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Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs

By AaronTheRocker - 2 Reviews

When we were younger, we all believed something was living underneath the steps of our basement stairs. It’s natural, right? Yeah, when we're younger we believe something is under the stairs. Not to the part that something is living under the stairs though. I experienced that problem and our family moved away because of it. It’s been 10 years since the incident.

I am 7 years old. Live in a 2 story house that is 120 years old with my mom and dad. No pets. No siblings. No friends. At least no friends that come over. That leaves me with my bouncey ball. My dad would be upstairs in his room working on the computer and my mom is in the kitchen also working on the computer. I go down stairs and throw the bouncy ball against the brick foundation wall. I accidently threw it too hard and flew right by me and bounced all over the place. Watching the ball slow down and roll calmly. It ends up rolling underneath the basement stairs.

Chasing my ball down, I stop a few feet from the stairs and look in surprise. Confused at what I saw. The ball rolled back. Doesn’t make anysense. It was under there for a while. It wouldn’t have rolled back. Maybe it just got caught up and fell or moved or something and rolled back. Yeah. That must be it. I pick up the ball and run up the wooden steps and turn the lights off.

The next day got a little stranger. I threw the ball again just like yesterday on purpose to see if it would happen again. The ball bounces all over and makes it way under the steps. I wait to see if the ball will roll back….It didn’t. Now I have to go search for it. I don’t like it underneath the steps. It’s all dark and spider webs are stretching from corners. I don’t like it. I sure do like that bouncey ball though and my parents gave it to me so I don’t want to upset them saying I lost the ball. I know I have to go in there and get the ball. Walking to the edge of the steps, looking straight into the darkness. Small spiders moving quick paced as their webs wave from the movements. Taking small steps and crouching to avoid the spider webs. I reach out as far as I could and feel for the ball not wanting to fully enter under the stairs. I felt a round rubbery object, grabbed it in hope and shot myself back from the stairs and looked with terrified eyes under the steps. Breathing it sounds like, is slowly getting louder and growly like. I tore up the steps and whipped myself around the corner of the steps like a bat out of Hell, flicked the switch and slammed the door.

My dad came into my room that night before I went to bed and asked me why I’ve been acting so strange. I responded with the obvious, “nothing”, I said.
“Are you sure? Something going on, feeling down, scared of the new home?” they ask.
I shake my head yes
“To what, scared of the house?”
I shake my head again.
“Well”, my dad says, “nothing is wrong with this place. It may be old and scary, but nothing happened here. Okay?”
Shook my head again.
“If you see something strange, or scary, don't worry, it’s your imagination, Okay sport. Goodnight.”

I go down in the basement the next day thinking of what my dad told me. It’s okay, it’s all in my head. Just my imagination. I throw the ball at the wall for a while. Until the ball took a weird bounce and ricocheted underneath the steps. I know it should have came back out as it was flying faster than a bird with the wind. As it went under the steps not a sound of a bounce came off the wall or the wooden stairs. It just stopped. Not a sound. Something is wrong now I know. But what my dad told me stuck with me. It’s all my imagination. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing bad happened or is going to happen. Again, I reach the edge of the steps and crouch down. Began to reach out until a strong growl came from the darkness and hurled it’s sound at me. I scream and called for my mom and dad. As I ran up the steps, I tripped and fell as a long dead, white arm reached above the steps and it’s cold hand grabbed my ankle with it’s long, lean fingers pressing down into my bare skin with strength. Kicking, jerking and screaming until my parents came and I got free. It’s other arm began to come up and was stretching towards my face. I start whipping my arms at the hand and trying to push myself away to reach the other end of the steps and put myself against the wall far away as possible from that thing. I give one last scream and the door began to open. It released my ankle and smooth like, pulled it’s arms back underneath the stairs. My parents came down the steps and picked me up asking what happened.

We moved away after that inccident and I still don’t feel safe. 17 years old and when I walk on stairs I walk closest to the wall, have troubles with basements and the dark sometimes. 10 years ago on that day I won’t forget as there is a scarring handprint on my ankle from that thing, under the stairs.

Author Notes: Please rank and comment on what was good, bad, right or wrong with the story. Much Love. Keep on Rockin'!

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About This Story
14 Apr, 2020
Read Time
4 mins

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