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Under the Darkness 2
Under the Darkness 2

Under the Darkness 2

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I released a breath I didn't know I was holding as I dragged myself down the door. My breaths were coming rapidly and loudly, not letting me a chance to relax.

I looked down to find my shoes and I finally noticed how ruined they were. My black converses were covered in mud and dirt and a few specks of blood decorated the white front. I cringed.

My eyes lifted from the ground and I observed the place where I ended up. It was complete silence in the abandoned apartment lobby I found myself in. The lights barely worked, only flickering slightly; reminding me of the mess we live in now.

The beginning of the end. Scientists always assumed, predicted even, that we would be the cause of death on this Earth. They were so wrong. It came like a crash, and we had to suffer the aftermath. So sudden. At each office, each school, a person has been killed the same way Brianna died. All at the same time. And then they killed all the world leaders, one by one on live TV, for all of us to see. It was a warning from the Fallen. The only choices we were left with were to obey to live or to die like the others.

The Fallen. They were the angels that followed the devil to hell, their wings black; the white no longer there. That day, they rained down onto Earth, leaving us powerless and weak. No mercy.

I walked around the lobby as I finally caught my breath, and noticed the silence. The eery silence that seemed to haunt each and every corner of the building followed me. The wooden floor creaked as I walked around cautiously. I gulped.

After the Fallen came, all humans who were still breathing came together as one. It was a time where we stopped caring for the things we were against and became united. They were camps made all over the place where humans lived, and where the Fallen haven't touched us.

Today I was in charge of finding any food I could find in places people used to call home.

I grasped the knife tighter in my hand as I kept moving towards the stairs. My eyes were running all over the place, my heartbeat quickened. I was afraid. Even three months after the invasion started, I was scared to die.

I felt wetness run down my cheek. I frowned and wiped the tear away. I missed Brianna. So much. I missed her stupid jokes, the way she smiled, hell, even the times she rolled her eyes on me.

At least she wasn't suffering in this world. I breathed out a shaky breath. I need to find the food we needed. As soon as I stepped forward, I heard a door crack. My movements stilled immediately.

Shit. This was not good. My heart was beating out of my chest as if it was a bird in a cage. My hand tightened around my weapon once again until I felt the leather digging in my skin.

Then I heard heavy steps. I walked slowly towards them, trying not to make any noise as I approached the sound. Multiple heavy steps were heard, and I came to the conclusion that they were more than one person in that room. Crap, crap, crap.

Laughter erupted in the room as the two individuals chatted. If I waited here, maybe they would leave sooner. I had my back on the wall next to the door where the sources of noise came from.

" No humans here, Apollyon?" a man asked.

My eyes widened. And they obviously had to be the Fallen. Why me? I cursed internally and beat myself up for even coming to this building before I heard the supposedly Appolyon talk.

" Nope. Did you find any, Andras?" Appolyon asked the first man.

My breath stopped. His voice was a beautiful melodic tune; deep and soothing all at once. I peaked my head through the crack of the door and found two very tall men standing in the room. Their wings weren't out in the open and could have easily passed for normal human beings. Except they were much worse than that.

One of them was a redhead and had freckles dusted over his nose and cheek. His eyes were a pale green with an emerald-colored circle around them. Even though he had a few child-like features, the sharpness of his jawline and height completely destroyed the thoughts of him ever looking like a child.

And then came out another man. His hair like spun gold messed up slightly. In some angles, his hair could have looked darker than the dirty blond hair but it still didn't lose the shine. He looked much taller than my 5 foot 7 frame and walked with confidence as he stared down each object down. He then looked at his red-headed friend. And I think I forgot how to breathe. His eyes were a turquoise color, bright against his tan skin. His eyebrows seemed a dark brown contrasting against his golden hair. His jawline was sharp and sported an aristocratic nose, which represented the royalty and nobility he seemed to show off.

My lips parted. That man was beautiful. They were both strong and had a well-built frame. Their muscles were showing in their black t-shirts. I frowned. No matter the flawless face structures they have or the perfection they all seem to carry, they were real killers. Monsters. I took a step back and the wood creaked. Shit. I looked back through the hole and saw the teal-eyed man looking at the door with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Did you hear that?" he asked, and I recognized the deep baritone voice as the so-called Apollyon.

"Yeah," Andras said.

I turned around and pressed my back against the wall again. My eyes closed. I am so dead. I raised the knife in my left hand closer to my chest, like a shield. Slowly, the heavy steps started walking slowly towards the door.

Hell, they already know someone is here. I'm not going to raise the chances of dying if I didn't move quick enough.

And with that single thought in my head, I sprinted towards the bottom of the stairs. I didn't hear the steps that followed me or the curses that followed my attempt to escape. The only thing my mind could register was that I had to get the hell away from here, preferably alive.

Adrenaline coursed through my blood, energizing every single cell on its way. The feeling of fear that was haunting my whole body a few minutes ago was completely gone. I came to a stop when I reached the abandoned lobby and heard a powerful beating of wings.

Appolyon stood in front of me, a few feet away. I shrieked and turned the other way to see the red-head, Andras. Oh no, no, no. Their black wings were both spread out, big and strong, showing just how powerful they are.

" There is no way out," Andras said.

My eyes narrowed as I looked on the ground to the side. I wouldn't show that I was afraid of the things they could do to me. I'm not going to show any weakness.

" Fuck you," I said as I dashed to the side.

I ran to the door and as I tried to open it, I realized it wouldn't budge. My eyes widened. It was not closed when I came in. I turned around to see Apollyon's beautiful eyes focus on the door. He was the one doing this.

I gulped and he noticed my fear seeping out to the surface. A smirk formed his lips.

" Scared, firecracker?" he asked mockingly. His posture was one of a relaxed king; noble without even trying.

Anger came to the surface as I heard the nickname.

" Never," I spat out.

His eyebrows raised when I was not afraid.

"You do realize I can kill you, right?" he said, in hopes of making me scared.

I scoffed. I did not know what was going through my head.

" Yeah, so could any other human. Or a dedicated cat. You're not special," I retorted.

Andras chuckled.

" A dedicated cat?" Andras questioned in between his laughter.

I rolled my eyes. I looked back at Apollyon to see his amused smirk.

" For that comment, I'll make your death swift and painless, I promise," Apollyon said.

" Who said I was dying today?" I asked innocently, silencing everyone.

His expression was priceless. Total confusion. I smirked and quickly threw the knife at his chest. The knife lodged into his skin and he looked down a second later.

I opened the door slightly, making sure they didn't notice it. Apollyon laughed. He laughed with the knife still in his chest. His strong arm pulled it out and I saw the skin quickly heal itself back together. Nothing new. These creatures had powers we only dreamed of and could heal themselves in a few seconds.

He looked me in the eyes.

" Was that supposed to hurt?" he asked.

I shook my head and smiled. I opened the door and disappeared outside. And I ran. I ran faster than I ever did.

Author Notes: sorry that it took a while to upload the second part. not that anybody reads my crap, but whatever, here you guys go.

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