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Under the Darkness
Under the Darkness

Under the Darkness

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My pen was bouncing up and down gently on the desk. I sighed. English class was boring.

Mr. Adler, a middle aged man with big round glasses was discussing the events of Shakespeare's life. I would be interested in the topic if I could hear what the teacher was saying, because Mr Adler freaking whispered.

I sighed. This is going to be a long class.

I looked to my right to see my best friend, Brianna, looking as if she was seconds from saying "adios" to our reality and join dream land. She looked at me; her big brown eyes were dull from the situation we were in. I almost snorted at her expression.

I probably looked the same.

She then sat up from her half asleep position and started rummaging through her pencil case. A bright pink pad of sticky notes were pulled out from her tanned hands. She grabbed the blue pen from my hands, and before I started to protest, she started writing something.

i'm so bored.

I looked back at her. She motioned me with her hands to start writing.

you're not the only one.

I passed her the bright pink note and I saw her dark eyes scanning the sheet. She smiled slightly and wrote on it again.

when does this class end?

I looked at the clock above the teacher's head and cringed. I wrote down:

in an hour.

She took the paper and groaned silently. Brianna crumpled the piece of paper and shoved it in her pencil case. She zipped it up and looked back at the front of the class, where Mr Adler was still ranting silently about Shakespeare's life.

I let out a breath.

I looked through the window. We had assigned seating in this class and I luckily got the seat next to my best friend and directly next to the window. Because we were on the second floor, I could see everybody coming in the building.

This is the funnest activity to do in this classroom.

The trees were slightly swaying from the force of the wind, as if they were dancing slowly to their favorite song. I was looking at the peaceful movement of the branches, when I noticed someone.

It was a man in his early twenties, with dirty blonde hair that looked golden in the sunlight, and tan skin. He looked much taller than an ordinary person would, but not to the point where he looked like a giant. He walked with poise and arrogance, as if he knew the effect he has on people.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Something about this guy was not normal.

There was a cold and sinister aura seeping into the air, and a gut feeling told me it was coming from him.

He stopped walking and looked up.

His light electric blue eyes met my brown ones. I gasped.

How did he know that I was looking at him?

A sadistic smirk slowly shaped his lips and the next thing I know, a scream erupts the quiet room.

I looked quickly to my right, and saw Brianna screaming her head off. She stood up from the chair, and I noticed the tears sliding down her cheeks. She started walking stiffly to the window.

But the way she walked and acted, looked as if she wasn't in control of her body. My eyes widened.

" Brianna!!" I screamed out.

She looked at me with so much pain in her blood shot eyes and whispered out :

"I'm sorry."

She looked at the open window, and it finally registered in my mind of the action she wanted to do.

I started shaking my head in fear.

"No..." I said quietly.

My feet were glued to where I was standing, and no matter what I did, I couldn't run up and stop her.

I was frozen. Like quicksand, the fear drowned me in it and envelopped my whole being in it.

Brianna jumped from the window.

As she jumped, I could finally move and I ran up to the window.

" Brianna!!" I cried out in pain.

Gravity pulled her body down onto the asphalt floor. Her body splayed over on the ground in a weird angle. Blood started appearing on the grey ground beneath her like a blossoming scarlet flower.

She can't be dead.

I shook my head, and tears like knives started to run down my cheek. The man stared at Brianna's body emotionlessly and looked back at me.

Black wings erupted from his back. They were the color of onyx and shined slightly. They were so big and looked so powerful. My eyes widened at the scene.

What is that?

He looked like an angel, except the innocent white wasn't there and in its place was the sinful black.

This was the beginning of the end.

Author Notes: umm.. let's just say that i had this idea for a long time and the prompt I used for this story was created by the one and only Faith. i know it is probs crappy and weird, but i promise it will get better. ill be posting the next chapter soon! leave a review if you liked it!

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14 Mar, 2019
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