling her back in matching her moving, with her free hand began to climb up his back into his ponytail, wrapping around her hand like it was a rein.
"You are turning me on, go any slower & my steak will be burnt," he said in a deep low chuckling mode,
"What if I tell you, I’m not hungry for steak," she wound her leg around him & began to grid herself against him,
He gripped at her before turning her round & laying her down on her crème sofa, where he knelled down besides towering over her ran his hand through her hair, to her face.
"What if I tell you can cook the steak on my chest I’m so fucking hot right now!"
He looked to see her shyly smile before drawing him near & kissed his cheek,
"I know what this is & I don’t mind about the future," she said huskily.
"What is this, I’m still dizzy,"
"Maybe," he had to admit, he was since…. No, this was something else, he couldn’t stopped tracing the line of her face, the way her eyes dripped in sadness & lust at the same time, the way she is biting her lip right now, reading his exact thoughts, wondering should she kick him out.
"Maybe we should kid ourselves, maybe this is a one nighter, maybe we could just hold each other forgetting what has happened over entire lives & just….be in the fucking moment, maybe we have doubt, maybe this is an itch we have to scratch, but if I wake tomorrow feeling the exact why I do now, then I’m taking another shot at you, it wont be just about the sex,"
Her eyes showed passion, her eyes showed fear, her eyes showed possibility, all in one blink.
She pulled at his shirt & whispered "I can get away from sweet talkers," she moved her lips hard & fast against his, he seizing her up in his, taking her roughly like those Romance fiction, that you read about it, she gripped at his butt & pulled him on-top of her, the session of making out was just….incredible, she was ready to buck off the sofa when he opened up her shirt & took her rosy tipped nipples in his mouth, his fingers gripped at his hair, that was making him into a tiger, moving down unbutton her jeans before taking her cotton white panties before taking her into his mouth, hear her moan & tasting her was just… simply the best turn -on he could have happen to him, he sheathed himself not 10 minutes later & was deep inside her.
Holding each other tightly as simply too lonely people found complete solace in each other, it was lazy & slow, he couldn’t rush her, and somehow it was all important for him, to make her feel every single thrust of him, every inch.
But she began to moan for harder, faster, he was listing, she gripped at him & they both fell on the floor, she leaned back for a sharper angle & found deep madness, hard & fast she came shuddering & shiver his name, only then did he let go, watching her come down on top of her him, covering back up, lying there in fuzzy bliss.
"It’s been a long time, but I’m pretty sure, it has never been like that,"
She giggled & licked along like his neck,
"You can stop with a charmer act; you got me with your first touch of your finger to my lips,"
"Oh baby, we have all night, & I can touch more what I could do with my fingers."
It was a solemn promise.


The ceremony was a beauty with a beaming sun, not to warm & not to cold, her dress was a staggering fitted body one, crème, her hair was down up & away with daisies in her chestnut brown locks, she was the happy bride, as she walked to her Groom,
Everyone sat down & all eyes were on the handsome couple,
The victor smiled down on the handsome couple still managing all that smiles while he was pronouncing them.
"Harrison Dale Frazer Griffin will you take Jessica Celia Cole, to be you lawful & wedded wife."
He smiled & took a breath, "I do,"
The clouds grew suddenly darkness & Mrs Griffin grey weaker falling into her arms, suddenly they were in bed, him holding her, they were older now, but nothing had change in their lives expect she was ill & no amount of money or magic helped their lives make a happy return.
Harry is lying on the floor crawled up in a ball, screaming & sobbing her name as she they lowered her into the ground, he looked up at Jac almost gasped as he saw her, the smiles came back on his, his clothes changed, his hair, the goatee.
He held out his hand & pushed her down towards a soft bed surrounded by a waterfall.
"Mrs Jac Griffin, who would have thought, I will find my heart once, again." his hand made its way to her belly, where she heart a tiny heartbeat.
Jac opened her eyes to feel the weight of his hands pining her down across her waist, her first reaction was to run, fast away from the weight, away from what had happened between them, but then all she did was look at his true calm features, his mouth slack, his black eyelashes looked almost graceful in the fuzzy of the night & the back light of the moon.
Did she enter what he was dreaming, about a wife that died, about her being a mother of his child? Her! Jac!
She eased herself away collecting a glass from a table & cigarettes lifting his shirt along with, unbecoming it as she stepped onto the balcony, what made her do this, Rueben should have damaged her beyond repair, never trusting a man completely for the rest of her life, but his words, that voice, man she really was a sucka, she poured the wine into a glass, which she doesn’t own just another thing he brought with him, she guess & smoked her first cigarette in almost eight hours, it was late in the night around about four, & the city of London was asleep, no ambulances sirens, or police chasing, then an awful dread happened, it was creeping over her skin, like the fire had over her skin, what if that dream was a look forward & a look back into his life, what if she was pregnant or soon to be, the doctors she was all set to convince again, there was nothing wrong with bearing a child again, but to go through that with him will be…..great, more than great, but just one tiny snag, if she was ever to have a life of happiness with someone else, then she will have to bite the bullet & take down Rueben Tanner.
She will have to face him, head on, knowing what & why he tried to kill her, knowing he will probably try to humiliate her before killing her, but as Jac heard him stir & yawn, a small smile came to her face, he’s going to be worth it,

"Are you sure? Harry said seeing the tear track that was still visible, even in the fussy darkness, she had told him everything she was thinking, not about to seeing him with her & a possible baby, that would just freak him out, but her plan to go along with & pretend, she is absolutely fine while looking at his face, she felt her hear cave & began to thud,
"If I am to have any kind of future, a happy one, then he has to be going from my life, & you will do that, with my help."
He crushed her to him, on the small balcony kissing her cold cheeks & neck.
"I will keep you with me & all times, okay, even in the bathroom."
That made her smile & cups his face, "You can’t not all…."
"I will keep you safe from him, even if I have to bug you twenty four seven I swear, he can never harm you,"
The eyes were so determined so want to be her knight in shining amour.
She pulled back kissing her neck & jaw, the security he possessed, made her simply melt & began aware of his large imposing body , made her feel some thing vulnerable, damsel in distress.
She moved her hand down between them to cup at him softly, hearing him growl in ear,
"Make love to Harry," she felt an impossible ache happen again deep inside again, he moved his way around to he was now sitting back on a chair that must have been cold, she gave a questionable look , but a smile formed on her lips as he saw he was growing hard, he held out his hand & heat held in his gaze, she strangled him, as he gripped around to the small of her back making her just connect with the tip of him, pressing just enough, to make her gasp & jolt & with that he opened his own shirt up, her eyes scared worried afraid of what he will see,
"Do not worry please baby," he said opening his shirt up, to see her dark nipples standing to a strict attention, asking him to kiss them lick them & he did, paying strict attention to them, sucking on them like they were sweetly rolling them around biting down on them, she cried out & grip at his shoulder, his head,
Then with a reassured look, he dropped the shirt over her shoulders.
It was just as he thought they would look like, the scar dripped like melted wax down a large area of pinkish skin, making his way down to reach her elbow & up to the collarbone, she looked at him carefully with worried wounded eyes, watching for disgust or something other that will make her run.
But he didn’t he pulled her in & kissed them, running just the tip of tongue of each other them, making his way up to her neck & behind her ear, she could help but shed some tears as she went in for a huge, finding each of his kisses of her touches, simply moving, more than ever now she wanted him deep inside, she began to kissing & licking at his neck nuzzling there, biting at his earlobe, his hard on was simply divine as she pressed him in her, he let out a gasp & clutched at her back, she pulled back seeing his face, as she began to the make her journey up & down him, the shirt still hanging on her forearm, her choice to cover up or not, but she was so far away from her scars, she simply dropped the shirt gripping the back of his head & leaned back, he grabbed her breasts & kissing them & licked them matching every thrust she was controlling.
Was she this lucky, was he actually the one? She looked back to see to painful raw emotions run across his face made her speed up & moan his name.
Answer simply came yes, yes he just might be.

The plan was set, the dealt the plan out, they met a bar, fell in love & got engaged, that was the excuse for the engagement ring , that was a hearing device, so when he was unforeseeable away from her, he could still hear her, he also chipped her, remarking she felt like a dog,
Four hours left & she packed a simple over night case as Harry the git as Harry the agent called him checked in being realised from jail, impending bail, blah, blah, Devon & Rueben were celebrating something & they should come along to a beach house in Cornwall, he dropped it in that he was bringing his girlfriend.
Jac now sat on the rooftop, smoking her 8th cigarette record for her as she only have 4 in the entire day leading up to this, but the reasons why were clear, & drank her 5 cappuccino, while hiding herself in from the on coming wind.
"Thought I might find you here," Ben said coming to sit near her on the ledge,
" supposes I’m predictable." she said softly with a soft smile,
"Yeah you that all right, what made you do it,"
"Dreams, I got inside his dreams."
"Oh, ah," he said finally get that she was perhaps moving the lust he felt for them into another gear,
"That was quick of him."
"He’s determined," she shrugged
"& you like him a lot, but to move on you have to get the past behind you, simple."
She gave him the narrowing of the eye "Stop being insight full it’s creepy."
He gave a mischievous grin, "Rose loves it,"
"She would anything to get to have sex,"
"Funny," his face grew solemn again.
"Are….you prepared."
"Nope, ever time I think of it, I feel sick, he going to try & humiliate me, with snide remarks & then probably in front of people, then possible try & rape me again."
"He…he tried it before,"
She gave a sorry smile & nodded "That night, while still burning my flesh,"
"Oh god, that fucks!"
She placed her hand on his shoulder, "Its okay, this will be all over soon, & we can get back at annoying your wife,"
He nodded & looked away, trying not show how mad he was, if someone ever did that to….while he would be dead.
"That would be good,"
The door to the stairwell open & both looked to see him back under cover, bright red & yellow shirt with blue jeans, his hair coming down his face, looking a surfer dude, giving them a laugh.
"Alright, Riggs & Murtaugh, have you big laugh."

The Cornwall beach house, wasn’t exactly good weather for a beach party, but that was stopping about 50 people dancing & drinking on it, he pulled behind the grey beach house & side, she was wearing what she always were, jeans woolly jump & long black jacket, he gave a shaky smile, kissing her hands knowing the wood be freezing even through the central heating was on, fear was the answer. Jac watched as he placed his sunglasses on, smooth his goatee with his fingers before putting a skin colour like hear piece in his ear,
"You don’t know what you mean to me, yet when I have plucked up the guts I will tell you,"
"Me too,"
He leaned in & covered his mouth sealing a loving kiss over her, perfectly make a certain tingle in her toes, making her mind swirl & almost swoon no man not even…him could make her swoon.
The jumped as someone knocked on the window,
"Stop acting like a pair of kids wills ya,"
"Yeah, yeah," he kissed her one last time before with a large deep breath; they got out of the car,
Here we go.
Jac will a shy hand hold his as they both made their way down the beach down along the boardwalk,
"You know drinking in the sun mate, will give you a headache," funny because there was no sun, Harry the smarmy git said in his thick Yorkshire accent, she saw Devon get up & saw did Reuben just like always in cahoots planning something, then they both stopped in their tracks, almost as if they been shot.
"Hello boys, I would like you meet my soon-to-be wife Jac Johanna," He said with a large grin on face,
"Hello Devon, Hello….Rueben." she said as if she was choking on the name, it was a first time in two years she had spoken his name.
They haven’t changed not one single bit.
"Well aren’t you boys stuck dumb by her beauty as I was?"
"When-how." Devon barely muttered.
"We met last week when I was coming of prison mate, drinking myself sober & then she was, stunning isn’t she" he said kissing her full on the lips, playing the part, she wound her hand around the ponytail & pull back "down boy, you embarrassing me." she said with a growl before looking back at the boys & walked to them with her fist in his jeans pockets, she went to Devon kissing him on the cheek before looking at him,
The eyes were steel blue, his messy hair blowing in his face, as his body was like a rock, still.
"What are you…?"
"Doing here, smiling at my murderous ex boyfriend?" she shrugged & bit her lip, not from wanting lust or his fiery passion, but from pure bile that was travelling up through her chest, she was mostly certainly over him.
"To rain on your parade, see you at the bonfire tonight Rue, you be there wont you, the fire, burning through the wood, bring back happy memories.
"Hey babe, come on I want to fuck!"
"Okay hon." she said still looking at Rueben, who was still towering over her,
"Sweet talkers, what can I say, I love them," she winked before walking away back to Yorkshire lad,
"Oh & don’t bank on split us up rue, he knows what you did, & he wont be the only one this weekend."
She walked away & tapped Devon on the butt before walking away. Doing all she could not to turn around.
Jac doesn’t know how she made it up to the large master bedroom without throwing up, but as soon as she did, she fell on her knees & barfed, he crouched beside her & soothed her back till they was nothing else, she leaned back against the wall & with out a word, applied a damp cloth to her forehead, he grabbed up her hands & kissed them, "Not bad baby, you have him worried,"
"& he’s the one that’s making me barf,"
"I suspect much when you walked back looking green," he brought her in his arms, crushing her against him, letting him soothe her, feeling so calm, so safe, but it was pipe dream, a delusion.
She pulled back & shook her head as the tears ran down her face.
"What baby,"
"Stop, this isn’t real, the way you make me feel I cant…" she began to breathe in short breath, she clutched her chest, "I can’t breathe,"
"You are having a panic attack, Jac look at me,"
Tear came down her face, as his face began blurry, she saw him close his eyes & pull her in,
Then looked around & she wasn’t in the bathroom on the floor anymore, acting like an idiot, the waves crashed onto the rocks on her left, she felt sand under hand, she pulled back to see there were on a beach someplace, behind her rocky green mountains & in front the ocean, her breathing had returned to normal,
"You want a dream baby, this is a dream?" he said cupping her face & drying her tears,
"This is….a Illusory,"
"One of my many gifts, you okay now,"
She looked back to the mountains, seeing hawks & eagles fly, it didn’t fit with ocean bit,
"I didn’t know what would work best, mountains or beach, so I melted them together," she laughed out loud & hugged him close, somehow doing this, made her feel well again, no there wasn’t a somehow she knew why she nearly cracked up. Rueben Tanner & she like she thought Harry was there to save her.
She was now walking around with her jumper in her hand, he was now lying back on his elbows staring at her, as she felt the heat of the sun on her face,
"How, can you bring heat into Illusory," she smiled down on him,
"I don’t think I’ve ever learned it how, it just came, when my parents were fighting, or school was being shit as per usual, I escaped. I didn’t a lot when Jessie died," his voice pang hurt to her ears, & she sat down next to him,
"How, did she go?"
"Drunk, who was driving she was his first or last…but last he was killed too. Tore me up."
"I’m sorry, Harry,"
"She was of my childhood, best friend lover, wife, now she’s gone & I had to grow up, meeting you I never thought it Jac, I never actually entered my brain that I would meet anyone woman who could make me completely obsessed with her again, believe me I didn’t plan to fall for anyone, but it makes sense, she was my child hood, you are my adulthood. My future."
"Hey, I’m too fucked up to be anyone’s future, I mean…."
"If I think I say it, I know it, I believe it, I believe in us Jac, after we burn this fucker down, I will take you out on a proper date, fancy restaurant & no fucking in the loo, a proper one,"
That made her smile shyly, & looked away, he cupped her face & pulled her back in for a kiss,
So we are officially still in the bathroom at the beach house, but mentally we are here,"
"Yup, perfect escape, you needed it, him being so close was,"
"Ah, so if I say, fuck me against that rock over there, in real time we are fucking against a sink or door or something,"
A low burning smile came to his lips.
"Yeah, what are you thinking baby," he said bring his lips to her neck & licked at it, making her toes curl in the sand, she wrapped her arms around his neck & made a little giggle,
"Guess," she said before taking off to the rock, he looked up to see she was stripping as she went,
In real life, she was running to the bed, he was crashing down on it
By now he was pining her against the rock, slipping his hand to cup her, flicking her clit back & forth gasping as she was indeed wet.
She doesn’t know how many finger he had inside her, but she could feel anything just sweeping pleasure that was moving like the ocean against the rocks, she want to hold to grip at something had she found his head & his shoulder, she hadn’t seen him take the mound of her breast into his mouth, till she actually looked to him, staring up at her, his fingers went up making her body go rigid, feeling touch her g-spot, she imploded, she screaming & thrusting as he replaced his hand fingers with his large & impending cock, already had she came, he knew she would be open & crazed, he didn’t gave her a enough time to catch a breath, he moved himself with a single thrust &, she grabbed hold wrapping her legs around him, pulling him more, he couldn’t move, he wanted to move, he was buried inside of her, staring at her.
She held him in & kissed him hard & feverishly, unknowing that her nipples rubbing against his flesh of his chest was sending him simply crazed,
He pulled her off the rock & toppled her, covering her entirely & he began to pump himself held fast by her, legs & arms, seeing her come for what the third or fourth time, he finally let go, cradling her head between his arms, kissing her loving,
"In the entire places I go, this is my favourite,"
"The beach/mountains," she asked suddenly tired & spent,
"No, here, right here," he pointed to her.
A trickle of a tear form & came down the side of her head.
"Then you should come here again, my heart & body is always here welcoming you," she said trying to sound like an airline but failed as her voice, she hid her face in his shoulder,
"I will, every god damn day we are alive, Jac Johnanna,"
She sniffed back the tears & looked up. Did he just admit he wanted her more so after the case is over?
But as was just about to ask him, the cell rang & the fantasy was shattered, it broken in shards of glass it broken all around them & reality, horrible hateful reality stepped back in.
As soon as they got dressed in silence he moved down back on to the beach, he wore a black open collar plain black shirt & stone wash ripped jeans, his long hair down back over his shoulder,
Well Jac went for a dress, a two piece figure hugging dress, the night was clear & so the sparks from the fire was blazing up into the air, giving a romantic feeling to the warm night, she let him go & made her self a drink , remembering with a small smile to her lips how to make a cocktail, then she was twirled around by a large pair of hands, she gripped the wooden counter as the pair of hands were on her shoulder, no move & they were be around her neck, Devon was grinning with a real vindication.
"Oh Devon," she recovered quickly, "If you wanted to get you creepy little hands on, you only had to ask,"
"You always were a fucking smart bitch, what are you doing here?" he growled, his yellow teeth looking like tombstones.
"Oh that means you don’t like me being here why, please tell me why," Jac could feel the bile riding up,
"You a traitor.” his eyes narrowed.
"I’m sorry I feel I had to gave my murderous boyfriend up, hey I have a soul," she kneed him the balls & he bent down & groaned
"Don’t you ever fucking lay your hands on me, again?"
She looked to see Harry, giving her a lovely big smile,
"Ta, Ta Devon see you outside," she said in a light airy voice walking to the only safety she ever known, he wrapped his arms her & pulled her kissing the top of her, he walked to the stone steps out on to the beach, where every where was a round the bonfire, singing, drinking, laughing, kissing.
"Hey man, you never said how you met this babe."
She sat down still in arms sitting on a log beside him, grabbling a beer, she looked to see Rueben meeting her eyes, while his hands roaming over some poor blonde, she was that poor girl once, even from here, he was making her skin crawl.
"Oh man, I walked into the Singing Dove, sloshing down the shots man, & there she was, smiling dancing" Harry pulled her in, "I got down on bended knee right there on the fucking dance floor & popped the question," he gave a cheesy grin, before he kissed.
"Hey, you want to know how I met here," Rueben said still looking at her, every through as usual he was speaking to the crowd.
"I was the village, when she came in, hungry, filthy dirty, seriously in bad health.”
A large lump appeared in her throat her hand on Harry was being squeezed & he squeezed back,
"Even through all that shit, I fell in love, first asked to get her a meal, then a drink, then just to talk at the church where I doing my little speech, she never met any other gifted I was the first, I showed her not to be afraid be of her powers, that what her parents did to her, was nothing but a typical shit humans,"
Everyone nodded they head & it zoned her back to all those speeches, he had given.
"Every night we made love, every night I cherished her, & what she do….she tore it out of me, she thought I murdered somebody you see, she gave me over to the cops, undercover for them. Get me to confess" his eyes were watery now, his mouth turned down, he shook his head & ran his large lovely hands into his hair,
"& why do I do that Rue, uh." she said in such a sweet tone, it made everyone look back to her.
"You murdered a priest simple because he didn’t see you way about life, you did it right in front of me, I can still feel the blood drying on my face as you slashed the guy from stomach to neck Rue, & then here the great part people, he escapes…. & the girl that he brought into his life….the girl he fucked every night, the one he cherished, the one he saved. He came after her. didn’t you, you tore her apart didn’t you, and you slowly cooked her skin while you raped her, yet your little speech didn’t seem to have that. Why not Rueben," Everyone looked away some horrified, some wiping tears away, Jac couldn’t help but wipe the tears away herself, "You even forgot to tell them the baby you killed."
"Oh my god," someone said, Harry hand now was still & the someone mind opened,
"There’s no way I’m going to do that thing on the fifteenth now, no way am I letting this freak have all that power,"
Then another called out to her,
"Take over, no fucking way, not with me."
Fifteenth that was only a day away, the takeover, that was he was calling it, but to take over what?


Everyone wasn’t in a party mood Jac couldn’t think why, everyone went to their bed, & pretend their didn’t know what they just heard, that their perilous leader, could do that to the woman he loved.
She was on the balcony smoking & drinking the wine she stole from the cooler, Harry needed a shower.
She didn’t argue you make some sexual remark, he knew everything now, the rape or the pregnancy wasn’t in any history report; there were only certain things she could write,
She moved to sit down a small wooden chair made what looked like of the small would for the balcony, she sat on it, & posed her ears on hearing a rash of heat words coming from beneath her,
"You can’t leave the take over is unless than forty eight hours away! I need you with me, for the takeover to be a success,"
She smiled like Harry planed their were fleeing from him.
"Expect more off us leaving YOU Rueben, what you did that sweet thing,"
"Hey, she set me up!"
"So you raped her, while burning her, did she tell she was pregnant,"
"Actually I told him while he was burning me, its all down my left shoulder & neck, have you ever seen Two face?"
The two men looked up, Reuben face was furious as she smiled down at them,
"Well I’m two bodies, but luckily I’m with a man now that like it that way, what’s the take-over?" she said sweetly, a straggly messy hair man walked in disgust,
"You better be ready for me bitch!"
She dropped the way dropping it by his feet making him disdained.
"Honey you got me ready, but the question is are you?"
With a snide remark he walked to a car that was slowing down, Devon & he got in, driving away with screeching tires, she enjoyed that, she was always passive when it came to him, now she was the aggressor, funny what revenge will make us do, she heard the door open & sat back down.
"He’s gone along with Devon, at the bonfire two people told me this was a final get together before something happens on 15th." Jac looked to see Harry standing there in a towel, while towel drying his hair, he gave her a frown.
"Don’t know all I got was take-over." she shrugged drinking her wine, finally feeling relaxed he gone, she knew

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