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Under My Skin
Under My Skin

Under My Skin


Under my skin

Cyan blood flowing through my body, sending my heart on a drumming quest for a feeling

A feeling that wants to escape through my knife tattooed wrist

We fall in love and hurt one another.

We live with hidden emotions.

We live with a camouflaged scars

Falling in Tim Kuilmine, creating a comfy home for the lovers of solitude

I fell into this safe haven, knowing that no one dared to enter the world of the hurt

Until life sent a Prodigy into my hollow life

He was the moon on my sleepless nights

He was the sun shining on my cloudy day

He is the rain that kisses me on a beautiful stormy day

This Prodigy came into my life like a feather causing mass destruction

I hated this Prodigy who took me out of the comfort of my hole

Who made me laugh when depression clawed under my skin pleading to be released through my wrists

He caused a hail storm of emotion when he hugged me

Here today gone tomorrow i chanted

But he was here today and tomorrow

He made me stop giving the demon a path to dance from my mind to paper

I started seeing stars after months of solitude and clouds

Prodigy became VY Canis Majoris.

Greek Gods never understood him for he was sent to save Proxima Centauri

My love for him as my depression turned into insecurity

But he saved me

For now

Author Notes: This poem is a poem that is still being edited. There are a few things you need to know before reading the poem.
When a colour is described/said, it will be given in the photo negative form. The poem is a mixture of love and self-diagnosed depression. Names are never mentioned in the poem. This might be the whole poem, or just the intro. (As I said it is under editing). This poem was written at 3am and is inspired by a Wattpad book called Saving Everest. If you don't know the names of the stars please google it

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About This Story
11 Nov, 2019
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1 min
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