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a undefined trip part one . the start.

a undefined trip part one . the start.

By jmmartino

it was a tuseday morning me and two of my roomates ryan and ray were getting ready to leave for our senior trip to virgana, i was wearing slim blue jeans, my herikam college t shirt, black converses , pair of gold avators and my bud ranch hat. this paired up with my gotee at the time i looked as one of my friendssaid like a stoner cowboy. my roomates ryan and ray were also getting ready, ryan was a tall yet bord young man who was highly conifdent in himself he had blonde hair he was alittle cocky at points , but still a ok guy. ray on the other hand was skinny alittle lighter skinned then ryan and my self who was less sure of him his home life was a slope job of his ex girl friend nichol liveing at his apperment this was harrble mess because she was useing ray for a home and a good fucking when she wanted it because her new boy friend was a virgan, yes i said her new boy friend he was this scumbag that stabed ray in the back and beat the shit out of him a few times this didn't fly with me but there was not much i could do i was only rays friend. once we were done getiting ready ryan girlfriend courtney mad us coffee and we set out to the school it was down theroad from rays house,as we drove there rays father and mother were talking to us about it and before we got out of the car at the school rays mom told us what happens on springbreak stays on spring break. this would become code for all of us even the teaachers going on the trip. once we got there we were spilt up , the girls went to one room to get their bags check, the boys in the hallway. the reason for the bag check was to make sure we didn't have any drugs or anything to have sex with anyone it was a quick thing for the most part for haveing 50 kids on the trip. while there we met up with our two other roommates mat and scott. matt was the schools only black male senior he was tall and skinny wore glasses, was really guffy yet respected because we knew what he could do if someone messed with him. scott was around my height bord bulit like a brike house blonde blue eyes not really anyone to mess with. also on the trip was my best friend kira and all her friends ,kira thought the world of me also a few of her friends did but most of them didn't really know me the only knew my bad rap i got in school doring my junior year. kira was your basic all american girl alittle bit bigger but was droped death beatiful she had readish hair, pail white skin and her eyes made me melt like like a ice cube in the burning sun of a desrt heat, now to the reader you most be thinking joe if you felt this way why didn't you ask her out thats a good thing to ask the reason being here boy friend was my ex guitarist and so while me and him were friends i tired to make my feelings for her subside and to hide it from her the only one at the time who knew i liked her was ray. the goal on this trip for me was to let the pain of real life go and to spend as much time with my friends and kira as i could also to show her friends i wasn't a heartless bastard like they had thought. The drive down to virgana was a long trip throught the sounther states , i wasn't use to rideing on a bus like most of my friends so i was quit nerivs and plus i was drinking a monster engry drink wich in hine sight might have not been a good idea, me an ray were sitting in the back by matt, ryan and scott

Author Notes: still in the works.

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8 Apr, 2013
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3 mins
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